1. Eskimonika by Stellan Andersson (Dane) sid prg mp3 (03:47) NEW (852 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Catchy melody, good rhythm. Exactly what I want from a good sid tune. 3 thumbs up.

raffox: So catchy tune! WoW! It does transmitt a lot of energy... I am sure someone talented will make an mp3 remix out of this one.

stainlesssteel: Stellar Stellan strikes again. NEEDS MORE VIBRATO. AND BASS DRUM :-D

booker: Good work!

Dane: My final gift to CreamD. A happy-go-lucky melodic tune.

Conrad: Even though the multispeed supports most ofthe credit (but nevertheless has been handled professionaly well by the author,) this is the one I put my hat down to... epic win in my book!

Cobra/Samar: My second favorite msx on sid compo

rambones: wild, raw. this is like a good movie, a theme to remember.

G-Fellow: Best melody and best flow for me :)

jammer: oooh, mr andersson, i’m gonna cum... seriously, the beginning seems genuinely cheesy but later it manages to suck me in and make me node my brain to the limits of pain. tough one, one one hand nothing too sophisticated, on the other one a tune that is nearly 100% supposed to win every compo. sounds are sweet, except this vibrato in the beginning :D puhhhh! it will place high, anyway. :D

Burglar: annoying intro, but very cool tune afterward. if the tune got planned differently, it would’ve received a higher mark from me.

Archmage: Is it the Bernadotte heritage that makes the Swedes such impeccable popsmiths? This is happypop in all its glory! A daring signature intro, and good melody throughout. But that popping/fretting instrument drives me mad. Aiai. If it wasn’t for that this would have made the top spot.

MaD][: simply awesome, it deserves 1st place... a step far away from all other tunes

Uneksija: If my friends would caught me dancing to this alone, it would feel a little bit if they had caught me masturbating. The lead instruments of this tune are so cheesy. Not that I couldn’t enjoy cheesy. And masturbating is fun! And the composition itself is great.

alankila: This tries to be very much different, and I think it was quite successful in establishing its unique style. I loved the sounds and style, but felt that it still trailed the others musically, and failed to excite me.

PSycHo: Dane. Fantastic sounds,catchy melody but it’s not Arctic Circles ;) Still one of my favorites from The Last Sid compo.

Michele: Very good sid

Linus, Baby!: Eskimonika, das Schneehasen-Mšdchen fighting evil hordes in "America’s Got Talent".

ice00: Need we to really vote?This is the winner of the last compo for sure!! Style,melody,instruments, all are great.

randall (NOVOTE): tut tut tut. i need to be covered with the security blanket, quick. definitely not my usual five cups of zoladkowa gorzka.

2. Intrinsic by Conrad/Viruz/Samar/Onslaught (Owen Crowley) sid prg mp3 (3:58) NEW (850.5 PT)

randall (NOVOTE): itís like 25 years of sid leads refined and crammed into 3 minutes plus. wonít complain about the effects and the snaredrum, either. the amount of smoothness exceeds my current limit slightly, which makes me wanna say something around the likes of ícompod meets draxí, but of course i wonít dare to sell you such a blasphemous vision. brilliant shit.

iAN CooG/HF: Great composition! At first I thought about Dane, but can’t be. Anyway it’s good to listen repeatedly without ever getting bored.

raffox: Simply speechless.

Thunder.Bird: fantastic background effects

stainlesssteel: Slick! great technique and groove, Mr.Crowley.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Very entertaining and well crafted!

Conrad: Lame piece of shit, 0/10! Whoever made this should go back and do momentous revision on nursary-level basics of music with a children’s xylophone. To the arsehole who made it: give up and quit now!

Cobra/Samar: middle msx

rambones: melodic dancetune, which has the depths of Drax, but i dont think it is him.. :)

G-Fellow: Also very good :)

jammer: my english co-friend, you fail!... to fail :D just my winner, it would fight back the uk charts if... it didn’t sound like sid :D:D:D you roxxor! me wanxxor, o, o, o,... (little update) unfortunately, i had to put you as second because of this fuckin’ sascha :P

Burglar: simply a compo winning tune. have had it play continuously for numerous times already and it still doesn’t bore me AT ALL (this says a lot). No doubt, #1

Archmage: Technically this is just brilliant. Hummable tune, good craftmanship. I especially like the parts with what sounds like Eastern European influence.

Uneksija: This is what I call "scene funk". It only exists in the demoscene, and not just C64 demoscene. And it doesn’t exist anywhere else. I wonder how this style came to existance. Oh yeah and this tune? It has some good stuff, but not enough to enter my permanent SID listening collection.

alankila: Beautiful melody, relaxed atmosphere, somehow Eastern feeling.

Grue: Couldnt be more traditional c64 tune, but it still managed to stimulate my brains pleasure section

PSycHo: Conrad. This time you’ve kicked my arse really hard. Great composition,few unexpected turns. I can listen to it for hours.

Linus, Baby!: There is a new guy in town and his name is Conrad. Better remember his name, fellas!

ice00: It is very-very elaborated,for sure it is one tune that can go upper in classific

3. A Liquor Store Anthem by Randall sid prg mp3 (4:09) NEW (787.5 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Just love the style, very good listening

raffox: Very cool base, stylish melody! Green light!

stainlesssteel: Great tune Kicks major ass.

booker: Good work!

