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JANUARY 2018   
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 31. JANUARY 2018
 ExCeSs brings you "Crazy Cars III (Arcade) +6D [easyflash]" 20:45

Original tape game from 1992. The so called "arcade version" with awful loading times. we believe this version was not cracked before, so a first release over 25 years later. Enjoy this game.

 22. JANUARY 2018
 Jewel Version of Lemmings, an +15 Trainer with Docs and NTSC Fix for Easyflash 11:11
ExCeSs is damn proud to present you this very cute game title for your Easyflash Cartridge:

Released January 20th 2018, on the Excess 26th anniversary party in Emsdetten/Germany.

You may have noticed we silently took a sidestep from merely racing for points for some weeks now.. 2017 was one big learning curve raising our game to old form and beyond.. and yes.. we’ve listened to fans, friends as well as critics on and off the pitch asking for higher quality.

Secondly, racing in a points system where rules are deliberately vague, applied randomly and recently just shamelessly abused to falsify results.. where’s the point?

History is written by those holding a pen.. Coming back to challenge others, yet late to the game, we’ve expressed our ideas to peers we respect and now respectfully lean back and wait for an alternative that can be respected and supported by the entire Excess family.

We will shoot out the occasional clean cut firsties where we can if we feel they cannot be ignored altogether, but other than that, powered by a member vote on our 26th anniversary, our focus shifts towards bringing the scene releases that don’t count for points but rather quality and function.

This release was completed during a period of several weeks in 2017/2018 by our project team lead by Knight Rider, with assistance from Almighty God, Artlace, Bordeaux, Eco, Faayd, Ghost, Harry Potthead, pcollins, Stablizer and Stormfront.

Many thanks also go out to:
Mason for providing cassette tape and disk originals.
As well as da Blondie for the ‘Room 2’ sid we use in our docs viewer.

Enjoy this release, and see you soon in new productions..

EXCESS in 2018 – More than you deserve!

 21. JANUARY 2018
 When you wanna see the master compose 10:13
How is a sid tune actually made ?
spend some time watching SIDWAVE work on his new tune!

 3. JANUARY 2018
 In search of graphician(s) 07:09
The Commodore 64 group ExCeSs is currently searching for talented graphician(s).

Please read our forum post:

 25. DECEMBER 2017
 Digital Talk #101 10:07
Digital Talk #101 is now available.
The German diskmag also features English articles this time.
Including the interview with Jason Aldred, the creator of Galencia.


- Interview: Jason Aldred
- Galencia Special
- Games Corner
- Retropie Tutorials
- ...

Download at:

If you want to support with text, SIDs, give interviews, etc.:

 23. DECEMBER 2017
 GTW64 2017 Christmas update 10:37
It’s that time of the year again, when we dig out some more findings to present for a large Christmas update. Apologies for the slowness of updates this year, but another project has taken priority of late. I hope this makes up for things. Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for 2018!

(*) Q*Bert’s Qubes conversion found
(*) New Zealand Story V1 preview found
(*) Big Top – Full game recovered
(*) Three new full games from Francesco Milioni added

And a lot more over at

 22. DECEMBER 2017
 X-Mas Edition of our small Magazine Rapid News #4 out now: 09:49
Ho-ho-ho: In this cold days the Excess crew has a small christmas present for you to warm your heart and soul with our latest Issue of Rapid News 4. So take some cookies and a nice cup of tea or coffee and read this little magazine. Enjoy!


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