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 Amorphis Pack for the 5th time    
Fifteen days after the release in the MAIL-SWAP-scene we bring you the Amorphis_Pack #5. Amorphis - the well known Polish music label again brings a collection of top quality. This time by: Cleve - (Norbert Kowalski), Olsen - (Marcin Olkowski) and Froyd (Boleslaw Ogrodowczyk). The collection also contains 2 bonus files. Learn more in the review.

[1] : 18. Sep 2001 14:57   
Just a question for the staff and/or news suppliers: if you present Amorphis Pack #5, it would be nice to get my hands also on the four predecessors, and not only in this case. To check out the continuity, development etc. How about that?
Shielded Knight/Swords of Fortune

[2] : 18. Sep 2001 21:27   
Good idea I think. However I don't know if and how it will be realized. :) But... let's say if existed already when Amorphis Pack #1 was released, surely a link to the corresponding News item would be supplied! ;)

[3] : 18. Sep 2001 23:32   
Hehe ;-). No problem here: is the FTP dir with all previous Amorphis Packs feel free to post reactions to them here. COMPOD was the most famous Amorphis member, I think they packs are worth listening even if only because of his tunes.

[4] : 23. Sep 2001 18:26   
I enjoyed this music collection. Quite some original tunes on there :o) Nice UI as well :o)


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