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 Sadism II - music collection review    
Sadism II - the second collection by an excellent and most productive Czech musician of today - Sad, released on May-April 2001. Get it HERE! I put my hat off as Sad's reasons and driving forces for composing revealed in the note to the collection are a really an iteresting reading. This guy lives with music and music lives in him. Link corrected. (CreaMD),

[1] : 30. Sep 2001 10:01   
I mostly agree with your opinions on the music, but I think there's more to be said about the completely senseless use of porn in C-64 productions. I would have loved to see an explanation for the pictures used in this music collection. It gives me an impression of immaturity, and it makes me much less likely to take the release seriously.

[2] : 30. Sep 2001 11:08   
Want to download it but the link is broken,

[3] : 30. Sep 2001 14:18   
Ok link corrected, sorry for problems. I forgot that "#" char makes problems in download. Puterman you're right, that piccy in the beginning is inappropriate, and I've mentioned that in the article, this was a little bit offtopic in the music review, but I've at least pointed it out. I also strongly disagree with such tasteless design.

[4] : 30. Sep 2001 20:12   
Well, there are even mag-editors who try to gain readers by publishing sex-stories. Sad enough! I know not many agree nowadays, but I think porn is wrong.

[5] : 01. Oct 2001 13:57   
That already makes a pot of us who are disappointed with the outfit. As Puterman says, it's just immature. Anyway, I wonder who's responsible for the design. If I get it right, Sad composed and Lord Hypnos (ain't sure though) did the design? So whole the Anubis team would be to blame for this stupidity.


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