Dane: The main theme sounds like a children’s rhyme, I like the juxtaposition between that and the scale masturbation going on in the verses. :D

Conrad: Pretty obvious guess who made this! :) Great jazzy piece as always from one of my favorite polish musicians, but I have to critisise a little at beginning of 3:00... it just sounds a bit unfinished, although I found the "kissing" sound rather imaginative.

Cobra/Samar: nice msx

rambones: cool title. a tune worth looping

G-Fellow: Cool tune...Nice sound effekts

jammer: naah, i remember that from your concert, fail! seriously, michal, you never fall below your solid and worked out standards. that guarantees a decent product every time you launch goat and milk it with a charm. the beginning brings me memories from playing ’gemini wings’ that is always welcome by me :) ja bardzo cie przepraszam, ale zasadniczo zrobiles wyczesa, ehehe :D as always, phat and ways above standard drums.

Burglar: what I said at drunken ninja dance

Archmage: Nice anthemn! I like this a lot. Good variation. Good melody and some really tight jazzy elements.

Uneksija: Now this is scene funk done properly! Great groove, melodies and riffs. Technically fantastic. My number one!

alankila: Very nice use of filter, both at intro and bass. Rhythm changes help keep it interesting. That being said, it should have more material.

PSycHo: Michał. Like I told you. I really dig your style,but almost every tune made by you I’ve to listen few times before it grow in me. It’s nothing wrong,well,I’ll say it’s great! What I pleasure for me to listen to it few times and every time finding something new in composition. Keep it up my friend!

Linus, Baby!: Ma vie est un film noir, I am not kidding.

ice00: Not the style I like, but it is very well implemented

4. Love Land by Steven Diemer (A-Man/Xenon) sid prg mp3 (2:35) NEW (781 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Refreshing happy song, from A-Man without doubt

randall (NOVOTE): yes, iíve had a sexual intercourse once too, and i still wonder if it will ever happen again, but iím too busy upgrading my nokia to pursue it.

raffox: Nice from the beginning to the end, various and solid tune! Me so happy!

stainlesssteel: Classic A-Man tune. Solid as always. The lead goes a bit out of bounds at times.

DJHans: Best song!

booker: Good work!

Dane: Intro <3 Reminds me so much of my old synth.

Conrad: Great instruments, although some have been heard before such as the snaredrum particularly ;). Catchy melody as always, although at one point the lead goes a bit too high in pitch, exceeding the sid frequency range for my taste. Overall it’s a fair decent piece.

Cobra/Samar: very nice and good music for me,favorite msx for me.

rambones: 80s italo disco that holds water!!

G-Fellow: Our friend A-Man with a very good tune. I like this style more than some other new you did.

jammer: someone wanted to be jeff in the beginning ;) but then mr diemer reveals himself :P after ’pearls for pigs’ it’s impossible to not recognize you, buddy ;) i love switching the theme, something i would gladly do myself. it will definitely rank high on my list, even though it’s not glass ;)

Archmage: This is a beauty. Pure SID-joy to my ears. Makes me want to jump from cloud to cloud.

alankila: I hate this 8580 filter bass sound.

PSycHo: A-Man :) Like always sweet and catchy :)

Linus, Baby!: "We all love c64 pop, don’t we?" - Fanta Nah, we don’t but this one is, just as Steven’s other work, lovely indeed.

ice00: Very well implemented and with lot of good instruments!

5. Two Minute Jam by Josep Barwick (Stainless Steel) sid prg mp3 (2:00) NEW (675 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Nice filters and style, I wish it lasted a little longer =)

raffox: Just the way I like it! But why, why only 2 minutes! Cheapo! =)

stainlesssteel: Yeah well. It could have lasted longer but i ran out of jam.

booker: Good work!

Dane: MSK-vibes! :D This should have been included on the SDI release disk to showcase the 4th fx channel feature.

Conrad: Very funky and I really like the different switches of filter. It reminds me a little bit of IK+ for some reason. Great pads!

Cobra/Samar: very nice msx

rambones: hmm short, funky.. perhaps i have valued this too high..

randall (NOVOTE): i disassembled my sidplayer to find out that the filter is suffering from a nervous breakdown due to overwork. quite an accomplishment.

G-Fellow: Sounds like JT but i guess itīs somebody else, good tune.

jammer: hmm, is it bookah? oldskool multispeed drums, thin bass and a bit tellish leadline tells me that ;) i like the hi-passed part but i wonder if i am entirely able to get involved in what this tune offers.

Burglar: awesome and funky, but too short.

Archmage: Filtertweaking ftw. Nice bluesy tune.

Uneksija: This is OK jamming that has a special gurgling sound to it.

alankila: This is dangerously close to my hated 8580 filter sound. There is too much filtering in this. Too many tricks, and not enough actual music for my taste. Somehow brings an Amiga track "In the Kitchen" to my mind, don’t know why. I’d love to like this, but I hate this overuse of filter.

PSycHo: Kasmo? This one is quite difficult to guess. Very,very nice jam.

