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22/12 - 01/07 RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2019 (Standalone Compo)

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28/06 - 30/06 Gubbdata 2019 (Demo Party)
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11/07 - 14/07 Lost Party 2019 (Copy Party)
19/07 - 21/07 Nordlicht 2019 (Demo Party)
02/08 - 04/08 Datastorm 2019 (Demo Party)
02/08 - 04/08 Arok Party 2019 (Demo Party, 8 bit Party)
09/08 - 11/08 ATWOODS Summer Open-Air 2019 (C64 Only Party)
30/08 - 01/09 Xenium 2019 (Demo Party)
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27/09 - 29/09 Flashparty 2019 (Demo Party)
04/10 - 06/10 Zoo 2019 (C64 Only Party)
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13/03 - 15/03 FOReVER 2020 - ROBOT (Demo Party)
27/11 - 29/11 X'2020 (Demo Party)

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19/04 - 22/04 Revision 2019 (Demo Party)
27/04 - 27/04 Interface XXII (Meeting)
10/05 - 10/05 Commodore-Meeting in Vienna 2019 (Meeting)
13/05 - 14/05 Beyond Tellerrand DUS 2019 (Meeting)
17/05 - 19/05 Moonshine Dragons 2019 (Demo Party)
30/05 - 02/06 Birdie 29 (Demo Party)
30/05 - 02/06 Outline 2019 (Demo Party)
07/06 - 09/06 @Party 2019 (Demo Party)
08/06 - 08/06 Commodore-Treffen Graz $2D (Meeting)
08/06 - 10/06 Flashback 2019 (Demo Party)
14/06 - 16/06 Decrunch 2049 (Demo Party)


JUNE 2017   
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 24. JUNE 2017
 HVSC#67 is out! 11:33
After this update, the collection should contain 49,542 SID files!

This update features (all approximates):
600 new SIDs
139 fixed/better rips
1 repeats/bad rips eliminated
313 SID credit fixes
299 SID model/clock infos
4 tunes from /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/ identified
21 tunes from /GAMES/ identified
16 tunes moved out of /DEMOS/ to their composers’ directories
16 tunes moved out of /GAMES/ to their composers’ directories

 19. JUNE 2017
 Nice Adventure La Carretera +T [english] released 18:07
ExCeSs is proud to present another nice first release, a cute Adventure originally in Spanish language was ripped by Nimbus, translated into english and linked by Faayd. Final Test done by Sentinel. Have fun and grab your copy at TELNET:RAPIDFIRE.HOPTO.ORG:PORT:64128 or at

 13. JUNE 2017
 Zap’n’Load plus 2 21:19
ExCeSs offers you another tiny first release, a nice loader game was found by St0rmfr0nt, ripped and trained bz Nimbus and finally linked together by Sentinel. Go and grab it here:

 12. JUNE 2017
 AlomWare 64 v1.00 released 13:42
Announcing: AlomWare 64 v1.00

Rated 4.5 / 5 at


The best-selling computer of all time comes alive again on your PC! Lovingly made for all C64 fans, AlomWare 64 is the best C64 wallpaper for Windows, showing real PC statistics on your desktop background as a fictional BASIC program. No longer settle with a boring static image of the C64 boot screen: our unique live wallpaper lets you "POKE" the colors to whatever you like, or even "randomize" them with one click. If you don’t like what you see, reset them back to default with the "SYS 64738" function!

Custom colors are just the beginning: there’s simulated cartridge support where you can "insert" carts such as "Simons’ Basic" to experience their color schemes and boot text, and switching between upper and lower case text modes is also possible. There’s even an SX-64 mode! If you don’t care about PC statistics, you can instead choose a "PRINT" loop for the text, or the famous "CHR$(205.5)+RND(1)" maze, Matrix-style number columns, or a night sky with a hidden "star". Yes, AlomWare 64 is the world’s first C64 wallpaper with a game!

 7. JUNE 2017
 Spyders - C64 Game 01:18
Spyders - A Space Invaders type game for the Commodore 64. - C64 - Mr. NOP.d64

 6. JUNE 2017
 NEWS from LAXITY and ExCeSs !!! 21:52
Please check out our new Coop Release with Laxity and ExCeSs, and by the way we like to announce that Laxity joined the ExCeSs Posse on

 28. MAY 2017
 Podcast Episode #34 - The Bolo Museum's Yves Bolognini: 11:04
Yves Bolognini is the founder of the Bolo Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. They're working to preserve and display the history of computers, and they need your help! AJ and Joerg talk to Yves about this unique collection, and about the largely unknown Swiss influence on computing history. Listen to the Episode #34 here.

 25. MAY 2017
 Moleman 4 - Longplay soundtrack 21:43
You might have heard about Moleman 4 - Longplay ( which is a ~2 hours long documentary about video game development in the 80s. Created by the guys behind Moleman 2 - Demoscene - The Art of the Algorithms.
After a few screenings it will be available for the public on various sites like Vimeo and Youtube soon.

Its original soundtrack has been released a few days ago, including more than 1 hour of synthwave-chiptune tracks, composed by Vincenzo /StrayBoom Music^Conspiracy^Singular Crew^SIDRIP Alliance

Available at Bandcamp:


 24. MAY 2017
 H.E.R.O. II Preview 10:44
H.E.R.O II - Original C64 action classic overhauled gets a very early preview! You should check this out:

 21. MAY 2017
 C64SD V4 PRINCESS 13:12
C64SD Princess 4.0 ULTRA card.
This card can emulate fully a C2N and works also as an SD2IEC. All the functionalities of the card can be also remote controlled by using an application that is currently available on Windows but in the future could be available also for Android.
You can find all the relevant information in the site below
The features of the card are listed here:

 11. MAY 2017
Please go and check out for our latest releases! Rapid News #2, RapidFire BBS Launch Demo & Board Entry, Tennis Cat+2T...

 8. MAY 2017
 Scene World Podcast Episode #33 - Ron Gilbert 12:14
Ron Gilbert is legendary for genre-defining games like Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, and The Cave. His newest game, Thimbleweed Park, builds on the classic point-and-click adventure games while delivering a fun new gaming experience. AJ Heller and Joerg Droege talk to him about his history in the gaming industry, what makes a good game, and what the future might hold.


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