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 Forever 2003    
Forever 2003 - InvitationThe 4th year of Forever is in front of us. The same period of the year, the same country, the same city, the same party place as last year. This weekend you will experience another year of the most *insert your favourite intensifiers here* multiplatform Atari, C64 and ZX Spectrum 8 bit party ever. For more info read the article. For the visitors list check here. Original party site is here: You can check almost complete results here:Forever 2003 - results!!! Releases: Download!


[33] : 16. Mar 2003 15:45   
And thanx for gratulation dude. ;-)

[34] : 16. Mar 2003 18:51   
Ah, the tune didn’t make it at Deadline, so I guess I was on the right bus afterall.. ;)

[35] : 16. Mar 2003 19:01   
Hope you all had a good time :)

[36] : 17. Mar 2003 07:51   
Thanks to organisers for the nice party!!! See you on the North v8!!!

[37] : 17. Mar 2003 09:19   
Thanks to the visitors for coming to the party and creating the party’s atmosphere. We hope to see you again as well as some new faces the third weekend in March 2004!
Wotnau - the voice of the party

[38] : 17. Mar 2003 09:20   
CreaMD: To everyone who was interested I quoted you saying that you’d upload the party results within two days. So I hope you’ll make it :)

[39] : 17. Mar 2003 09:28   
Of course I DID!!! Sorry but I’m not responsible for people who add news so fast.. scroll the page doooooown,...

[40] : 17. Mar 2003 10:32   
Ooopsa, sorry :) WELL DONE! Anyway, a littil problem is that with the numbered list in HTML you get wrong places. After shared places 10 and 11 the next number should be 12, not 11. And the same goes for my music, it was 13.-14. not 12., unfortunately :) Anyway, great job and sorry for the mess!

[41] : 17. Mar 2003 10:43   
No problemo. I did that numbering intentionally as when there is shared 11th place, there should be 12th place following... I did the same in case of the Sid II competition.

[42] : 17. Mar 2003 10:55   
Ahahahah, lol! What d’you mean with "Commodore Plus/4 demo"? Its name is largely shown on the screen, I guess, isn’t it? :D

[43] : 17. Mar 2003 10:58   
Well you don’t know all the details of the story. We had problems to show it on big screen either due to a lousy video or some other problem with projector connection, so we had to run it on a TV screen. Anyway people were so interested that they moved from their chairs closer to the TV ;-)). I’ve been sitting far away from it and runned the Hearthfixer tune from my C64 machine. Anyway the demo should be called "Heathfixer" right?

[44] : 17. Mar 2003 11:01   
I have tape over here btw. Maybe you guys could make a DIV-X version of your demo so we could spread it on it was really nice demo. Or I’ll release an file with instructions how to run it on emulator. I have to D/L YAPE myself anyway.

[45] : 17. Mar 2003 11:12   
I?ve just checked the demo in YAPE. Cool stuff, but lousy SID emulation. ;-(

[46] : 17. Mar 2003 11:17   
Yes, its name is "Heartfixer" (casually ;))), and both with bubis’tape and YAPE you’ll hear it in a wrong c64 emulation that kills the piano fx (apropo, thanx CreamD for substituting the music with the real machine). You could put in also the .sid data file...

[47] : 17. Mar 2003 16:54   
Sorry for the bad recording if it is my fault. I probably have to discard my video recorder. I couldn’t record good quality video to the begining of the tape. It occursed to me in the last minite to try the end of the tape and it worked. But it wasn’t good enough and that was the problem I think. Thank you for showing this demo nevertheless the circumstances.


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