Linus, Baby!: Dear Painless Peel, you’re getting there.

ice00: Instrument all very aggressives and not so easy to listen, but the tune is very elaborated

6. Stay Chill by Marcin Majdzik (PSycHo) sid prg mp3 (3:23) NEW (641 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Good vibes, I’m listening it many times.

raffox: Enjoyable tune. I like the style.

Thunder.Bird: melody could have been better, anyway the beat is very boogy-ish (*love that coolness*)

stainlesssteel: Nicely arranged with clean instruments. Not too exiting though but still good.

randall (NOVOTE): so full of low frequencies that i have to file it under ícruisiní around the hood with the windows opení type of music. definitely not a behavior suitable for wintertime, so iíd better listen to some finnish folk stuff, or find ílast christmasí on the radio (which shouldnít take long btw), before i decide to take off the coat and jump into my beloved ford escort.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Some more MSK vibes! Just missing a memorable lead to be quality entertainment.

Conrad: Lovely bassline and lead! The snare that enters around 1:40 gives it a really good boost aswell! My personal single-speed favorite! Very well composed... I like the morse-code style in a couple places too.

Cobra/Samar: nice msx

rambones: the lead could nearly 100% be used for vocals!

G-Fellow: Also very good, very good harmonic.

jammer: the first thing that i hear is rather muffled snare, at least in the beginning. the second drumset is stunning, and for this one marcin deserves at least to have a decent blowjob :D lead reminds me ones of pri. melody is easy going, it flows. and this is both advantage and pain - it has it’s coherence and flow but at the same time it’s nothing highly memorable. in general, good stuff from poland ;)

Burglar: good vibe, but too damn predictable

Archmage: Nice and chill, as the title says. Gets a bit repetetive after a while though.

MaD][: oldschool sounds all over the plase, this one remembers me those beautiful days in late ’80s/early ’90s

Uneksija: A scene funk tune that can best be described with the word "cute".

alankila: I do not get into this. The song is good, yet fails to connect with me. I can’t help but rate it poorly.

Linus, Baby!: I will, thank you!

ice00: Maybe it is too many similar in all his length even if the instruments are varies

7. Rocco Siffredi Invades 1541-II by Kamil Wolnikowski (Jammer) sid prg mp3 (2:58) NEW (638 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Instruments are nice but overall compositions is not very interesting

raffox: Beside the fact I love the title =) I also like the style, the instruments and the variations! Thumbs up!

Thunder.Bird: AWESOME instrument, this reminds me at a real flute like the indios are playing

stainlesssteel: Nice but not your best, my friend :-D

booker: Good work!

randall (NOVOTE): kamil does it again. a showcase of high end instruments. ílook ma, i can make this toy sound like a prophet 8!í. highly impressive. but, i need a composition just as i need a hug, circa 24 hours of sleep and twice the salary. the point is, i get exactly none of that. save possibly a hug, if my wife is in the right mood.

Dane: Instantly recognizable. The instruments are great (as always) but composition feels like a rush job.

Conrad: I really like the pan-pipe effect on one of the instruments! Catchy melody and has some great Follin-style pulse leads! Great stuff!

Cobra/Samar: I don/t know what write about msx.

rambones: perhaps the most complex tune, and great sounds etc. but its too messy to be #1

G-Fellow: The sound effects are cool, but a bit to much hecticness in the tune.

jammer: my own, again :(

Burglar: HPH excels in funky complicated crossover sids, this is no exception.

Archmage: Funky stuff. Good bass instrument, and some nice jazzy surprises underway. I like this.

Uneksija: Some great sounds and riffs, nothing special otherwise.

alankila: Impressive bass drum, and nice bass gurgling sound. Utterly alien to me, and very little pacing. The few pauses in music there are don’t compensate.

PSycHo: Kamil:) Experimental sound warrior :) Great track but I’m still waiting for a kind of composition like ’Floatee’ from you :)

Luca/FIRE: Exploitika on C64!!

Linus, Baby!: Ficken!

ice00: Not the style I like, but I listen it for long time

8. Stretch Marks by Hein Holt (Hein/Vision) sid prg mp3 (3:57) NEW (627 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Slow with some style

randall (NOVOTE): i donít know how it is possible that i am actually able to admire soloing in sidmusic while being rather extremely unfriendly towards soloing in any other musical genre. the solos here are really sweet, thatís what i am trying to say. very inspired. very danish, in spite of being made on the green plains of holland. or am i playing my guessing game completely wrong here?

raffox: I found this tune quite too slow, but it’s nicely composed. It has some Tim Folling taste... I like that.

stainlesssteel: It’s got that Hein feelin’ :-D Lovely relaxing mood.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Yep, both lovely and laid back. Very atmospheric. I disagree about the lead, though, in my opinion the weakest part.

Conrad: Lovely and relaxing. Gives me a very nice break from all other high energy tunes in this compo. Great lead and appregio’s... Hein is deeply in mind here.

Cobra/Samar: I don’t like this rythm

rambones: good for reading

G-Fellow: Good and slow tune.

jammer: whoa! incredibly consistend and consequent. in such moments i’m glad that mr holt nags me about my jumping from one theme to another. he’s perfectly entitled to do this, i’m afraid ;) not to mention, that drums are friggin’ a.

