C64.sk SID Compo 7 - RESULTS!

(15.october-12.november 2007) - 26 tunes - 61 valid votesheets

Results of the Audience voting:

PlaceRelease / Scener Points
1Darkening by Cadaver(1314 PTS)
Author comment: Some differing moods in this one. Rips off at least Turrican 3 (Smash Designs), Martin Galway, and my earlier tunes :)
2There was a Light That Went Out by Randall(1167 PTS)
Author comment: ripped from the wax 23.10.2007 by randall. started on my stag night right after the jam with my friends (i should give some credits to them: co-writers of this shit are Jacek Szabranski and Michal Szturomski), and finished at home few days later. works properly on a real c64 (preferably c64g) and under sidplay2/w with power-on delay <6000. i should drink less.
3Autumn Symphony by Orcan(1152 PTS)
Author comment: none
4Danger Zone by Conrad(1150 PTS)
Author comment (after the compo): For a long time now, I have always kept a nice track on the Sid Compo events since they every started, and would of hoped some day that I would contribute to such an online event, when I joined the scene in 2007. I must say though for a first off, the result of quality in all entries in this competition is by far a great one! 2007 has been quite a rough year for the commodore 64 scene, but this event has really brightened it up with some very fine pieces of music, which I am proud to say that it is the strongest highlight of the commdore 64 scene in 2007! Not only that, this was also the first time I have attended a c-64 related event, whether it would be online or going to a party house, I still enjoyed being part of it. :-) I am asure that if there will be another Sid Compo in 2008, I would sign up as fast as Road Runner!! I would like to thank CreaMD especially for organising such a wonderfull event. Props to you Roman!
5His Pearl by _V_(1087.5 PTS)
Author comment: Here is my entry for SID Compo 7, just in time for the deadline =). Actually, I wanted to send this tune last year, but I wasn't able to finish it due to real life pressure. So here it is, completed and modified here and there without losing the original concept (as detailed in the attached SIDCompo6now7Concept.txt file). It's also the last tune I'll ever create... ... using the JCH editor ;).
6Unsophisticated by Peace(1011.5 PTS)
Author comment: after 13 years of inactivity i`m back. This one was composed in GoatTracker v2.61 . maybe a bit to short but after such a long break i had to relearn how to use the sid chip :) Greets to my old Oxyron familie !
7Unforgivable by Dane(999 PTS)
Author comment: This is one sleepless night of my life when I had a lot on my mind. Nothing beats going to that place of your mind where you just compose and everything else disappears.
8Not A Jazz by Jammer(995 PTS)
Author comment: definitely not a jazz :D
9immoral coil by dalezy(950 PTS)
Author comment: ahoi, some more bottom 5 material for this year :D
10My Little Daughter by PCH(930 PTS)
Author comment: none
116581 Destinations by Stainless Steel(926 PTS)
Author comment: none
12November Echoes by The Syndrom(910.5 PTS)
Author comment: none
13The Sexy Hardrestart by Hein(887.5 PTS)
Author comment: none
14Girls'n Ghosts Ate Kleve by Linus(863 PTS)
Author comment: none
15The Sweet Odour Of Jesus Christ by Intensity(863 PTS)
Author comment: none
16Saturday (Laid Back) Weirdness by No-XS(813.5 PTS)
Author comment: Dunno what to mention, except that it's OLD sid... :D
17I Died Defending the Mothership by Uneksija(799 PTS)
Author comment: none
18Volcanoes of Passion by Sidder(788.5 PTS)
Author comment: I DO love deadlines. ;)
19Unstoppable by PSycHo(732 PTS)
Author comment: none
20Mix 'Em Up 64 Style by Richard(694 PTS)
Author comment: none
21Sorry For The Delay by Peter Bergstrand(662 PTS)
Author comment: Hey there. Here is my newest piece of music for Sid Compo, experimenting this time with the delay between repeated patterns. Have fun, if that is possible harharhar. Old sid chip, PAL clock, no real playtime (it continues until you turn it off, first pass ends after 2:27). Good luck. Peter B.
22Story About F Sharp by Jakim(628.5 PTS)
Author comment: none
23Ready by Surgeon(594 PTS)
Author comment: none
24Jammed With Arpeggios by Falciparum(560.5 PTS)
Author comment: none
25Gold Lux by Xiny6581(412 PTS)
Author comment: Cheers and thanks for putting up this compo again ;)
26Print All Your Crap by Ed(409 PTS)
Author comment: Oh sorry about the title, but I was a little upset with csdb again :(

Results of the JURY voting:

SONG NAME 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 PTS
1 Darkening 6   5   10 7 7 4 5 9 5 9 9 9 10 8 9 9 2 1 9 133
2 Danger Zone 5   7   9 9 9 9 9 7 6 10 10   4 6 5 4 7   10 126
3 His pearl 10     7   10 8   7 10 9 8   5 8 9 2 10 10 4 8 125
4 Unforgivable   10 6 10     5   8 2 4 5     7 5   8 9   6 85
5 Autumn Symphony 3 8 1   3 8 10     4 3   3 2 9 4   7 8 2 7 82
6 Girls'n Ghosts Ate Kleve 2 4 10 8   4 3 6     10 4 7 4   1 6 3   7   79
7 There Was a Light That Went Out     8 9   5   3 4   7 3 8     7 10 2 6     72
8 The Sexy Hardrestart 9     5   3 4 5 10 6 2         10 4 6     4 68
9 The Sweet Odour Of Jesus Christ   5 9   4 6     3       5     2 8   4 8   54
10 Not A Jazz 4   3 2 8     8     8 2 4   3 3       6 1 52
11 Unsophisticated 8     6 7       6 8 1 1 1   6       1     45
12 November Echoes   7 2 1 5 2 6         6 6   2           5 42
13 My Little Daughter 7 2               3   7   7 5     1       32
14 Volcanoes of Passion             1   2 1       8 1       3 5 3 24
15 Saturday (Laid Back) Weirdness         6     2         2       7   5     22
16 Sorry For The Delay   1           7           3           9   20
17 I Died Defending the Mothership   6             1               3     10   20
18 Unstoppable   9   4 2   2                             17
19 immoral_coil     4 3                           5       12
20 6581_Destinations           1       5                   3 2 11
21 Gold Lux               10                 1         11
22 Jammed With Arpeggios                           10               10
23 Mix Em Up                           6               6
24 Ready   3           1                           4
25 Print All Your Crap 1       1                                 2
26 Story About F Sharp                           1               1
The Jury: 1. Dane, 2. Cadaver, 3. Hein, 4. Conrad, 5. Randall, 6. Jammer, 7. Xiny6581,
8. Ed, 9. Stainless, 10. Syndrom, 11. Dalezy, 12. Orcan, 13. sidder, 14. uneksija, 15. No-XS,
16. Linus, 17. Intensity, 18. Psycho, 19. PCH, 20. Richard, 21. Peace
Decided not to vote: _V_
Haven't responded: Falciparum, Surgeon, Peter Bergstrand, Jakim


Comments by Audience and Jury

1. darkening.sid by Cadaver/Covert Bitops (Lasse Öörni) (.sid) (.prg) (3:27) OLD (ID: 43) (1314 PTS)

Dane:Melodic intro. A more epic melody for the lead voice would have been nice. This tune would be ace as a game tune, I suspect!

HeinSounds finnish, always nice to hear a solid composition.

Randallthe bible says: don't ask for more if you get a great (c64 - ed.) pop tune, paying homage to (c64 - ed.) classics, but also having a bit of contemporary (c64 - ed.) edge. it's so MUSICAL. instant winner. rock on.

Xiny6581Okay I am not really a hard/metal person but this one really kicked good! Gave me a close contact to "Hawkeye / Cybernoid / Ocean Loader / Rambo Loader". Very good like that guitar sound and the "duel".

CreaMD/DMAgic: Top class composition from Cadaver. I don’t remember exact words that I told him when I listened to this tune but it was a lot of compliments for sure. Some of the harmonies reminds me of Karel Svoboda - famous czech composer responsible for many well known Movie and TV-series sountracks. Thumbs up for this one. As I see from the pre-results it will achieve the well deserved first place. ;-)

iAN CooG/HF: Truly awesome. Great composition.

Medicus: Mhhh.. not my cup of tea.

ed: Cute but has potential. Especially like how it develops.

domey/panic: GRG?

stainlesssteel: who other than cadaver could make such a great hard rock piece. awesome. very raw sounds.

The Syndrom: sounds like Fanta, nice quality stuff as always

Steppe: Very moving tune with some nice heavy metal twists! If it weren’t for the multioctave arps in the beginning I’d say it was Cadaver. Or well, it probably is Cadaver anyway. The double third metal lead’s just too Cadaverish to fool me! ;-)

Raffox of Magic Cap: This tune would nicely fit in a Moonshadow style game. Extremely enjoyable1

Jammer: the very beginning tells me not to expect anything special. but then... chords sweet chords! i cannot pay attention to the simplicity of sounds, it’s simply awesome. lasse, good job.

Orcan: Yeah. I have spent much time with this music. Very good and rich music consists of more parts and nice melody. I love author’s valuable work with arpegios. Excelent !

OrestAllegri: Music to accompany the beginning of an epic.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: Doubleplusgood. And one of the winners of SC7.

Thunder.Bird: musical like, very good use of portamento & vibrato, reminds me on ENC soundtrack

ice00: Cadaver here?Tune is absolutely fantastic.Part at 1:45-1:55 is the best

Akira: A bit on the typical epic tune shenanigans, well executed, but.. dunno.

finchy: Now that’s a nice one. Kinda reminds me on Castlevania, but could be from a upcoming Metal Warrior, too. Great tune!

Twoflower/Triad: A really nice tune. A bit rough sounds, and not awfully sophisticated everywhere, but heck, this is good SID. Nice lead, nice variations.

Uneksija: Like somebody said, this tune tells a story. It also sounds damn good!

No-XS: When you make your own hardrock/metal song on the c64 like this piece of music, you deserve the first place. This is so different then 99% of the sid music, that I can listen to it for a long time.

Linus: Catchy melancholic pop-tune that I used to hum a lot in the past dark autumn evenings. I like the fact that Cadaver seemed to have spent more time on the actual composition rather than on polishing the sounds. Thumbs, toes, penis up!

Intensity: OMG Cadaver! Compared to your last tune of the SID Compo 6, this should definatley win an MTV award! Just awesome mate, my balls liquefy like the wax of the candle when I hear this! I am horny on you mate! go run, or I’ll get ya :D

BokanoiD: really nice, detailed tune that has a very Cadaver-ish feel to it...

PSycHo: Cadaver - how I love your style - it’s so unique. ’Darkening’ - great composition. Every time I listen to it I feel like I move back in time to early ’90’s when I used to listen that kind of music all the time. Thanks mate.

