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 The Ultimate Action Replay Resurrection    
Not much new hardware is released nowadays. Lately GO64 wrote about a PC mouse adaptor, and a PC monitor adaptor for Commodore 64. Today we bring you the latest news about the most fantastic piece of hardware of this year, due to be released on 1st october - the ultimate clone of the infamous Action Replay Cartridge called Retro Replay. Let's briefly look at the most shocking features: 32K Ram and 128K Flashrom software programmable by the C64! It has all AR goodies like (improved!) freeze, NTSC/PAL compatibility. This all for only 99DM / 50€?! Read all important specs in Release/Ordering info! Retro Replay homepage!  Author's homepage! Read this article for updated news.

[1] : 24. Sep 2001 11:22   
Article is going to be regularly updated whenever we find interesting info about RR.

[2] : 25. Sep 2001 19:16   
Is it SuperCPU compatible?

[3] : 25. Sep 2001 21:40   
"The RR and SuperCPU won't go together ... never - so to say :( SuperCPU avoids the RR hardware from working properly and will never really work together. There may be a chance whenever UHS gets finished someday ..." (Countzero) Explanation of UHS page by Countzero: Jbevren's Page for UHS. A nice project to make a new SCSI controller, SCPU compatible and prolly with a function to load cartridge binaries and map them as real carts on the commodore

[4] : 25. Sep 2001 21:42   
The release notes for RR were upated.

[5] : 26. Sep 2001 16:33   
Sounds like an extremely powerful piece of hardware with an extremely stupid name. Anyway, it seems that Count Zero has done a nice job.

[6] : 26. Sep 2001 17:57   
Name is choosen to prevent possible "trademark" issues in future. ;-)

[7] : 26. Sep 2001 19:42   
Designing a new hardware and not making it SCPU compatible? Hmmm... I hope it at least as an OFF switch! ;) Anyway. It's a great thing for the price. Finally FLASH-ROM on the C64!


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