Archmage: This would be the perfect hi-score-tune for a game. Very gentle, very well done.

Uneksija: Stretch marks are relaxing.

alankila: Long and mellow, but perhaps to its detriment. Too little action for my taste, the main part is too long, and the style is that of some kind of endless mourning song. Melancholy doesn’t work for me.

Grue: Bass, Bass, BASS and moods beyond words to describe it

PSycHo: Hein you did it again! Wonderful tune! My second favorite from you matey,just behind The Ticking Timebomb. What else I can say,autumn,perfect time for this kind of music. Just lying down on the couch and staring at the ceiling:) Hein can you do something for me bro? Just write more of this kind of stuff!

Linus, Baby!: There are certain things I want to take into my grave. Hein’s HVSC directory is one of them. Seriously.

ice00: The tune is a little repetitive, but maybe this is because of a slow theme used

9. Christ 69 Electroclash Deluxe by Arman Behdad (Intensity) sid prg mp3 (3:30) NEW (615 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Indeed a good one from Arman

raffox: Not bad. I like the beginning a lot. I can see this sid fitting in a platform game like Moonshadow.

stainlesssteel: Classic Intensity track, nice rhythm changes. But try some new instruments Arman :D

randall (NOVOTE): a bit raw on the soundsetup side, but it has lots of character. more of an eurobeat kind, iíd judge, but still, iím happy to dig that.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Author stays true to form. The lead instrument and tempo changes interested me the most.

Conrad: At the beginning it sounds something what Jonathan Dunn or Matthew Cannon would write. Overall it’s not a bad tune. Some instruments are a bit sloppy though.

Cobra/Samar: very nice and good music and favorite on sid compo

rambones: Action!! but development is hard to find.

G-Fellow: Not bad tune has also some oldschool feeling. I really love the lead sound :D

jammer: my dear anal friend. more and more frequently, you start to taste and chew something different even though it always has your flavour. me likes and dislikes and i tell you why. i’m not convinced about the lead layer and bassline tends to annoy after a longer while but... twists with tempo are great and choice of genre is also interesting and unusuall. it’s really heartwarming to see your games with sid. besides, it really sounds 80s! ;)

Burglar: get your syncing right, even though vinyl tracks u have sound like that, its because they are *supposed* to be mixed. sids are not (even though I beg to differ anyway;) making sense? maybe not ;) (hi barmaenchen)

Archmage: I listened a lot to this when it was posted. It has a good drive and a good melody. I’ve tired a bit from it now though.

Uneksija: SID goes techno. Who thinks we need more of stuff like that? Well why not! This is fine, BOOM BOOM! ;) Hmm not that this is similar or anything, but I wonder if the composer digs "Justice".

alankila: I like classic sounds, and this is a successful mixture of both old and new. Perhaps a bit on the boring side and the first minute is pretty bad.

Linus, Baby!: I can smell blasphemy.

ice00: Lot of varieties of sounds I like in this tune. Very good

10. Wander Fool by Vincent Merken (_V_) sid prg mp3 (6:24) NEW (563 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: A complex composition, nice style and instruments, but seems low on inspiration.

raffox: Nice looong tune, but it misses something.

Thunder.Bird: So athmospheric

stainlesssteel: The lead is a little to wild but otherwise great tune.

booker: Good work!

randall (NOVOTE): makes it into my top five. donít know why. i must have been playing too many games with martin galway soundtracks when i was young. nothing was a real problem, then. ah, nostalgia. wait, did i tell you how embarrassed i was in 1988 when i had been taking a piss in a school lavatory and suddenly the door opened and there were around twenty pupils behind, all pointing their fingers at me and laughing? but there was always a home to get back to, and to play galway there. and if you smile now, iíll kill you.

Dane: I think the only thing annoying me is that the chord progression keeps repeating. Apart from that it has both dynamics and expression. If this is not Vincent he should sue for instrument theft!

Conrad: Great leads! I also like the use of old-school drumsets here and there. Good!

Cobra/Samar: middle msx.

rambones: interesting, but messy

G-Fellow: Also cool, and very long....i like long tunes...

jammer: my thoughts swing around vincent but i wasn’t sure for some time. sounds a bit like ’omfg i’m not gonna make it before the deadline’ but, actually, the last part is cool enough to be signed by _v_ ;)

Burglar: mja

Archmage: Nice tune. It does’t sound too fancy technically, and I kind of like that. Some nice melodic elements in this one.

Uneksija: OK tune, but quite long. I would have preferred a tighter package.

alankila: A nice song. I like it, but I don’t feel it stands out. Wonderful distortion sounds.

PSycHo: _V_ - very nice. You also have unique style matey. Yours ’Xdressing Bruce Lee Since 2008’ still rocks my world,but this one is very good aswell.

Linus, Baby!: Who, me?

ice00: Very elaborated and with good arpeggio. I like it

11. Johnny Rocket by Uneksija (Antti Pitkšmški) sid prg mp3 (3:46) NEW (534 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Have some potential, but not much for my tastes.

raffox: Catchy tune and rythm. But it could have been better ;P

Thunder.Bird: FAT!

stainlesssteel: Lets RINGMOD! AND DYCP! nice oldschool stuff. Very laid back and groovy.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Tailored for a game, but not a compo.