Peace: this one is very great. very nice chord playings . maybe the sounds are not the best. that`s why l`ve voted dangerzone to the nr.1 and this one not. but ofcause i like it!

lemonade: Has very nice melody with groove.

2. there_was_a_light_that_went_out by Randall (.sid) (.prg) (3:06) NEW (ID: 37) (1167 PTS)

HeinEntertaining sounds, but an undefined structure.

Conrad:"Imagine it, that a light DID go out and then suddenly you soak up the energy and excitement of by what I think to be one of the most energetic and sophisticated tunes I have ever heard on the commodore 64 so far! This tune has everything... slides, attack/decay effects, zappy sounds, overriding appreggio, voice recognition, you fucking name it!! ...and hell, the tempo interchange is a ideal bonus and is just so good, I almost leaped off from my stool and dance away at this tune in my own bloody computer study room! I also quite like the beginning touch of an old radio signal, emerging into high quality sound through dolby stereo speakers (no I don't own any of those, just a figure of speech. :¸)). That is a key feature in rap music usually, so I'm pretty certain hip hop fans would like this too in some way. As for the end part, for the first time I actually understood was the talking SID said, which tells you how well the speech trick has been maintainted for this tune. Technical on the side, this is personally one of my favorites of all time, which I guarantee will never get boring for a long, long, loooong time... probably never to be quite frank."

CreaMD/DMAgic: Standard quality from randal. Not big surprises but usual dose of groovy beats, fat basline and extremely cool sound palette ;-)

wecI thought this was a Dane tune after hearing the intro. After the intro the tunes turns into something PVCF might creat, although I don't think he is active thesedays.

iAN CooG/HF: Something already heard, remix-ish. The synth voice at the end is not very well done imho, but it’s a nice addition..

Medicus: Its obvious that there will be some "phat" sounds after the intro right from the start... and then they came. Perhaps partly a little too experimental but otherwise a really outstanding tune. Just too obvious who composed this one ;) .

Ready.: nice one, maybe by randall

ed: Nice sounds but gets boring quite fast, which is sad because it has got a cool style.

stainlesssteel: great sounds and quirky composition. awesome work.

Steppe: Technically superb, but musically I feel lost, a little like with the last Radiohead album. Either I’m in the wrong mood or that piece doesn’t speak my musical language. Nice speech in the end. On second listen I like it a lot more, yet it still feels a little uncomfy. Still: -> Randall rules!

Raffox of Magic Cap: Weird but original sound mix, nice chords ... loved it! What does the voice say at the end?

Jammer: michal, i envy you this fuckin’ kick, you know that for sure :P btw. see that you’ve worked out grg’s sound :D tempo changes introduce great variety ;) but... one point less for no innovation speaking of your repertoir :P

Orcan: Another funky piece from one of the Polish guys. Sometimes I have problem identify who is who. Jammer or Randal? Despite it is always worth listening. Not always I can understand main melody because it is sometimes too complicated for me but I have to appreciate excelent sounds and ofcourse speech at the end.

OrestAllegri: Funky.

Thunder.Bird: cool speedchange, audiophonic use of filter, multispeed SID

ice00: Tune is well done,but I don’t like too much this style.

Akira: The typical tune that sounds like it’s gonna get 1st place. The drums, oh the drums!!!! And the crazyness in the middle. Nice

finchy: Nice first 20 secs, but gets a bit weird thereafter for my taste. I guess that’s what they call art. Well, call me a philistine then.

Twoflower/Triad: It’s dark and there’s a lot of fluttery sounds and cool effects everywhere, but I can’t really locate myself.

No-XS: I love this beginning and the speed changes. A nice lullaby followed by a strong opening. The same as with 10 other tunes: I didn’t place it very high mainly because there are so many good tunes in this compo. A kinda like the soundeffects in this music, but that seems to be the entire song after the lullaby; soundeffects over a nice bassline.

Linus: Unlike any of the composer’s other work it took a lot of time until this tune really grew on me. Funky beats, funky, original soundsetup, funky breaks, funky you name it ... I still have some minor issues with the part at around 1:30 but the later faster one makes up for that. Well done, Randall.

Intensity: OMG! This SID hit me in the bones. I suppose this is Randall, anyways, this artist is definatley the winner of this year for me! I personally find this SID melancholic and feelingful in a very abstract and experimental sense. Just wonderful! :D

rambones: groovy

BokanoiD: crazy detailing here...makes an interesting listen. bit Daft-Punk-ish at times.

PSycHo: OMG! There is only one guy with that kind of ideas :) Like always great soundwise. Fat and delicious.

PCH/Unreal: Super instruments !

3. Autumn Symphony by Orcan (Stefan Uram) (.sid) (.prg) (3:50) NEW (ID: 54) (1152 PTS)

Dane:Bombastic intro but a little anticlimactic when the lead voice sets in.

CadaverMellow intro, which betrays you into false sense of security, until the tune picks up and trained ninjas smash through the walls. Excellent structure, short pause-sections and use of filter.

HeinThe melody sound kinda spoils this tune.

Randallinteresting. danceable beat, odd timings in the chorus, careless, dirty arrangement and some short, tossed off bits makes it definitely worth a replay.

Xiny6581Very nice song. This song really has it all I love how it goes from sad to happy. The sounds are awesome. The idea is outstanding. Awesome!

CreaMD/DMAgic: Orcan in the SidCompo! Oh yeah! I love the final passages the most. Intro minutes s a bit too polished and complicated for my simplistic tastes ;-) I wouldn’t mind if the parts after 2:40 were extended for 1-2 minutes with some great strengtened passages from the beggining with a lot of pathos and all that stuff that is needed to make a compo kiler.

iAN CooG/HF: nice listening.

Medicus: Very strong start!!! getting weaker then :(

ed: Dramatic intro, but only mediocre. Some ok passages and would have gained a lot with a little harder aproach.

stainlesssteel: Nice atmosphere, instruments are ok too. The lead melody sounds a bit lost sometimes.

Steppe: Orcanic tune, but despite his stuff being among the highlights ever since, this one fails to keep up with some of the incredibly good tunes this year.

Raffox of Magic Cap: Catchy, catchy and catchy! Oh ... yeah, very!

Jammer: another top quality product from stefan. orcan never goes below his certain level. the only thing i can complain about is that he heavily sticks to the one but how great style. of course, it’s him who came up with such an idea for composition a couple of years ago but maybe it’s good time for something new? :> btw. i hear ’la isla bonita’ at times :D

Orcan: My music. Thx goes to Creamd who digged me to make longer and maybe better version. I placed it to the bottom. It is logical. Sorry to all composers who disagree with my comments of their musics but objective criticism is the best what I can do for you. I know what I am talking about, trust me...I know it very well on me.

ice00: Listen for very long time.Good instruments,clear sound.Good Job!

Akira: This tune jumped up my chart like nuts. Very good.l

Twoflower/Triad: Starts symphonic and grand, just like some other tunes in this compo, but gains speed and a lot of variations. The part around 3:00 feels very organic.

Uneksija: Not much to say about this except that it’s OK.

No-XS: I love this autumn symphony. It’s a top3 tune for me since it has very nice sounds, volumesliding on all the right places and some nice rythmic surprises. It contains a nice melody and chorusline. Truly nice!

Linus: Classic Orcan piece we’re dealing with. Although not being to able to point my finger on exactly what it is you always succeed in putting something personal into your tunes, at least that’s what I think to sense. That’s what makes your tunes so special for me. Good stuff.

Intensity: A FUCKING good start. Neat intro, loveley bassline, arpeggio and drums, they have groove, the techniques, everything, the soul. But then - The Lead : No Soul, uninteresting Technique, LAME groove and quite disharmonic. Could have been one of my favs without that lead instrument and it’s disharmonics in the melody. Shame...

rambones: great intro, a mess later

BokanoiD: Strong melody. just a proper tune.

PSycHo: Awesome intro,fantastic power and that compositon,jeezz....... Orcan - good to hear something new from you. Amazing.

PCH/Unreal: Excellent work , excellent instruments ... but very , very combinate ...

Peace: another great tune but sometimes the instruments sounds broken.

lemonade: Strong melody, cool bass. Keeps getting better every listening time.

4. Danger Zone by Conrad/Samar/Onslaught (Owen Crowley) (.sid) (.prg) (3:30) NEW (ID: 47) (1150 PTS)

Dane:This deserves a pleased thumbs up for the instruments, which are very high tech.

HeinGood sounds, chords aren't particulary spectacular, but a decent tune nevertheless.

Randallslick hi-fi stereo coming from your ghettoblaster while you're wandering the streets, tracking down a quick blow job, or just happily looking for trouble. acclaim, respect, props, regards, glorification.

Xiny6581Totally chocking! This song was really in my book for a long time and you've managed to capture a nice fusion between something jazzy and 3/4 funky. Also the sounds are really well done. This is danger when it's as best!

CreaMD/DMAgic: It’s a real honor for me to get Conrad aboard of c64.sk SidCompo series. The tune’s sound and arranges seems to be heavily influenced by contemporary elite musicians (yeah I’m glad that I can finally use this word after a long time ;-) but it also has a tiny bit of secret ingredience which always makes tunes by athors coming from UK very unique and extremely enjoyable. I appreciate the full blown story that evolves throughout the tune. This is exactly how I like the tunes to be made.

iAN CooG/HF: Nice style and variety. I could listen to this for hours.

Medicus: Strong start but some tones just sound wrong in the "trumpet"- solo part.

ed: Nice sounds. I especially like the funky part, the beat even though the melody part feels a little dis-attached at times.

stainlesssteel: totally awesome. its a winner! awesome owen! its amazing how quickly you’ve mastered multispeed composing. Your earlier tunes where excellent already but you just keep on getting better and better!

The Syndrom: nice sounds. though I’m not too fond of multispeed stuff anymore...

Steppe: Whoaaaa, what a great bass sound! Overall I’d put a medium bet on Jammer, but not too sure this time. Nice ADSR control, too, awesomely balanced instrument set! Ah, that little acid part at around 2 minutes ist so überkrass zweifellos Jammer! Shit, with headphones at high volume this one just blows me away!!!

Raffox of Magic Cap: Valid tune, in all its aspects. ... No buddy, nothing to deal with that "Danger Zone" song in Top Gun.

Jammer: woooow! what an effect on the bassline! i hear it consists of several parts each of which is equally brilliant. surprisingly i cannot figure out who’s commited this crime :P conrad?

