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19/05 - 19/05 Flex 50th birthday reception (Meeting)
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04/07 - 07/07 Nordlicht 2024 (Demo Party)
05/07 - 07/07 C64 Symposium: Past, Present, and Future of a Home Computer (Meeting)
06/07 - 06/07 Vintage Computing Carinthia $2A (Meeting)
11/07 - 14/07 Lost Party 2024 (Demo Party)
12/07 - 14/07 Black Valley 2024 (Demo Party)


 Conflict 2005 „meeting“ MAY 31 2005
Year 2005 … May …
Prague …
Four peoples …
One visitor …
One lamer …

photos from Conflict meeting here :)
PCH / Unreal
 New German C64 Page MAY 30 2005

my Name is Anja, and i make a New C64 Page, in a Design like a old C64.
Visit us an just have Fun:
 New Chotaire homepage officially launched! MAY 24 2005
This website offers detailed information and downloads for the scene musician Chotaire (electronic music for the livingroom), who is also known as Man & Machine, a Vinyl DJ and dancefloor-based music producer.

This website features free music downloads, interviews, photos and more interesting information for everyone who likes non-commercial electronic music. It is updated regularly with new previews, funny stuff and also destined as meeting-point for friends. Both prior websites have been merged into one SQL-based web project.

Chotaire was once well-known as a C64 scener for lots of different reasons. Chotaire still follows the original idea of scenish composing and is still active in a few scene-related projects.
 Adventureland and others return. MAY 23 2005

SAGA is back, and we don?t mean holidays for old people.

Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK – May 23 2005 –, part of the development group signs exclusive world-wide distribution deal with text adventure king Scott Adams., part of the is pleased to unleash Scott Adams Graphical Adventures (SAGA) to the world through its website at With this licensed, Retro-Soft have the distribution rights to Commodore C64 versions of the classic games from the legendary Adams, author of the first commercial computer game (Adventureland, 1978).

Paul Andrews, founder of Alten8 Ltd group, stated „we are very proud to be allowed to distribute Scott?s C64 version games under our Retro-Soft label. Scott is a legend and we cannot wait to bring his original games to a whole new generation. We have an ongoing pipeline of original and ported games, and we are talking to various interested parties about our range of licensed titles.“

Text adventures, or ?interactive fiction?, has recently become popular again with many gamers around the world going back to their roots. This deal secures and preserves some of the best ever written for a whole new generation to enjoy through the virtue of emulation, and for those ?purists? out there, Retro-Soft are considering releasing the games on real C64 media. More details will be announced soon.

About the Alten8 Ltd group
Set up at the start of 2005, the Alten8 Ltd group are software developers across many hand-held, mobile and portable formats. Part of this group, Retro-Soft, are working towards licensing many classic games to use on emulators and the antique hardware itself.
Paul Andrews –

About Retro Bytes PR
Retro Bytes PR works with a growing number of small not-for-profit and co-operative software publishers and developers to ensure the best possible publicity for the increasing number of high-quality homebrew software titles released today.
Shaun Bebbington –
Retro-Bytes PR
 Official C64 Win32 Emulator – WinCommodore64 MAY 23 2005
23 May 2005

Clickgamer Technologies in conjunction with Ironstone Partners are pleased to announce the release of „WinCommodore64“ – the only official Commodore 64 emulator for Windows.

Retailing at USD 24.95 WinCommodore64 allows the player to relive their youth on their home PC

Packed with features and utilising DirectX, WinCommodore64 is available now to TRY and BUY – only from
chris byatte
 KRZYZ:KROSS new official website MAY 23 2005
take a look at our website, please.

we play some discopunk using c64 only.

 Retro „Top Sites List“ MAY 21 2005
We’ve added a new feature to the CGEUK forums – called „Top Site List“. If you run a retro gaming site, shop, magazine, etc, then add your banner (468×60 pixels) to the Top Site List, and then add a „Vote For This Site“ button to your site somewhere. When people click on the Vote button, your site will rise through the ranks on the Top Site List – the higher you are, the more exposure your site will get! It’s a very good way of increasing site traffic.

It’s free to join – so why not use this to get some free advertising for your site!

The only stipulation is that your banner must be hosted by you – it cannot be uploaded to the CGEUK server. Apart from that, you can have static or animated banners, or even flash banners!

Join up now – come to and click on the „Top Site List“ link on the header menu…
 1979 Computer Graphics Primer book online MAY 15 2005
The full text of the classic book Computer Graphics Primer is now online at Published in 1979, the book highlights the state of the art of computer graphics at that time, including the Commodore PET 2001 computer.

Of particular interest are profiles, with pictures, of low-cost and high-cost ($5000 to $70,000) graphics computers of the era. This is the 33rd book to be made available at
Kevin Savetz
 Offtopic: 2ge/React launching E-mail protector site MAY 06 2005
2ge/React ex-C64 scener from Slovakia and my old swapping contact is launching E-mail protector – 100% free web e-mail protection service against spam. We spent some great party time together in past so I think it?s okay to give a little boost to his philantropic project. this news will be moved to related news today, sometimes in the evening (together with some others ;-).
 jailbird’s new site MAY 05 2005
jailbird, the ex-c64 scener, has just put online his new website, with galleries and unreleased pictures. check it out at
 New C-64 Magazine out! MAY 01 2005

A brand new monthly (!) magazine for our breadbox is available now! The premier-issue features an interesting & extraordenray competition as much as an exclusive interview with Frank Gasking from GTW and more to discover!

In German language only. Go and grab it now!…
 Spring LODA Meeting – photos and movies MAY 02 2005
I just uploaded photos and movies taken during SLM 2k 5 which took place in my flat. We have had a great party here. We created some (lame?) things so hope you will be able to watch the stuff soon ;-)

there was also BOMBMANIA championship ,Bober soldering, some power failures (yeah… short circuits on 220V by Bober :P ) , some beer , few pizzas , Odyn & Bober pixelling , Murdock tracking , fake hardsid set on c64 connected to pc via pc64 cable , my sistah :) – just very nice atmosphere…

photos and movies

general info


see you all next time.

PS. there is probably even more photos and movies to come ;-)
 New C64/C128 discussion forum in Swedish MAY 01 2005
I have created a new C64/C128 discussion forum in Swedish here: . It is a forum for my site „Commodore 64 – datorernas folkvagn“ and it is a big improvement compared to the Network 54 forum I had before.
Christian Johansson
 C64hq three years old today MAY 01 2005
That’s right! Three years and kicking! The Great Masterplan? is still intact, but there’s no big update this time. Instead, read the editorial (new feature on C64hq) from Ville, Boz and Andreas. Thanks to everyone who have supported us, and to those who will support us in the future.

C64 related news come here. Generally everything that is „around“ C64, and not directly a C64 release.

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