Conrad: Nice rock style! Wouldn’t say it’s great though, a tiny bit slow for my taste.

randall (NOVOTE): ah, the good old stadium vibration. considering that ac/dc are storming the charts again, this may be a right move. however, donít count me in when calculating the ticket price.

Cobra/Samar: weak msx

rambones: very crappy sounds, unbearable!

G-Fellow: For me a 80īs like tune, i like it, it rox some kind of.

jammer: it’s like a heavy roller breaking every obstacle on its route. synchro and chords are quite nice, still it is rather slow and uninspired.

Burglar: the intro, omg, love it, even though its easy, I’m still a sucker for deep baselines

Archmage: SImple formula, but very well executed. Powerful tune.

alankila: I hate this 8580 filter bass sound.

PSycHo: hmmm....I don’t know who have made that one but it’s goooood ! yeah !

Linus, Baby!: Simple yet effective. I dig it’s rawness. Stoner rock ftw, btw.

ice00: I like the theme here, need to listen more time,but now it is going upper

12. Back to Planet:dATA by LordNikon/Dekadence sid prg mp3 (3:25) NEW (513 PT)

randall (NOVOTE): son, welcome to the planet. unfortunately, one of our inhabitants is the mighty goto80 and we are, how to put it, not in a desperate need for another one.

iAN CooG/HF: Weird but I like it.

raffox: Fine quality, cute melody... I particularly like the bum bum style.

stainlesssteel: Ass kicking bass. Love it.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Great intro, not too pleased about the rest.

Conrad: Quite good, even though I’ve heard these Jammer-ing instruments before. ;)

Cobra/Samar: this music isn’t good for me

rambones: Ed and Goto80 do noise style better than this..

G-Fellow: Donīt like that abstract music, it donīt found my taste....

jammer: oh, my drums and bass again. i see that ’my own hyperspace’ soundpack sells good ;) $55 in the beginning and wanking with volume are a nice touch. then it pales a bit. and it’s not as data as i would expect. not stunning, not tragic either.

Burglar: my #2 cause it’s too damn rare we hear grooves like this on sid, excellent edit too.

Archmage: This has grown a lot on me. I like the minimalism it starts out with. Not too fond of the bass instrument, but it is a good tune.

Uneksija: Not amazing, but kinda... cool. Yeah.

alankila: I hate this 8580 filter bass sound. This is a disease I would want to stamp out. Please, musicians, STOP USING THIS SOUND.

Linus, Baby!: Conquest of the planet of the data. Yummy intro.

ice00: The set of instrument remember me some other tunes of other years compo

13. fuckyou.progressivedata.fuckme by Sascha Zeidler (Linus) sid prg mp3 (2:46) NEW (508 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Weirdness masterpiece. I love the phat sounds. Linus for president!

raffox: Massive bass! I like the variations.

randall (NOVOTE): not quite a progressive data, not even progressive rock. this is progressive metal. very fragmented. very well crafted. very heavy. which reminds me that, well, i havenít been in a mosh for, say, 15 years, have i?

stainlesssteel: Sick bass sounds. the blip-blop part is a bit pants, but still awesome stuff by my man in kleve.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Signature stylish.

Conrad: ..... interesting ..... :) nice and raw!!... love the flangering bass and different tempo jumps! Reminds me of most recent stuff from goto80 but mixed with decent instrument programming. The rythm is...... ok i guess :). heheh. sorry, it’s not a 1st for me, but it most certainly isn’t a last or a middle-the-diddle :) considering it was a rush job (?)

Cobra/Samar: No coment’s..No good!

G-Fellow: Mind shocking title and in the first moment i did think what a bullshit but than when i did listen a bit longer, i sayd to me "not that bad" :-)

jammer: oh noes! fuck you, you fuckin goatfucker! i fuckin’ hate you, prick! seriously, this is so fuckin’ ownage that i cannot write anything fuckin’ constructive.

Burglar: awesome linus track, but too much all over the place to win

Archmage: Full of attitude and rough like hell, but not without its groovy aspects. The soundtrack to throwing bricks at the establishment. I’d say the composer behind is one of the most talented musicians the scene has ever heard. This is not my favourite track by him though.

Uneksija: This tune must make a record in sounding like its name. And no no I don’t mean I hate it or anything. The best part is the sweet loop with the arpeggios in the end. Then it fades away...

alankila: I hate this 8580 filter bass sound.

PSycHo: Linus:) Massive soundwise like always! ’On The Road Again’ still rules for me from all your all single speed tracks :)

Linus, Baby!: The author must be one sick fuck having the guts to release this pile of peckerwood gutter trash, no really. Fucking hell, go away!

ice00: Seems to have many different style.Some are that I like, others not.

14. Pixel Hell Level 9 by Hĺkon Repstad (Archmage of Instinct) sid prg mp3 (3:04) NEW (498 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: At first I thought it was boring, but had to raise the position after a 2nd listening; good overall.

raffox: Very arcade style tune. It would nicely fit in a video game a la Moonshadow ;P

stainlesssteel: BOSS FIGHT! Congratulations my Friend! Raw style and interesting arrangement.

randall (NOVOTE): crazy shit. imagine the above phrase expressed in a way like iíve just seen a brand new skate trick. iím dancing! iím going out downtown! iíll be back tomorrow morning!

booker: Good work!