Orcan: My number 1 music. I give many points for inovations. This music is my cup of tea at all. I appreciate sounds. I appreciate idea and progress. Music has it’s own flow from start to the end without any places of boredom. Very good work and I think who has "ears" he will place it on the top places.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: Very, very good. Drums are clean, bassline - modern. Professional production, congratulation. :)

Thunder.Bird: nice powerful special FX, Filters

ice00: Even if at the beggining he has a style I not like, else it become very very interesting

Akira: This is the stuff I need. A bridge onto pastures new. Shitting my pants on the beginning of the breakbeat part at 2:18. #1 spot material

Twoflower/Triad: Take a bit Booker, add a bit of Linus, some pinches of Randall and a good load of Vip breaks. Add a bit of Axemixer fluttering and you got the recipe for the Danger Zone-soup. Nice taste, but very NU-Sid flavoured.

No-XS: Now this one really kicks in. Very nice sounds and especially the drums

Linus: Great multispeed usage and a very moody beginning that is just my cup of tea. It turns out to be just a bit too poppy for taste later one tho. Still, this *is* a great tune notheless. Conrad, you’re probably the very best newcomer in ages, keep it up, mate!

Intensity: NIce nice. Great Bassline&Drums, the right groove, everything a good SID needs. But well, a good SID is not an excellent SID, I have heared this style often before, so only #6 place, sorry.

BokanoiD: nice use of filters, strong sound, simple, yet strong melody. Nice little details all around.

PSycHo: Excellent soundwise. Very nice composition. Well done Owen. You really rule mate :)

PCH/Unreal: Old school !! Perfect bass and solo !!

Peace: ofcause dangerzone is a very nice one. i like the instruments especially the bass sound. there is only one thing i was wondering about. the first leadsound sounds detuned. but all in all a very great one :)

5. His pearl by _V_/Role/WOW/Padua/64ever/Viruz (Vincent Merken) (.sid) (.prg) (6:47) NEW (ID: 58) (1087.5 PTS)

Dane:A phenomenal tune that is very characteristic for Vip. I am in awe of the raspy distorted sounds. Metallic and fresh! Although it does not have the unforgettable melody that sticks in your head, and feels like a natural cousin or extension to previous entries from Vincent, I really liked it. What a demo soundtrack this could be!

Conrad:"I am usually a big fan of fast tempo music, which starts off slow and quiet until it builds up into a more powerfull and fast-pasing tune. This tune is quite just that, which for an additional feature it uses a very peculiar bass combined with the $57 waveform. The rhythm which builds up later is rather catchy, especially when the tune goes into funky mode for a couple of minutes. This is indeed a very very good tune. One glitch I have noticed however is there is volume bug around the start of the tune - I am not sure if the composer intended to do that, but still... it's not enough to make this whole masterpiece to a downer. This tune is also by what I recall a very long tune, which doesn't seem to lose quality through every minute consumed."

Randallgreat snare. massive grooves. variety of themes. as my peers, my boss, my therapeutist and my newspaper constantly advise me to maintain positive attitude and i don't want to disappoint them - i'll say no more.

Xiny6581Totally brutal and perfect! I like what I hear and you've managed to squeeze the maximum out of the SID chip. It has a bit of a "Lightforce" feeling(the bassline) Great rusty but ack so specular.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Fantastic! I’m glad to see Vincent back in the business. I enjoyed his tune 2 years ago and I was a bit worried if he didn’t quit doing SID! But no! He is here with a full blown track which made one of my little dreams about this year’s compo come true ;-)

iAN CooG/HF: Fantastic, a real jaw dropper for me. 1st place.

Medicus: It gets stronger after a while but not strong enough to say "nice tune"

ed: Another tune with a slow but powerful intro. Some nice sounds and would probably have fitted a 6:47 demo rather than a music competition.

stainlesssteel: very good raw sounds and great beats. the tune builds up very nicely.

The Syndrom: started a little nasty, but after listening to it some more times, and some longer duration, it straightly moved to the top.

Steppe: Now this is clearly _V_, I need another two listens to this. ... Oh yeah, deep shit, very very good!

Raffox of Magic Cap: About 7 minutes of a great meoldy. Great migration from one style to another, with cool bass. Good job on this tune!

Jammer: awesome one! i hear a couple of my past favourites techniques - change into swinging tempo or arpeggios blending. true winner from vincent.

Orcan: Finally VIP’s music. What should I say? No surprise. Strong, provocatively with good melody, author’s specific bass sound and even with rhytm change in the middle of music. Another great music from my favourite musician.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: Strong tune. But after "heavy impact" at the begining, there’s no other surprises.

ice00: Very long and with a style I like.Goes up in score.

Akira: I liked it more when it began but then it didn’t manage to maintain me there. Still top 5 tune.

Twoflower/Triad: It’s his pearl. No doubt.

Uneksija: Hehe, a real epic here! With this tune the author has really showed those who send one minute songs to compos...

No-XS: This is truly a pearl in the competition. Some things in the music trouble me from time to time, like the instrument sounds, or lack of filter in bass. But overall it’s a top3 tune which proves that the c64 had come a long way and is here to stay, soundwise. Very nice!

Linus: Delicious demo-soundtrackish tune with quite an unusual soundsetup and rather weird yet really well working breaks. The long duration of the tune flew by in a jiffy. Second place, awesome stuff, Vincent.

Intensity: Good starting, though a bit boring later. Some patterins should have been definatley cut out.

rambones: energetic and versatile!!

BokanoiD: interesting tune with various styles throughout. I just don’t like it so much. sounds like Fanta or Jeff at times. how to rank...

PSycHo: Powerfull masterpiece with great lead and some cool sounds. Excellent atmosphere. Give me more,please !!!

PCH/Unreal: Excellent work !! Nice melody line , excellent bass line, some like sample of electric guitar :) And music duration over 6 minutes, which is not boring !!!

Peace: what to say about this one? very great. sorry for the short comment but my time is runnig away :( the breaks are stylish! for me one of the top 3

6. Unsophisticated by Peace / Oxyron (Thomas Manske) (.sid) (.prg) (2:00) NEW (ID: 44) (1011.5 PTS)

Dane:If it's so unsophisticated and easy then everyone should be able to make tunes like this. Sadly, that is not the case. Would have fit right in in Crest's Avantgarde demo! Mayeb it's not such a big surprise then that I enjoy it.

Conrad:"Jazzy oldschool fans, I would most recommend a magnificent entry such as this one... this is just too good for my ears. The instruments are a slightly basic, but these in particular fit well in the rythmn. The lead is also very well sequenced. A great one indeed, no more I can say really."

Randallthis screams fusion. this screams bassline. this screams sparse arrangement and a few offscale notes thrown in. approaching the point: this screams longhair, but i really don't suspect it's him. a mystery. a questionmark.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Oh yeah. C64 Funky at it’s best!!! This one has to go up just because for it’s bold acknowledgement of the scene where it belongs ;-)

wecGood tune, and sounds like something Drax might put out..

iAN CooG/HF: Not exactly my fav style but overall nice listening

Medicus: Gosh. Is this ripped? The first seconds sound so familiar. Just an average tune.

ed: Funky. A bit laidback.

stainlesssteel: smooth piece of music. very clean sounds and laid back beats.very good.

The Syndrom: nice theme in the bassline...funky stuff..

Steppe: Very complex stuff, my bet’s on Laxity. Have to listen to that one again and again before deciding for a final vote... ... Yup, Laxity. Solid composition, I enjoyed it a lot!

Raffox of Magic Cap: Good sound, lite and enjoyable...

Jammer: i feel kind of emptiness listening to that, i feel that additional parts could be squeezed into 3 channels without problems. still decent & enjoyable.

Orcan: Sophisticated music :-) I thought I don’t like Jazz music but this one persuaded me that I do. I recommend subname of this music: free and easy. Good work man.

Thunder.Bird: cool oldschool demopart music (I imagine some sprites moving around over a nice background, or something like this)

ice00: Not the style I like.Some instruments are very very good.

Akira: Groovy groovy, me likes.

Twoflower/Triad: A bit empty and abandoned, otherwise kind of nice. Very nice shifts and breaks.

Almighty god: Pretty much copy sounds

No-XS: Swinging tune (litteraly also) that reminds me alot of a composer who made a very nice comeback; And man oh man, those percussion sounds rule all other sounds in the compo. (maybe combine them with the claps from Not a Jazz sid :)

Linus: Quite okayish and funky tune. I miss a lead tho.

Intensity: Groovy, but nothing special in my ears.

BokanoiD: unsophisticated, yet funky. tries to be Maniacs of Noise - and nothing wrong with that.

PSycHo: What a tasty bassline and them good vibes. You have to love it.

Peace: hmm selfvoting? and self analysing :D i think my own tune sounds a little bit empty against the other entrys. but still good enough to be at the top 20 i think.

7. Unforgivable by Dane (Stellan Andersson) (.sid) (.prg) (5.53) OLD (ID: 49) (999 PTS)

CadaverAs cherry blossoms fall, a samurai ponders his life, filled so far with blood and violence. Two thumbs up!

HeinPleasant progression, almost like a christmas song.

Conrad:"Well, what can I say? This is just one hell of a sweet and beautiful tune, outputting so much romance to one another. There is one particular part I would most like to comment on as well as the outstanding harmonies... the snare drum around the 4th minute is an absolute genious. It really has that direct hard hitting sound, which doesn't half keep you alert after around 4 minutes of listening... just like how a repeater works in networking technology... making the signal strong again! The other thing I would like to say... I usually play SID tunes on the new 8580 chip, where this tune sounded absolutely splendid on this chip, even though intended to run on the old (6581) chip by the composer himself - this would give a nice bonus, allowing EVERY musician to enjoy the tune without hassle of chip switching. A true winner in my opinion!"

Randallsmart move, to put the only mind-itching section exactly in the middle (approx. 2:20 to 3:20). the rest is nothing but a lullaby, with a bit of christmas carol quoted - which appears, by the way, as a melodical highlight of this track.

Xiny6581Okay this one was pretty mellow and self-explaining but somehow the "Christmas" feeling around 0:40, didn't ruin the song and I can hear a lot of influences in this song, as usual with Dane's songs, but still I respect your work! and Your vivid style is good, interesting and dedicating in many aspects!

CreaMD/DMAgic: Clever composition. Not so whole-hearted and spontaneous as the previous one, but definitely enjoyable with more re-runs. I’m really thankful for all Dane’s entries all over the years. I see some kind of progress from piedestal of untouchable musician towards audience and enjoyability. I believe that sooner or later he will make a tune that will finally kick me to insanely jump around the place. And yeah I must also give some recognition to the drum sound after 3:40. Really smart to put it there after listener gets the impression that there won’t be any more surprises ;-)

iAN CooG/HF: Another great composition, could share 1st place in my list if there werent a couple I prefer lisening to ;)

Medicus: Gosh. this starts to sound really wrong after 30 seconds or so.

ed: Ok tune but not winning material.

domey/panic: A beautiful, melancholic composition. Gets better and better with every listen. Thank you, Stellan.

stainlesssteel: Very dreamy piece of work. Nice flow and harmony. Technically standard dane stuff, but that’s a high level by any means.

