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Willow Party 2001
Germany, 5th to 7th October
Is over!!!
Get the files!

Organiser: Floyd/Willow

Updated by MacGyver on 3rd March 2009, 17:51 CET
MacGyver & CreamD

[1] : 01. Sep 2001 15:57   
Read article for more party announcements. (X-2001, Convention)

[2] : 03. Sep 2001 20:58   
Updated PHAT'01 info. Contributions can be sent to:, if they are not bigger than 200kb which is not likely considering c64. deadline: 21st september. Thanx to Raver for this info.

[3] : 20. Sep 2001 01:54   
Vision Party hedl by protovision near Hamburg/Germany, opened for the public for the first time added to the list of upcomming parties.


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