Dane: Who would have guessed you were behind a Guitar Hero tune like this? :D

Conrad: Nice hard hitting beats and really makes my head nod to it! Great stuff! The title seems to make it look like a cover of something, even though it obviously isn’t.

Cobra/Samar: good music

rambones: adventurous!

G-Fellow: Sounds also oldschoolisch...

jammer: drums sound a-manish but composition definitely not. feels crowded and a bit chaotic. it’s not that bad, though. quite melodic twists and quirks rather for plus.

Archmage: The soundtrack to an imaginary shoot’em-up. It is kind of pompous and overblown in places, and in a couple of spots it gives away the fact that the composer doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. Still, as a whole, it works for me. ;)

Uneksija: SID goes NWOBHM :)

alankila: More classic style in sound, yet instantly likable. I felt very comfortable listening to this track.

PSycHo: Very original nice composition. Stays in my head for a very long time.

Linus, Baby!: \m/

ice00: Even this is very similar in all his length, but some instruments are very well done

15. Drunken Ninja Dance by Rambones sid prg mp3 (4:54) OLD (454 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Not bad but there’s not much action, seems always the same loop from the beginning to the end.

raffox: Nice start, but then... nope. Doesn’t work good for me.

stainlesssteel: The ninja must have been very drunken.

randall (NOVOTE): the title wraps it up very nicely. and this is the only comment of mine that took less than two lines of text in the notepad.

booker: Good work!

Dane: I must have missed the PM where CreamD said the compo was Ninja-themed this year! Lacks some variation, otherwise a nice pastische of IK and others.

Conrad: Pretty good sounds and ideas, but it becomes a bit repetative after a while.

Cobra/Samar: good music

rambones: Great middle slow part!

G-Fellow: The second Ninja tune....hmm is there maybe a new Last Ninja game coming? Guess yes, eh ;-)

jammer: this time ninja comes from norway! hellishly recognizable sounds. the lead reminds a bit ’mortal kombat’ played with adlib that brings an interesting element to the whole. composition seems a bit rushed but it’s dynamism would suit well every ninja game.

Burglar: too much in your face even though its got cool elements

Archmage: Sounds drunken allright. There is a nice theme going on around 03:00 when the thing slows down a bit. The better of the ninjatunes.

Uneksija: This tune does deliver the ninja feeling. However, a little bit shorter would have been better IMO.

alankila: Nice filtering, but the song sounds messy to my ear. It doesn’t have enough harmony and I hate the vibration in the lead, even if it does underscore the "drunkenness". Maybe I should be drunk too, to review it... Wonderful 6581 distortion sounds.

Linus, Baby!: Ninjas are super cool. There are no real movies of ninjas. Ninjas are just too fast to be seen on camera. When you see ninjas in movies you are actually watching actors with a ton of special effects.

ice00: Very good tune with a great varities of (oriental) sound

16. See You Later Oscilator by Kristian Myklebust (kribust) sid prg mp3 (2:21) NEW (451.5 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: "Best title" winner. Too bad both the music and the instruments aren’t so good for my taste.

raffox: Original rythm, would have liked more variations on the style though.

stainlesssteel: Interesting style. Raw instruments and brooding sound. Its got something.

randall (NOVOTE): solid cereal soup - an undefined taste, but a captivating dish overall. except the melody reaches gourmet night subtlety, i admit - perhaps some people will go WOW FUCK I LOVE IT GIMME THAT GUY AND IíLL SHAG HIM HARD. youíve been warned.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Could be both good as game and demo music, even if it doesn’t work for me in the compo.

Conrad: Pretty nice, has that rough electrical feeling to it.

Cobra/Samar: good music

rambones: from here on and to the rest, the quality goes only down..

G-Fellow: Reminds me of tunes from 1985-1986

jammer: i like rhythmic pattern, sounds are raw as hell, though. the main theme with prolonged attack is very decent. dunno what to write, it’s not a sound test for sure but i has a dose of charm. especially chords in one moment are brilliant

Burglar: nice but doesn’t stand out, its a bit boring

Archmage: I find the initial chord progression a bit too basic. I like the main theme though.

Uneksija: I like this style. Suffle bassline just oozing coolness. Mysterious leads. Yeah. Not amazing, but definetely good.

alankila: Wonderful name, but the song is a bit bland. Still, I like it, but feel it doesn’t stand against this competition.

PSycHo: Sound it’s not a strong side of that tune,but f..k it! Very nice composition and thats what counts the most :)

Linus, Baby!: I like Tonal Teapot I cannot lie! Charming.

ice00: Very good in some point, but not to going very upper

17. Elegy by Peter Bergstrand sid prg mp3 (1:24) OLD (392 PT)

randall (NOVOTE): those dissonances in the middle and the way they turn smooth later, it throws me into an uncomfortable state of thinking. that said: too intellectual to turn me on, but i appreciate it with a standing ovation nonetheless. one doesnít have to be turned on all the time, for it causes a sore penis syndrome. (jeff to the thread)

iAN CooG/HF: Experiments with organ instrument? a waste of time listening it a 2nd time

raffox: Just a waist of my time...