The Syndrom: nice one

Steppe: Those chime like arps near the end revealed you, Sir Dane! And a very moving, layed back and rather minimalistic arrangent. Excellent!

Raffox of Magic Cap: Moody tune with nice chords. Not bad at all... but 5 minutes is a little too much :)

Jammer: yeah, dane for sure. i’m quite disappointed because, regardless of the fact that stellan always preferred quite hearty melodies, this one really turns out a soap opera that is made to squeeze the last tear out of us. not this time :P

Orcan: It is not very hard to guess who is author of this pleasure music. It was night project with specific atmosphere. I am glad you showed you know make little different style of music after many music you have done. I have to say this music did not impressed me like your Arctic Circle but in spite of it I value it very much.

ice00: Very very good.Some notes remember one Christmas tune.More I listen and more up this is goning...

Akira: One of those huge stories į-la Laxity. Well composed but...

Twoflower/Triad: Emotional, touching - and with a hint of a christmastune-sound, this one really made me warm inside. Keep it up, this is the way to do it.

No-XS: Just a very nice piece of music, which doesn’t get a note wrong for me. If this is by Dane, he did a normal job; if it is by someone else, he did Danes normal job :)

Linus: Rock solid arrangement, catchy melodies, well working chord progressions. From an objective point of view there is *nothing* to complain about.Thing is, it’s a bit too slick for my taste and therefor fails to really make an impression on me, which is again of course just a matter of taste. Would love to hear something more edgy someday, Dane :)

Intensity: Nice tune from ... Dane? Anyways, loveley tune.

BokanoiD: rather bland. not much going on.

PSycHo: Dane. What can I say? Really good composition with some some great ideas. When I listen to it I feel like flying.

PCH/Unreal: Simply and beautyfull melody !!

Peace: also a good one. very sweet melodie at the begining. for me it`s a little bit to sad. but that`s a question of taste.

Yogibear/PTV: This must be from Mitch&Dane or 1 of them! RULEZ!!!

lemonade: Most beautiful melody in whole competition. Could be more groovy and melody should develop more?

8. Not_A_Jazz.sid by Jammer/Exon/MSL/Samar (.sid) (.prg) (3:32) NEW (ID: 39) (995 PTS)

Dane:Innovative sound! The comparison to Missy Elliot is well in place, and I consider that a major compliment.

HeinWell, ok, this isn't jazz, still it's disturbing.

Conrad:"Well, for sure the name does tell it all in some way. I find this tune more like being in the jungle, running away from unstoppable danger all around. Minute after minute, it feels like it never stops, until you unfortunately get captured and have no choice but to face the consequences of your death. You become free, escaping the horror by travelling through your spirit. Getting back to normal now, this tune has some very interesting drives and instrument configurations. It does lack a bit on the medolic side, but hey, a tune can not have everything can it? - depends on what the tune is inspired on, which I'm certain will be something to do with the atmosphere around the composer most preferrably."

Randallahhhh. this somehow begs for a competent singer/emcee to take over the mic, but isn't devoid of merit as an instrumental at all. captures a certain late nineties r'n'b vibe, i can almost see a hype williams directed clip. it's full of tribal dance moves, futuristic costumes and bright colours.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Jammer trying something different. And it’s quite cool actually. Respect!

iAN CooG/HF: Weird atmosphere, I like it.

Medicus: One of the strongest opening in this competition. Would fit really nicely to a modern trackmo.

Ready.: nice bassline, but melody is not so great

ed: Nice sounds. I like the mechanic and industrial feeling.

domey/panic: A good trip. Both of my four thumbs up.

stainlesssteel: a bit minimalistic but otherwise great. love the weird sounds.

Steppe: Too monotonous for my taste. And the multispeed instruments seem to be a little too dirty for my taste. Hm, despite the at first listen rather foreseeable theme there’s a second layer on that tune. Those metalic noises makes the whole tune sound pretty whacked and unreal. Linus, is this you?

Raffox of Magic Cap: Really cool sampling and rhythm, with a very enjoyable pinch of retro flavour!

Jammer: my crap, it’s supposed to be the last in the order all the time :D

Orcan: Really excelent sounds. I could not believe it is possible to do on c64. But it’s all what I can rank because I miss an idea of this music. Unfortunatelly it is enough boring and still same. After time of listenig I started to be furious and I had an headache.

Thunder.Bird: intuitive style, very audiophile bass, could listen for hours

ice00: Initial sound until 0:09 is very interesting! Tune is almost based to particular sounds.

Akira: At home, while completely high on K and wasted, Ricardo Villalobos finds in his closet a C64 with a disk drive and a diskette that included a tracker.

finchy: Dark and heavy tone. F***, does nowadays everything have to sound like it’s from a skandinavian demo? ;)

Twoflower/Triad: Nicest sounds in the compo, no doubt. But it’s pretty monotonical and could have used some more variance.

Uneksija: Nice to hear a SID that is something different than most SIDs. Loopy but experimental.

No-XS: This is not a jazz sid! But we weren’t ripped off with this one. If someone could just give me the claps to use in my own sidmusic? :)

Linus: Wicked, evil beat and interesting phat sounds (of coz!). I am glad you left the style of chord progressions you have used in your previous sidcompo contributions behind. Thumbs up, Jammer. ( ... wandering off to continue nodding head)

Intensity: Nice stuff ! The Style and Sounds are very interesting, finally something new on the c64. -me puts in top 10

BokanoiD: dark and industrial. Didn’t know Aphex Twin was in this compo

Peace: i voted this one to place 10 because the composer did a great job. ofcause this is newschool and normaly i like oldschool style sids. the sounds are very good and the complete tune sounds like the composer knows a lot about electronic music :) there are very great breaks. well done... Greetings to yazoo/oxyron *fg

saehn: great tune

9. immoral_coil.sid by dalezy/triad (.sid) (.prg) (2:43) OLD (ID: 42) (950 PTS)

Conrad:"Another great tune that I like very much. The lead is a little bit sloppy mind in some places, but overall this is very well sequenced tune, with no glithces at all. I really like the usage of a sawtooth bass... does this seem to be the new uses of bass sounds nowadays? In some places, there are some sounds that give it the good oldschool feel to it, especially those noise waveforms. One does need a nice break from the new school of SID music. Great job overall!"

Randallsing along with me, to the chorus of milez iz ded by afghan whigs: don't forget the alcohol! ooh baby! ooh baby!

CreaMD/DMAgic: Solid composition that is hard for me to put on highest places. If I was more into artistic impression and all that crap, I think I would put it very high but I’m more into pop crap so I’m putting it somewhere close to the middle of the rank.

HeinInteresting 2nd bit, where the bumpy beat isn't too obvious. This bumpy beat stuff is not something I dig, so I was pleasantly suprised by the melody in the 2nd part.

iAN CooG/HF: W0W! Very interesting, not particularly innovative but a nice background music. Too bad for the final, left me disappointed.

Medicus: Typical modern demo-tune style. Which does not mean its a bad thing ;)

Ready.: nice one

ed: Technoish with a melody flavour. Rather hard to listen to and would probably have fitted some action-packed demo better.

domey/panic: Das ist gut musick. Nice twist at 1:36.

stainlesssteel: its a tad to hectic for my likes at the beginning. the lead seems a bit out of bounds at times. The break and following slower part are pretty good. A bit drawn out to make it last longer than necessary in some places. and a very abrupt ending.

The Syndrom: reminds me a little of r-type/turrican in some parts

Steppe: Has Dalezy written all over it. Musically along the lines of Error23, yet not quite as convincing for me. Still I like if a tune builds up tension and then releases it. Chip in a few tempi changes and I’m satisfied! A very very good tune! :)

Raffox of Magic Cap: Nice rhythm, nice sound but sudden ending... why!?!

Jammer: i thought it was hein unless ’sexy hardrestart’ appeared. quite enjoyable tune, however, a bit monotone.

Thunder.Bird: groovy song with nice melody

ice00: Very good the first 15 seconds.It seems to be too much similar in all his execution (but this is probably the style)

Akira: Hmmm... expected it to develop further.

Twoflower/Triad: Very nice for people which likes this style of uptempo beatlike stuff. I’m not really that fond though.

No-XS: A nice tune, but not much change; the same lead and bassline seem to go on. The same as with 10 other tunes: I didn’t place it very high mainly because there are so many good tunes in this compo. It’s a tune you can forget your listening to it for half an hour or so.

Linus: Engmann in Holt mode. C’mon, keep it up putting a smile into my face by repeating your gorgeous weird style of composing over and over again. I always feel home when listening to the dalezy-progressions (TM). Well done, mate.

Intensity: Not my kind of stuff, this Psycho-Stuff....

BokanoiD: pretty good tune. can’t really decide how to rank this one...

PSycHo: Cool idea. Something totally fresh. Love it.

10. My Little Daughter by PCH (Petr Chlud) (.sid) (.prg) (2:40) NEW (ID: 55) (944 PTS)

Dane:A tune that tells a story. Also a nice flaunting of technique.

CadaverNice idea to contrast rather simple sounds and passages with more involved ones. Would not be out of place in an unofficial Ninja Gaiden IV where Ruy Hayabusa leaves his sword for his daughter to pick up.

Randalli do hope that one day i will have a little daughter too, i'll name her amelia and we'll be going to the mall every sunday to buy her a new toy. she will be cute and her mother will teach her how to convince male beings to do exactly what she wants them to. thus, everytime i'll try to force own view of things home, my failure will be of the most miserable kind. oh. i was supposed to write a comment about music. not this time, tough luck.

CreaMD/DMAgic: I dig all the latest stuff PCH is doing. Good melodies, decent sound and style. His compositions ripen as a wine. I’m really proud that he finally entered Sid Compo and I look forward for his future stuff too. And yeah yeah I’m also a bit biased because we both have very cute daughters and we always enjoy smalltalking about our families ;-)

wecSounds like something a Polish scener might create.

iAN CooG/HF: it’s not bad but there is "something missing", I can’t explain what.

Medicus: This tune is done by someone who knows his craft or knows how to copy styles of other great musicians ;) . i am just too curious to see who composed this one.

ed: Another one with a rather dramatic but slow intro and not really that punchy.

stainlesssteel: Not bad, interesting mix of instruments and good harmonys. solid arrangement.

Steppe: Another epic tune that I like a lot. Smells a bit Trident, but could also be A-Man.

