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 The CORE 2001 Partyreport    
How to support the party the way that even it had only few C64 visitors, it enforced a good reputation of the C64 scene in the general scene population? In the following dialogue you might learn some of the backstage details of this party organisation. We bring you the interview with Hoild, the member of the Enhanced Newcomer Team - C64 enthusiast and effectually the Core party C64 section organiser.
Hoild & CreamD

[1] : 11. Sep 2001 09:13   
Thanks for the nice report.

[2] : 11. Sep 2001 12:36   
No problemo. Just I would like to apologise for too much slang and smile overload. We both with Hoild decided to leave it there. I hope it's still readable. And I also hope that somebody sends me some nice photo of that interesting partyplace Hoild is hyping about ;-).


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