Thunder.Bird: fat distortion thanks to 6581

stainlesssteel: Nice mood but a little thin for a compo.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Instruments: A+ Melody: D-

Conrad: Sounds like a funeral, in which case... R.I.P Sid Compo series. :( I know there are many who likes this style for either nostalgic reasons or just something different for a change, but I’m sorry... if it was 1983 then I would maybe rank it higher. Mind you, on a real machine it sounds pretty phenominal!

Cobra/Samar: I don’t like this climate msx

rambones: Yes it is a cool sound!!!! but it is not music :) sorry Linde..

G-Fellow: Good sound test nothing more. With some work could it be a good tune.

jammer: i see that this one raises vivid discussion. a hint of minimalists that would be always appreciated by my humble self. not really a party job but indeed worthwhile composition.

Burglar: too short! needed a second part

Archmage: The first couple of patterns would make a great intro for any tune really, but after a while it reminds me too much of being forced into going to church. And then it just stops.

Uneksija: Here I sit listening to the SID pop tunes of the Last Compo. Suddenly, after yet another pop song has ended, a distorting wall of harmony and disharmony burst out of my speakers, waking me up from my day dreamy state of consciousness. The combination of sound and noise tells me of another world, of another reality, of something alternative. After a short while the sounds fade out of existance and I’m back in normal reality, hearing only silence. Then Itunes starts automatically to play the MP3 recording of the next compo tune, and again I hear the sounds of a SID pop tune...

alankila: There is hardly a more beautiful moment in music than which occurs at 0:25 - 0:30. Tangerinedreamesque, reminds me of Alpha Centauri or something. Huge points for being a truly bold chip-smashing 6581 song.

Grue: Gotta love this sound, too bad theres tune missing, but still 3rd place in my books!

Linus, Baby!: Postserialism, anyone?

ice00: Fantastic sound. Need a more longer theme, this is just the starting of the tune, but well done

18. Levitation by Henne / The Dreams sid prg mp3 (2:15) NEW (385 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Nice atmosphee, slow with very silent instruments and some nice parts

raffox: Better instruments would have made this a cool tune. Plain and simple.

randall (NOVOTE): uneven, like many entries in this compo: from the utmost extasy down to painful writhes. fortunately, in most cases extasy prevails.

stainlesssteel: Doesn’t really speak to me.

booker: Good work!

Dane: The percussion ruins it a bit for me.

Conrad: Not bad. rythmn and beats are fairly nice.

Cobra/Samar: middle msx

rambones: incredibly boring

G-Fellow: Also a abstract tune...donīt like it.

jammer: solid sounds. the background is good, especially one thing with bass ;) the lead, contradictory, is not too inspired, i’m afraid. rather tough to assess. a noticeably skilled musician did this but it’s not a top five work.

Archmage: A bit toothless, this, and the melody doesn’t really stick in any way.

alankila: Maybe better track I give it credit for. It doesn’t speak to me.

Linus, Baby!: Gravity is a lie indeed ... and then I woke up.

ice00: Too similar during his execution (the sound is a little medieval and modern)

19. Disco Dream by Richard Bayliss sid prg mp3 (3:54) NEW (380 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: BAH! Richard here I bet, boring unz-unz as always, I really can’t name a single sid by him, they’re all equal to me and nothing that lasts in mind, but I must admit doesn’t deserve last place so far.

raffox: catchy tune. Would have liked better samples...

randall (NOVOTE): dude, you would earn heaps in poland, despite the independent criticsí reviews, unanimously (and rightly so) slagging you off without any sign of mercy. i would gladly write the most bitter one, iím afraid.

stainlesssteel: Different compo, same tune. Please Richard, try different style and a new set of instruments.

booker: Good work!

Dane: Send this back in time to the Eurovision contests of the early 80’s and you will be declared a national hero.

Conrad: Get me an "R"... "R!" Give me a... ah bollocks, i know who this is! :) I’ve heard these melodies numerous of times now, however the drumsets have well improved this time. Thumb up for that! Lead isn’t too bad either. Could still do with a bit more work overall though.

Cobra/Samar: very nice msx

rambones: sounds like german amiga music from 1989!!!

G-Fellow: Typical Richard Bayliss tune.

jammer: richard, dear richard. time to evolve a bit, am i right? it is not only a disco but even disco-polo, i’m afraid. and definitely not my dream unless i want to wake up one beautiful morning with a pile of crap under me. it’s definitely not a dmc that limits you, judging on the fact that my fellow psycho makes a great use of this editor. sorry.

Archmage: Not technically bad, but to me it sounds very uninspired. It is like being back in 1989 on the Amiga.

MaD][: Turrican loader ripoff BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Uneksija: Bass and drums are good in this tune. The part with the triangle wave melody is lovely. Otherwise the tune is "harmless". Harmless isn’t bad, but I want "Elite"!. Ehheh.

alankila: Bores me to death.

Richard/TND: My tune. So I’m not voting for this one.