Raffox of Magic Cap: Fore some reasons it didn’t impress me, nice chords and nice sounds anyway.

Jammer: remind old pop songs. not really my cup of tea but technically quite decent.

Orcan: Very nice listenig. Catchy melody helps this music to be my favourite. Sometimes less is more. No need high quality sounds to create great music.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: I like it.

ice00: It seems simple,but instruments are elaborated and tune is very well

Akira: Mmmmmmm

Twoflower/Triad: Pleasant and very melodic. This tune is clearly winning on its winning melody.

Almighty god: Pretty much sounds like renegade 2

Uneksija: At first I didn’t like this tune very much but after hearing it several times it became one of my favourites! Great to hear actual composed music for a change in these loopy times :)

No-XS: This tune tells a tale, you can hear it. I like it; in my opinion it could be even better with some other sounds or in another player

Linus: Rather nice pop tune. The composer seems to have made use of old Cadaver instrument presets tho. Polishing things up a bit here and there wouldn’t have hurt. Still a nice tune nontheless.

Intensity: Love for the daughter, nice.... Quite melancholic, though it doesnt express that feeling for me you have for your daughter example, I need something heartbreaking! The lead instruments could have been also used for some arabian melody. Still a nice tune.

rambones: catchy tune

BokanoiD: Bland tune. not bad, but bland.

PSycHo: Every time I listen to it ,melody stays in my head for a long time. Very enjoyable piece of work.

Peace: also a good one but i miss an end and the main melodie sound is not very good.

11. 6581_Destinations.sid by Stainless Steel / Paramount (Joseph Barwick) (.sid) (.prg) (1:12) OLD (ID: 41) (930 PTS)

Randallout of all things smooth i have an access to in the universe, this is, unfortunately, one of the least appealing.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Pity that it’s that short. Lovely oldscoolish bassline and sychrnoisation effects.

iAN CooG/HF: Very nice but loops too early

Medicus: Arpeggios everywhere... fine tune but for sure not one of the top places in this competition.

Ready.: ok, a mix between old/new school

ed: A bit too much chords. Nice drums, but all in all a little too much harmonics.

domey/panic: Very traditional. Like late 80’s Mogensen. It’s a pity the drums don’t work so good.

stainlesssteel: well .. its short. In retrospect i should have worked on it a bit longer, but i caved in and submitted it in a dim moment.

The Syndrom: classic stuff, nice.

Steppe: A bit run-of-the-mill stuff, yet composed in a very solid, routined way by someone who knows how to not end in the last third of the ranks. Much better on second listen!

Raffox of Magic Cap: Very catchy tune but, f**k, l I wish it wasn’t that short!

Jammer: oldskool. i like the snare, it’s simple yet good.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: This is only extended intro, where is rest of song?

Thunder.Bird: nice and longtime-listenable but abit too much arpeggio

ice00: This is very good. Instruments (with arpeggio) are very well done.You will listen to it for long time!!

Akira: The typical sid tune. With a digidrum.

finchy: Great job. That’s the sound & spirit of the early 90s. And it’s also a diskmag-compatible tune. Put it in some of the upcoming issues - anybody - please.

Twoflower/Triad: Yeah, let’s ringmod! And DYCP!

No-XS: I love how this tune starts. Too bad the bassline doesn’t get any fatter when the music kicks in. I love the chords too, but it seems so flat and not much power.

Linus: This tune transmits quite an enjoyable oldschool flavour. Nice.

Intensity: Very nice Tune, joe, just simply too short!

BokanoiD: wallpaper for diskmags. not much of a tune going on. drums sound messy and bit annoying

Peace: i like this one and voted it to place 9 because of it`s oldschool flavor. maybe it could be longer!

12. November Echoes by Syndrom (Matthias Hartung) (.sid) (.prg) (3:07) NEW (ID: 48) (926 PTS)

CadaverStarts out mellow and turns more grim and threatening, like a ninja stalking his prey. Good vocal-line like melodies.

HeinGood melody and accompanying chords.

Conrad:"This is quite a remarkable tune when you think about it. The instruments are simple, but on the melodic side, especially in part one, has a very latin-romantic feel to it, which to me is beautifull for my ears to listen to, honestly. The second part does seems to get a little bit weaker, but that won't stop this tune ending up under my top 10 list of this competition for sure. Overall a very good piece of work."

Randallstraight slavic flavour. nationality matters aside, after 1:40 mark it shines bright. wonderful combination of notes.

Xiny6581Totally cool and yeah I hadn't a ghost whispering clue the man himself was behind this awesome song, though I had my guesses around 1:00-1:20, but still this is good and the sounds are impressingly good, as well for the echos. This is why I hate to vote for music. Good quality!

CreaMD/DMAgic: I’m really glad that Syndrom decided to enter this years compo with a solid and well arranged composition worth his fame. I’m really enjoyin listening to it. Some of the tunes in the compo (e,g, Dane’s Unforgivable) have potential to last for more than one listening. This on is one of them.

wec(I have no idea who the composer could be). Quite an atmopheric tune.

iAN CooG/HF: Intro seemed interesting, but became boring in a minute. Tried to hear a 2nd time but boredom remains.

Medicus: I wouldnt be at all surprised if this was some cover. But still enjoyable.

ed: Nice intro, but a little too weak.

stainlesssteel: The snare sucks. the rest is great. towards the end it seems a bit repetitive and unnecessarily stretched.

The Syndrom: my own. I shamelessly ranked as if not.

Steppe: Quite nice and atmospheric tune! The melody’s a bit too solemn for my taste but it’s driven by a good tension and depth. Zabutom?

Raffox of Magic Cap: Beginning quite promising... but then it gets boring! What a shame!

Jammer: i preffer the second part, the first one brings me images of drinking sailormen :D good one.

Orcan: Hmm, darker music is this compo but I love it. Echoes give very interesting gloomy atmosphere. Particularly the second part of music shows main aim of author - continue with atmosphere. I only have to denounce simple "army?" basement in the second part. Overall very good work

Thunder.Bird: winter is comming, snow is falling on the person, who stomps through the snow.

ice00: A little nostalgical tune.Very good at 1:30-1:40

Akira: Not my cup of tea, though well implemented.

Twoflower/Triad: A little bit echo, a little bit angst-ridden melody against a grey and unforgiving sky. Yep. I like. The part round 1:20 sounds a bit rought though, but I figure that is intentional.

No-XS: I really like the lead sounds on this piece of music. A very nice tune; deserves it place in the top10, but so do 15 other tunes.

Linus: Nothing to complain about either ... it’s just ... it doesn’t really kick me :)

Intensity: Nice tune. A bit boring and unspectacular.

BokanoiD: starts ok, but sounds like the author kinda lost interest in creating a decent sounding tune after two minutes or so.

PSycHo: One word - BEAUTIFUL !

Peace: the begining is very good ! but i think the break at 1:16 is a little bit to hard. at the end, maybe i`m wrong, is something disharmonic. ofcause! this is a top 10 hit :)

13. The Sexy Hardrestart by Hein (Hein Holt) / Vision (.sid) (.prg) (1:11) NEW (ID: 56) (910.5 PTS)

Dane:I don't care if it sounds like a_tune from last year. I just want more more more. Thumbs up for the instrument efforts.

Conrad:"God damn!!! This is absolutely a fantastic high quality piece of music which is just tooooooo good for my ears to get horny on! ;¸) But there is just one major downfall... it's too damn short!! But hey, the more time used to polish this tune from head to toe, the less time there would be to make it lengthworthy, which in most cases is a popular problem for an awesome musician. But hell yeah, I would play this tune over and over until my heart's content. I did actually do that you know... I played the tune at about 11:30pm, and it wasn't until about nearly 3:00am until I gave my ears a rest .... true story... no, really! :¸)"

Randallif only it wasn't so similar to last year's entry by hein, i would gladly smoke shisha to it.

Xiny6581All right this heavy stallion blew me off the track totally! I love the drums, they are so tight, snappy, oh yeah love that "ride" that comes along so fine! I wish it was longer, can't get enough of this song! Fantastic :)

CreaMD/DMAgic: Great sound but why is the tune so short ;-(. I want more!!

iAN CooG/HF: Pure Style. Want more (and lasting more too) =)

Medicus: Ok tune. But not everyone is able to do jazzy drax-style afterall.

ed: Nice harmonies.

domey/panic: Quality laidback softporn. Smoothest entry. That’s how you do it, mr. Holt.

stainlesssteel: awesome tunage, very laid back and technically very skilled.

Steppe: Sexy porn pop. Syndrom? The more I listen, the better it gets. Reminds me of Scortia’s work somehow, great!

Raffox of Magic Cap: Cool melody, laid back and enjoy this nice sound =)

Jammer: hein to my ears :D tune is very good in general, obviously i cannot say that any hein’s composition is even average. yet i hear nothing new. author sticks in the loop of his sophisticated creations, jazzy ’unpredictable’ progressions and makes no progress.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: Nice, reminds me Shogoon’s style. Fits to some demo end-part. Poor it’s so short.

ice00: Not of the style I like. The used arpeggio is however very good.

Akira: Cool tune.

Twoflower/Triad: Mmm... Sexy Hardrestart. But the hardrestart is so short? But short girls can be sexy too, and so is this one.

No-XS: Got to love the sounds, a bit short, and not to much changes. Deserves it place in the top10, but so do 15 other tunes.

Linus: Yes sir, this one *is* very short indeed. Nontheless it leaves the other tunes behind by a mile. Gorgeous chord progressions and melodies, funky basslines and the little edgyness (TM) only Mister Holt can come up with. Pole position for Hein.

Intensity: Neat Sounds, really smooth. Just not my case musically.

BokanoiD: wallpaper for a diskmag.

PSycHo: Hein. Why such a short tune this year ? Anyway I really love it ;)

Peace: if this one would be a bit longer i think i had voted it to the top 5 or higher. it`s a very stylish tune. that`s what i want to hear if i listening to sid musik! love it! still long enough to reach the top 10 :) maybe it sounds a little bit like syndrom but i`m not sure as i had a break of 13 years *g

14. Girls'n Ghosts Ate Kleve by Sascha Zeidler (Linus) (.sid) (.prg) (2:00) NEW (ID: 59) (887.5 PTS)

Dane:I am in love with the arrangement and would like to marry it. However, please divorce me from the actual melody.

CadaverA true karateka is not afraid of fighting supernatural threats in a Follin-inspired nightmare.

HeinOhwell, what isn't impossible for Linus. Powerjazz ftw.

Conrad:"When I play this tune, I picture this... a helpless being in the middle of a deep and dark forest, on it's quest to find it's far distant sexual partnet to survive for as long as it can. Of course by the title, this tune is a wonderfull tribute to the legendary Tim Follin (don't forget it's **NO** remix!) and that many of the sounds in this tune have a very big resembelance to him, feels like he has returned to haunt you with more great and adventurous music like this! A very nicely sequenced tune, including a magnificent drumset which believe it or not, runs under 50Hz - this to me is one hell of a fine job! Well done!"

Randalltim follin meets tim leary. drums in singlespeed were never more powerful.

Xiny6581Love it and I wish to hear more of this. The sounds are great as always but I got a tombstone in my butt when I first thought this song was done by someone else :D Hah All right it's interesting as longer as the song is playing. Good hysteric work!

CreaMD/DMAgic: Linus wanted to submit something more compo-ish first, but then he (wisely) decided that it will be better to submit something solid instead of trying to make something hurried in a short time. I don’t exactly know wha to thing about this music though ;-) It’s for sure an artistic masterpiece. It also has some really cool bass drums after 1st minute but all in all it’s very hard to fall in love with it ;-). Reminds me a bit of Tim Follin too. (which I mean as a compliment ;-).

iAN CooG/HF: Jazzy and weird, in a good way. TIm Follin inspired.

Medicus: Experimental - Yes. Enjoyable - No

ed: Nice sounds. I like the Tim Follin touch...

domey/panic: A little too progressive for my taste. Not your worst, but still not your best, dear Linus.

stainlesssteel: Tim follin vs linus on lsd. great soundscape.

Steppe: Hm, nice atmosphere, spooky! Linus doing some Follin research? :-)

Raffox of Magic Cap: Very Tim Follin like... but nothing crazy after all. Nice tune.

Jammer: follin on drugs? mighty kick but you have more deadly killers in your menu :>

Orcan: Uhhh. Enough complicated music. Where do you go for ideas? Very original melody. I have never heard something like this in history of this compo. Sounds are pretty high quality. I know only one man who can do them...:-)

Sidder/MSL/SMR: A few fresh instruments, Follin-like mood. Iit’s a shame the author didn’t continue the idea from the beginning of the song, but just went for a trivial solution...

ice00: Title is appropriate as there is a voice that sound like a ghost.I like one of the used instrument

Akira: Very interesting how this tune is built... I am really digging it. Reminds me of some of the stuff I like the most from Vip (mashed up with Tim Follin ;D)

Twoflower/Triad: Someone dug up the other Follin from the grave too? Well, it was about time to unearth Geoff aswell, to keep Tim company among the restless dead.

Uneksija: This is like a weird video game tune. Somehow unique, especially compared to the other tunes in the compo. I dig it :)

No-XS: Very nice! the same as with 10 other tunes: I didn’t place it very high mainly because there are so many good tunes in this compo. I didn’t quite get some changes in the music and the way the lead melody is played.

Linus: Huh, odd time signatures, a meaningless lead, chords that I have given birth to by accident all meet in a way too short piece of spunk. I wonder what I smoked the other day. Sun shines in, you are awoken.

Intensity: Linus, Uberocker! :D Really good song, but I somehow expected more from Linus concerning a tune that kills you from the ass above :D Still a good tune, I like it.

rambones: nice sounds

BokanoiD: Like the Follin sound, the tune just doesn’t really go anywhere.

PSycHo: You have to have unbelievable imagination to compose something like that. Sascha,remember when I told you that this compo wont be the same without your entry - now I definitely now that I was right :)

15. The Sweet Odour Of Jesus Christ by Arman Behdad (Intensity) (.sid) (.prg) (3:59) NEW (ID: 60) (863 PTS)

CadaverPunishing sounds that remind of some Matthew Cannon's work, for example Batman the Movie (Batman is obviously a ninja.) Of course this tune goes much above and beyond.

HeinImpressive straight forward chords and melody and good rythm. The production is rather rough, which fits the atmosphere of the tune.

Randalli like the 3/4 time sig. i feel like dancing in a viennese ballroom, waiting for revolution to start the downfall of the world as we know it. whilst i'm in fact sitting in front of a computer for a fourth consecutive hour, waiting to be attacked by my cat. i like the 3/4 time sig too much, probably.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Intensity engaging his best tricks in pompous masterpiece evoking fellings of melancholy and resignation in me. In the later parts it’s getting a bit more optimistic though ;-).

iAN CooG/HF: Excellent instruments, but seems a loop of the same part over and over.

Medicus: Really nice sounds. Very nice contrast between the strong bass and the bleepy "whatever". way to go ;)

ed: Dramatic Intro. Slow tune but ok.

stainlesssteel: very glooming tune i love it. great stuff arman.

Steppe: Arman with a downtempo tune? Really a nice one! ... Must have listened to this for 17 times now and it’s just awesome, sending shivers down my spine every time I listen to it! Arman, your best tune so far!

Raffox of Magic Cap: Promising start, I love the speedy drums but it gets boooooring pretty soon.

Jammer: arman, even your titles betray you :P point for trying new rhythmic patterns instead of kick every fourth step :D and it’s excellent tune by the way, i see it as an evolution. a pack of cigs and litre of coffe for ya for that!

Orcan: What a pitty You have done very, very depresive music this year for me. Probably it is caused I used to listen more dynbamic musics by You. At least you used that trance chord from last year.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: I like this dark strings (or whatever it is) instrument.

Thunder.Bird: very intuitive and audible rythmset, powerbass, sweet melody

ice00: This is one in top score. Very interesting.

Akira: Spooky platform game tune. Game.. :|

Twoflower/Triad: He got me at the introsounds, and it keeps getting better all the time.

Uneksija: I just can’t wait to read what funny comments other voters write about this because of its name.

No-XS: Nice music. I didn’t place it very high mainly because there are so many good tunes in this compo. It is bit simple and not that catchy for me. I’ve been trying to imagine for 4 minutes what Jesus would smell like

Linus: Moody stuff in a style I wouldn’t have expected from you, Arman. I am really really glad you finally released a tune completely absent of euro trance clichés ;) Well done!

Intensity: Dark Wave/Romantic/Gothic in your face! :D

rambones: interesting sounds

BokanoiD: I ranked it high because of the interesting sounds in this tune... also, I like the doomy & gloomy feel of it.

PCH/Unreal: Great arpegio !!

lemonade: Strange but awesome song with cool bass line.

16. Saturday (Laid Back) Weirdness by No-XS (Marc van den Bovenkamp) (.sid) (.prg) (1:47) OLD (ID: 57) (813.5 PTS)

Randalli fear that the following rule does not apply to each and every aspect of existence, but shorter is better. instead of switching onto another tune, i'm listening to this one for some 100th time in a row. logical, catchy, and emotional. also seems to cure hangover.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Ah yeah. A little sip of weirdness. What would sidcompo be without that. I’ve heard better tunes from NO-XS in previous compos, but the whistling melody is very nice.

iAN CooG/HF: Simple and nice, nothing very special.

Medicus: A little boring.

ed: Very disc-magish and 1990s. Ok tune but slow.

stainlesssteel: solid arrangement, good instruments. easygoing but a bit unsophisticated at times.

Steppe: Easy tune in the early Randall style, melodywise. Hehe. No-XS

Raffox of Magic Cap: Short but extremly catchy tune, very cute chords.

Jammer: no-xs should cange his snare if he want to be less recognizable ;)

Sidder/MSL/SMR: It’s so sweet that I wouldn’t place it at the bottom of rank. Middle is right place for "Saturday".

ice00: Weel implemented.Some instruments are very good.A little repetitive,but even listenable

Akira: Laid back-y indeed

Twoflower/Triad: Short, light and fluttery. Let’s get weird.

Linus: Nice, mellow pop tune. Nothing to complain about ... would have prefered something more risky tho.

Intensity: Very sweet one. Sometimes Simplcitiy just comes a long chidish happy sounds. Remembers me of a very rainy day when I lie with my wife (my future wife, for all doubters : FUCK YOU! :D) on the bed, and we watch outside through the glassdoor of the terrace/garden while we wait for the sunshine. Like that VW new beetle TV Advert :D Good Stuff! 4th place, looking forward to know who has done this.

BokanoiD: nice uplifting tune. I can imagine this being the end credits-tune for a cutesy platform game or something

PCH/Unreal: Nice Unisono :) Perfect bass line !

17. I Died Defending the Mothership by Uneksija (Antti Pitkämäki) (.sid) (.prg) (3:45) NEW (ID: 51) (799 PTS)

CadaverWhen necessary, ninjas are also adept at piloting flying craft. A tune so driving, if it doesn't make want to pee your pants, there is something wrong with you.

Randalltruckload of cheese, unashamedly inspired by the eternal bassline of blue monday. see, i always considered the name happy house a rather unfitting one, because the genre has been usually making me sad, confused, bored of life and even slightly aggressive towards big people who would kick my ass anytime, anywhere.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Very bouncy tune (as someone already mentioned! ;-). I like it’s playful shot’em’up sounds and story. Reminds me of my own pac-man story tune called Catch That Pacman II ;-)

wecReminds me of the Eilte loader music with Martin Galway vibes overliad.

iAN CooG/HF: not very interesting, not bad either.

Medicus: I heard those drums perhaps a million times. This doesnt make them better. Next tune please. Fast.

ed: Funny, but rather mediocre.

domey/panic: Have I heard that baseline somewhere before? :) This one gets all my sympathy. Funniest of them all.

stainlesssteel: Great tune. Makes me want to bounce around through the room.

Steppe: Back to the 80s? Gruft anyone? Nah, better stay in 2007...

Raffox of Magic Cap: Nothing too original to my ears. Basic samples that I dislike...

Jammer: simplicity is the key but not really here. bassline and arps are always the same. nontheless my butt starts to follow :D

Sidder/MSL/SMR: I hear quite good try to imitate arcade game, lead-instrument taken directly from "Outrun". :) Simply. Too simply for high place.

ice00: Very brillant.It is one of the best

Akira: Is that the bassline of New Order’s "Blue Monday"? I’m not really into this tune...

finchy: Reminds me on Zoggon. Nicely done!

Twoflower/Triad: And I died attacking it! Somewhat sounding italo.

No-XS: Catchy and almost funny! Might have something to do with the title too! Nice sounds to match the title!

Linus: Welle:Erdball in sexy hardrestart mode. I like the fx in the beginning, otherwise (also well executed) it doesn’t do too much for me, as this kind of stuff isn’t really my cup of tea, sorry.

Intensity: yeeeeeeeehhhhhh, this iz awesome weee. Some better sounds, and it could have been my number 1. Want to dance with some sceners on a good demoparty with such a tune :D

BokanoiD: fun synthpop-ish tune.

saehn: interesting use of retro elements as motifs

18. Volcanoes_of_Passion.sid by Sidder / MSL / SAMAR (.sid) (.prg) (3:13) NEW (ID: 62) (788.5 PTS)

Randallkraftwerkian bassline, continuous development throughout, highly unpredictable progression in the middle eight... well composed, word.