Linus, Baby!: I prefer shady bars over discos anytime these days.

ice00: Richard tune for sure, with his style that I listen for hours. Well done.

20. Mustelid by Hukka/Svenonacid sid prg mp3 (2:34) NEW (359.5 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: I like the rhythm but not much to hear or say here.

raffox: Cool! Left it playing in the background for quite a while. Lovely style, I like this melody.

randall (NOVOTE): it makes me wanna move. after the 0:30 mark, to be exact, it makes me wanna move close enough to be heard, and then, to issue a loud statement forbidding the author to write such clumsy melody lines. to quote another reviewer: no! why?

stainlesssteel: dum de dum. nice wobbly bass line but a bit thin.

booker: Good work!

Dane: The chord progression turns me off, I’m afraid.

Conrad: This one has quite a lot of rawness in it. Unfortunately around 1:30 onward there are some sounds which don’t collaborate well to my ears. Still, it’s a nice funny tune... reminds me a lot of Michael Winterberg, actually.

Cobra/Samar: this music isn’t good for me

rambones: i just hate it..

G-Fellow: The drums in the beginning makes me crabby and i donīt like the melody...something is missing in the tune...

jammer: the very beginning promises me oral pleasures and fistfuck but it instantly starts to fail. obvious false tones bother me like a wasp in my rectum. not this time.

Burglar: my #4 cause it’s too damn rare we hear grooves like this on sid, but this one has lead errors along the way. still #3, cuz the groove RULES!

Archmage: Beatboxing was never my thing, and I am not a fan of the mellow tune here. Too happysad.

alankila: Funny bass sound. Despite its rapid tempo, it’s not very exciting due to smooth filtering, and the leads are lost in the general filtering, too.

Linus, Baby!: "What scale did you use?" - Roland the gunslinger

ice00: Not the style I like, however it has some nice sounds

21. Ninja Life by G-Fellow / CiViTaS (Gerhard Flagge) sid prg mp3 (2:48) OLD (353 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Bored, uninspired and seems also unfinished.

randall (NOVOTE): apparently, someone is trying to make me feel overwhelmed by sadness, weltschmerz and to commit seppuku eventually. donít bother, mate, iím like that anyway.

raffox: Not my kind of sid. Sorry. Flat sounds don’t do much..

stainlesssteel: Its a hard life.

booker: Good work!

Dane: I’m sorry, not enough dynamics to satisfy me.

Conrad: hmmmmmmm...I don’t know. This one just remains as adequate really. Reading the title though, I can understand the purpose for its style.

Cobra/Samar: good music

rambones: makes me feel like playing Fist II

G-Fellow: Should be released at X-2008 but now it found his place here :-)

jammer: wins as ninja theme but fails a bit as a tune. still, it has a certain eastern charm, i must confess. the moment, when bass appears, is impressive.

Burglar: trying too hard and fails too often even though the it has good ideas too.

Archmage: I like playing the game Ninja and I can hear the references here. It is cool when the deep string kicks in around 01:00.

Uneksija: If this tune was my only source of information on the life on ninjas, I would say that life as a ninja wasn’t bad :)

alankila: Reminds me of the Last Ninja music, but doesn’t feel successful musically regardless. I don’t get this.

Linus, Baby!: I first became skilled as a ninja while I was still living in my mother’s womb. I snuck out while she was sleeping and learned my techniques from a ninja clan I am currently the leader of. My major accomplishments include becoming the 18th youngest ninja of all time, licking the south pole without getting my tongue stuck and plucking all of the whiskers off a cheetah running 70 mph.

ice00: Great oriental-like instruments, but with good "strong" sid sound in middle

22. Upgrade by Dennis Hildingsson (Rusty46) sid prg mp3 (2:00) NEW (286 PT)

iAN CooG/HF: Never drink and compose! too confused

randall (NOVOTE): number one on my list. i feel it, all over. dirty (both harmonically and sonically), logical, emotional and DATA at once. not bad for a two minute set of beeps and sweeps. iíd bet my brand new aps-aeon monitors that itís by the same guy who brought us íbreathí two years ago (which i still happen to listen to quite often). heís my man. and iím keeping the speakers.

raffox: Would have liked better drum instruments, but really love the progressive trace in it.

stainlesssteel: Nice old school sounds. Interesting composition.

booker: Good work!

Dane: The part where it freaks out around 1:10-1:30 is funny stuff!

Conrad: Interesting tune. Around the middle it seems to get a little bit repetivive but later it actually kicks in quite well! There’s some nice independant durations of one particular instrument which is pretty cool! Overall it is really good, but not a wow factor... sorry.

Cobra/Samar: I don/t know what write about.

rambones: This composer great dispair in his life..

G-Fellow: Crazy tune...sounds very oldschool...

jammer: oldskool like hell. beautifuly twisted harmonies points toward my northern neighbours, at least one of them ;) me appreciates a lot!

Archmage: Nice funky bounce to this, and a good melody too. Jazzy too. Me likes.

alankila: I can not get into this track. Too far outside my style. It’s probably better than I give it credit for.

Linus, Baby!: Refreshing progressions.

ice00: Maybe a little boring, even if some intruments are very good


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