Xiny6581I like this original song, for its quality and theme. The sounds are good and again this jazzy feeling is working good! Slow, fast, made to listen as you drive your car around an evening and you can see the trafic lights and that ponding volcan. Sweet like it! One of my favorites!

CreaMD/DMAgic: Sidder continuin his journey around atmospheric arrangements. This one is good but not as much surprising as last year’s one.

iAN CooG/HF: all this time taken (last entry sent) and so poor result? disappointed

Medicus: *Yawn*

ed: Moody tune. Some nice sounds in the end.

domey/panic: Totally relaxing arpeggios.

stainlesssteel: Very relaxing, great set of instruments and sound scape. top notch stuff.

Steppe: That sounds like nata’s cheesy good-night-sleep-well-sweet-dreams-tomboy style. Not a bad tune at all, but after a hard day at work it really does for me what I wrote above: I get sleepy...

Raffox of Magic Cap: Exactly one of those tunes I’d like to have playing while working ... it make the day go by fast :) Added to my favourites

Jammer: essence of peace. marcin, not bad one but it would suit ’newspaper’ better. btw. nice gurgling stomp - it reminded me a tune from ’place in the space’ :D

ice00: Very relaxing tune.Nice instruments.

Akira: Easy on the nerves, background music. Getting better at each listen.

Twoflower/Triad: Etna and Pompeji have both had their big outbursts, hiding something important under tons of rock and ashes. This tune hides something below it’s distanced and cooling surface aswell.

Uneksija: This tune is very nice & hypnotic. Great to hear this kinda stuff on the SID.

No-XS: Someone described this as the ultimate porn-sid. I had to agree. Reminded me alot of a dutch instrumental tune, Lily was here.

BokanoiD: can’t really get a passionate volcano over this one.

Peace: the part at 1:30 sounds not very good. but the rest is very nice

19. Unstoppable by Marcin Majdzik (PSycHo) / GMI (.sid) (.prg) (4:00) NEW (ID: 53) (732 PTS)

CadaverEpic to the extreme, the beginning screams Conan The Barbarian. Later moments remind of Kunitoki's sinister hideout and the awesome battles that transpire there.

Conrad:"This is truly a tune I would play in the background while working or other stuff, which I have done of course and for many, many times too. The first person that came up in my head when listening to this was Han Zimmer... the tune indeed has that 'action thriller' type of feel to any action movie, it for sure would be a nice replacment for blockbuster movies like "The Terminator" for example. Imagine it, this tune playing while watching a half-man-half-machine cyborg unstoppable to anything. You want a really hard-hitting and thrilling tune? This would be the tune for you, my friend. Unstoppable indeed, and I mean that quite literately."

Randallunder any circumstances, don't focus on listening. play it in the background instead and watch in amazement as the most ordinary activities become epic voyages into the unknown. so much for pathos.

Xiny6581This has to be one of the most demanding songs I have heard. Great sounds, great feeling, good pick of instruments. The soundscape is good, building up an adventure at the same time as it gives a moment for the mind!

CreaMD/DMAgic: I somehow got feeling that tune is really unstoppable. As if it was constantly trying to begin with a monumental introduction part but that won’t happen actually which is a real pity. If it outbursted to something huge after 1-2 minutes, I wouldn’t mind at all.

iAN CooG/HF: Nice atmosphere, reminds some horror movie soundtrack, but I don’t like it particularly

Medicus: Some nice sounds but hell boring.

ed: Definately stoppable. Some ok parts but feels a little slow in the intro.

domey/panic: The mean hypnotizer. Builds up like nothing else. Pretty monumental in every aspect. And I do like Chemical Brothers. Conrad, are you there?

stainlesssteel: Hmm, it starts out interesting but the tune doesnt really go anywhere. The intro just goes on and on..

Steppe: Starts out promising, epic, powerful, myghtye warriors marching into war, etc. I prefer the first half over the tune a lot over the second one. It’s really getting repeatitive... The competition is really dense this year!

Raffox of Magic Cap: This tune would perfectly fit in a fantasy videogame... In the long it might get boring but it’s a good soundtrack.

Jammer: what an epic and dramatic one. but i get bored in the middle.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: Someone must have been practicing or something?

Thunder.Bird: new Soundtrack for 300 ? Sparta is unstoppable !

ice00: Sound is "darken", but I like like it.At 2:14 I like the bass-drum very much!!

Akira: Metal Gear-esque track

Twoflower/Triad: Bombastic, fantastic. Not that musically impressive, seen as a composition, but nevertheless just what the compo needed.

Uneksija: This tune is a bit simple, and doesn’t have many elements, but on the other hand, it’s funny! And funny is a good thing...

No-XS: What a strong beginning! Welcome back Charles Deenen?! :)) The same as with 10 other tunes: I didn’t place it very high mainly because there are so many good tunes in this compo. For me this piece of music lacks something, but I can’t put my finger on it exactly. The part at 2:30 is on of the strongest parts ever heared in a sid for me.

Linus: No chance to hide by trying to change your style, Marcin. Not only the sounds but the whole conduction give away your identity :) I like the epic feel it transmits. Well done.

Intensity: great intro, but heck, the the whole shit is in an intro. HOLY SHIT! :D

rambones: good chords

BokanoiD: nothing wrong here, just doesn’t stand out so much

saehn: awesome tune on or off the c64

20. Mix_Em_Up by Richard (.sid) (.prg) (2:56) NEW (ID: 36) (694 PTS)

Randalldear god, hope you'll read this letter. i know i am a tasteless retard, but aren't these chord progressions a bit of overkill as a punishment? stay cool. regards, michal.

CreaMD/DMAgic: I don’t find that much difference in this tune from previous Richard’s compo attempts but it is still his standard uncomplicated slowly developing british game soundtrack pop ;-) Wotnau will probably love it ;-) The melody around 0:50 an more reminds me of Orcan’s demobit 95 tune (a bit ;-). Anyway too simplistic structure to turn start me dance.

wecSounds old skool. Very 80's

iAN CooG/HF: ok. Can be heard a couple of time in loop but not many, else gets boring.

Medicus: An average tune but would suit well for some crackerintro. Sounds quite old and dusty.

Ready.: it’s ok. Some oldschool stile.

ed: Not really far from my own work, but would like to hear some parts a little more worked on. That goes not only for the structure, but also the sounds.

stainlesssteel: bayliss style. no surprises here.

The Syndrom: is this played in correct speed ? the drums sounds damaged...

Steppe: Nah, too simplistic, no surprises music- nor soundwise. Richard Bayliss?

Raffox of Magic Cap: Nice and fast tune, very catchy. Might sound quite boring at very beginning but it gets better further on.

Jammer: quite oldskool, quite simple, quite nothing special. richard?

Sidder/MSL/SMR: C64 scene is too old for such sounds. We live in 2007, not 1989.

Thunder.Bird: nice c64-style (like oldschool)

ice00: Very nice arpeggio here.

Akira: The typical sid tune. Without the digidrum.

finchy: Simply beats my arse. *Smash* Oh ... keep going! :D

Twoflower/Triad: Not really my piece of cake with them arpeggios.

Uneksija: Kinda simple, especially the melody, but then again, simple & good is better than complex & crap.

No-XS: This is quite nice, but a bit too simple for my taste. Also the sounds could need a bit improving. Could need some more work, and some more mixing

Intensity: Richard? You should definatley work on the sounds mate, and please learn how to use the -GATE- and Sustain settings, to give the sounds some "quickness" and groove.

rambones: baaah!

BokanoiD: well... hmm... probably should rank this at least above the worse tunes... but the sound can’t really interest me.

21. Sorry For The Delay by (.sid) (.prg) (2:27 +variety) OLD (ID: 38) (662 PTS)

CadaverSimple and hypnotic basic idea, used effectively. A meditating ninja.

Randallyou're hereby forgiven, my friend; despite listening, dare i say, far too much to steve reich's electric counterpoint. for i truly enjoyed this.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Peter Bergstrand experiments again. It’s quite melancholic but kinda cute. The best thing (for my taste) that I’ve heard for Peter so far.

wecI think this could be Dane. Sounds very polished.

iAN CooG/HF: boring, rushed

Medicus: Lets say it this way: This tune is not great

Ready.: a bit weird, nice chords but melody is too repetitive

ed: I enjoy the passages and the rather mellow aproach.

stainlesssteel: starts out interesting, but there’s not much that follows. sorry.

The Syndrom: roll the dices and hit the notes...

Steppe: Thanks for having tried to be different. Won’t make it into my heavy rotation, though.

Raffox of Magic Cap: Tune’s ok, it didn’t impress me though... Could have been way cooler with better drums and rhythm.

Jammer: quite minimalistic. i would guess that sidder is behind that but old chip excludes him :D disharmonic sometimes but i hear these moments are under control :P

OrestAllegri: The dissolution of eternity.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: Dull and not at all original, even if the author thinks it is.

Thunder.Bird: slow soothing song, but nothing special

ice00: The tune seems to have 2 separate themes that run together.

Akira: don’t be sorry. :P

Twoflower/Triad: Pure brilliance. Just pure brilliance. This moves me.

Uneksija: Reminds me a little bit of some feeling in the Boulder Dash title tune, but much more it reminds me of the weird background music of the C64 game "Moon Dust". Anyways, not bad.

No-XS: It takes some getting used to, this tune. I’m still in that progress..

Intensity: uninteresting, sorry..

BokanoiD: No problem. Next compo, please take your sweet-ass time.

22. Story About F Sharp by Jakim/Vulture Design/Stage Magician (.sid) (.prg) (0:50) NEW (ID: 46) (628.5 PTS)

Randalljust as i lack responsibility and my wife lacks patience, this track lacks something as well. namely, second and third minute.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Pity that it is so short. I would like to hear more about F Sharp.

iAN CooG/HF: too short, too simple, boring. Seems that almost no effort has been made to make a better one.

Medicus: Luckily this tune is short cause I didnt really enjoy listening to it.

ed: Not that bad tune, but someone has to reach the bottom when voting. This tune really is rather too much rich sounding and is too short.

stainlesssteel: could have been great, nice jazzy jch style going there. Too bad its so short.

Steppe: Feels a bit unpolished. The instruments sound a bit early 90s and musically we got rather standard C64 pop harmonies.

Raffox of Magic Cap: Nothing crazy... worth to listen once. And that’s about it.

Jammer: sounds like a little jam but, unfortunatelly, really mediocre one.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: Too short... BTW: Using GoatTracker default instruments (especially this snare!) should be forbidden.

ice00: Tune has very potential, it is a little too short

Akira: Too short. Sounds like background music for a 90’s diskmag.

Twoflower/Triad: The raised fourth tone (subdominant) in the C major scale. In solfeggio, it is called Fi. That’s the story.

Uneksija: When I heard the beginning of this tune for the first time, I was like "Whoa! This is great". Then the tune ended. This isn’t a proper song, it’s just an intro loop! I mean it sounds very good but I would have rated it much higher if it had been a bit longer. Sorry, but I punish those who think they can get a way with sending 50 second songs to the compo! I dig full-effort, not half-effort!

No-XS: Catchy sounds which bring you back. This sounds like a nice endtune for a demo. The same as with 10 other tunes: I didn’t place it very high mainly because there are so many good tunes in this compo. A bit short, then again; i’ve been known to make them short too :)

Intensity: nice tune, just this jazzy stuff is nothing for me :)

BokanoiD: doesn’t sound so effin’ sharp to me.

23. READY.sid by Surgeon/Vulture Design (.sid) (.prg) (3:02) NEW (ID: 45) (594 PTS)

CadaverExtremely muddy bass & drums thanks to filters. A journey into a grim realm, where only a masterful karateka can survive.

Randalli can't judge whether this was thoroughly intentional or a result of severe intoxication, but it surely has its moments.

CreaMD/DMAgic: A little bit nervous composition reminding me of famous polish musician DAX.

iAN CooG/HF: Many tempo and style changes, I like the fast half. bad ending tho

Medicus: Boring and really awful noises at the beginning. Gets better but cant really crack the below average mark.

ed: Spooky sounds. A bit slow in the beginning & the chords are terrible but gets better during play.

stainlesssteel: Hmm. the first part totally annoyed me. After around 2 minutes it picks up a nice speedy beat that i actually enjoyed. The intro ruined it for me.

The Syndrom: heavy metal on the sid...

Steppe: Interesting tune with very edgy, dirty sounds. That one needs more time to get into full effect I guess. This is very interesting stuff indeed stomping and hammering, makes me go chairheadbanging!!! YAAAY! Not a hunch who could have done this. Great tune man!

Raffox of Magic Cap: Not my kind... definitely. Well... to say it all, I don’t even like the sampling.

Jammer: bleep, bleep, bleep! screech, screech, screech!

Thunder.Bird: really symphonic, not getting boring

ice00: This is very elaborated.Used sounds are amazing like at 1:29

Akira: Uhm... and the third typical sid tune. Something is not sounding very well over here.

finchy: Ouch.

Twoflower/Triad: READY. POKE 54296,0

No-XS: This piece has just to much things that go wrong for me. I can’t stand the beginning and some chords don’t work for me. When the the bit faster part begins, I’m a bit more happy until it becomes a bit weirder for me again. For me, it sounds like a horror-track, but not scary.

Intensity: Wow! Some ppl might hate this, but I really liked it. It’s the sounds that lack of quality BIG TIME, but the rest is just awesome, melodies, structure etc. Remembers me of my own earlier tunes like "Heartbreak.sid" for example. The progression of the tune is neat. One of those EVIL EMPIRE OF THE DEMONS AND VAMPIRES - SID :D Liked the part from 1:30 min. most.

rambones: pure crap

BokanoiD: interesting but messy.

24. Jammed With Arpeggios by Lauri Nukala (falciparum) (.sid) (.prg) (4:00) NEW (ID: 50) (560.5 PTS)

Randallsome brave, on the mark decisions in the harmony and groove department during the first 20 seconds had warmed up my hope for a top-of-the-charts tune. alas, soon those loud and clumsy leads dragged it many floors down, to join the wheelie bins and broken office furniture.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Hm. A bit inconsistent, I don’t know what to think about it.

iAN CooG/HF: not bad, but a bit boring after a while.

Medicus: Some call it experimental. I just call it "ugh"

ed: Nice beat and would actually have been voted a lot higher, if it only had harder sounds.

stainlesssteel: A little too much jam. Some interesting twists on the beats but the lead totally ruined it for me. And its way too long with too little variations.

The Syndrom: katzenjammer...

Steppe: Seems a little unsorted and chaotic.

Raffox of Magic Cap: Promising at first... this tune killed my hopes all of a sudden! What a pitty!

Jammer: the beginning forces me to expect something original and recognizable but it evolves into rather inconsistent matter. nice drums.

ice00: Super accurated instruments sound into this tune! Listen to it careffully, it has very interesting stuff like at 3:33!

Akira: Dancefloor-y beat with something else which I don’t know where it came from..

Twoflower/Triad: Not really my cup of tea today.

Uneksija: Great hypnotic, groovy and cool tune. Definetely not easy to make this good SID tune in this style.

No-XS: The title seemed hopefull, but this music seemed a bit weird to me, with some strange chords and not full of arpeggio’s. There are some weird patterns that seem rather jammed by arpeggio’s

Intensity: strange tune.. :D

BokanoiD: messy. bugs at around 0:55?

25. Gold Lux by Xiny6581 / Dees Productions / Gheymaid Inc. / Skalaria (Cris) (.sid) (.prg) (5:00) OLD (ID: 61) (412 PTS)

Randallthank you very much, i need deprogramming now.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Very hard to digest but I appreciate that soft filtered bass and percussions. Remind’s me a bit of Le Tartar and Pretzelizm (but that one didn’t feel so rushed)

iAN CooG/HF: 5 mins of boredom with nice intstruments

Medicus: I think I am stuck in a loop of old dusty sounds.

ed: Good data funk. Minimal but cool.

domey/panic: Down to earth lo-fi. Next time add some more variation.

stainlesssteel: a bit to simplistic.

Steppe: Datapop, stomping rhythm. Does nothing for me, I’m just not in the mood for music like that at the mo.

Raffox of Magic Cap: I have to point out the base, very above the average but I do not like sperimental styles like this one.

Jammer: quite interesting additional drums but in general quite a fuck-song. of course we talk about carpenter’s intercourse :D

Orcan: I wasted 5 minutes of my life.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: Five minutes of wasting time.

ice00: Too many similar from the beginning to the end.It has some potential throw.

Akira: Hallo, ich bin der wannabe minimal-techno track, fur das diversion und not boringmal, bitte look elsewhere :P (It got tooooooo tedious with the repetition.)

Twoflower/Triad: Nice tune with gradually added small changes - but with a bit too rough sounds for this setting, mate. But I figure that’s the way you intended it?

Uneksija: A loopy repeatative tune. The idea in the tune isn’t bad, but 5 minutes is maybe a bit too much of that repeatativeness. "Jammed with Arpeggios" has a somewhat loopy structure too, but it manages to do it in a better way than this one.

No-XS: I can’t see why this music is supposed to be 5 minutes: It takes too long, but doesn’t seem to get anywhere.

Linus: Track that starts off rather promising but sadly doesn’t develop as much as it should.

Intensity: Wicked! Just Wicked! One of the sexy songs where I see violet and I could fall a bit in love with :D Very cool Sounds & groove. Tickles my left elbow to do something similar and compete against this one :D SCENE IS ABOUT COMPETITION! :D

rambones: total crap

agus: GREAT!!! TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BokanoiD: Please, PLEASE let me shoot whoever made this.

26. Print_All_Your_Crap.sid by Ed (Eddie Svärd) / Wrath Designs (.sid) (.prg) (???) NEW (ID: 40) (409 PTS)

Dane:Oh, this one deserves at least a pat on the back for those eerie sounds and originality. If it had transformed into something with more melody I would have ranked it a lot higher.

Randallunpleasant and disturbing, but it definitely deserves a reward for being so real.

CreaMD/DMAgic: Ed reallying on his strongest weapons industrial sound and rejection to conform to standard views on beauty in the melody.

iAN CooG/HF: teh crap

Medicus: I THINK THIS IS THE WORST TUNE I HAVE EVER HEARD!!! Even some basic blipblops are way better. If this doesnt end up last I will be really really surprised

Ready.: hurts my ears, just noise

ed: It sounds a little like a printer. More of an experiment.

stainlesssteel: Sounds like the music data had an accident. Makes my ears hurt.

The Syndrom: sorry, as the title says, this is crap...

Steppe: Ed entering his most minimalistic and experimental tune he could find...Sure, it’s meant to sound like an old needle printer, nice, so what? A little flat to build a whole tune around it think. I wonder why he didn’t pick one which is a little more "conventional" but still bears his handwriting?

Raffox of Magic Cap: Pure Shit... right Ed? ;)

Jammer: nah. cmp? sounds like old printer though :D

Orcan: Sorry, but what should I value? This is music competition and this is no music. This is a sound of a printer which could be created for example randomly. Many composers of this compo decided much time to create theiir musics but this one could be done for 5 or OK for 7 minutes? Excuse me but this "music" is bullshit

OrestAllegri: Experimental printer music. Nice.

Sidder/MSL/SMR: Maybe the winner of "Imitate-Real-Sounds Compo". But here it’s the most annoying tune. First place in my trash.

Thunder.Bird: very intuitive idea, it made my phantasy believe, there’s a 9-needle Printer doing some hardcopy stuff :)

ice00: Sound is very strange

Akira: I bought it, because I don’t like it... But not enough to give you the last position ;)

finchy: Yes, it sounds like a needle-printer. No, it’s not pleasant.

Twoflower/Triad: This tune got qualities when you get into the hang of it. Hard to keep concentrated on it though.

Almighty god: Sorry I cannot listening more than 5 seconds

Uneksija: Ah the mystical Print Your crap. Will this become a permanent part of my Sidplay playlist? Do I groove to this every day? Well, uh, how to put this... Maybe not, but I do like an experimental SID, even if I only listen to it for only a couple of times. I liked the fact that this weirdo was a part of this compo.

No-XS: I tried to print the data of this tune..didn’t work either for me..

Linus: Certainly the most original idea and a nice execution. I still don’t dare to listen to it twice in a row tho :)

Intensity: If this Sid had been available as paper, I would use it to scrap my arsehole :D No offence, I have drunken a lot of coffee again :D

rambones: worse crap

BokanoiD: yah, real funny. except I came here to rank tunes and this doesn’t qualify as such.

Peace: wtf ? :D why is this one sooo big sized ? maybe a hidden track somewere ?

I (CreaMD) would like to thank Antti Sakari Pitkämäki (a.k.a. Uneksija) for for the mp3 versions of the tunes, also thanx to his friend Maza for hosting of the files.

Special thanx to Randall, Orcan, Steppe and couple more for moral support and help with prg conversions.

The executables were made using the latest version o PSID64 developed by Roland Hermans. For packing of executables I used the EXOMIZER developed by Magnus Lind.