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 Symphony 2001 - party report    
Symphony 2001 - party reportNobody expected that this Polish party would have a weak C64 support. After the cancellation of this year's North Party one could expect this one to be a nice backup, but it seems, Polish demomakers are saving, or just exhausted their infamous creative resources. DOWNLOAD the releases (if you didn't already) and read an exclusive interview with the 2 (and only) foreign visitors of the party: MacGyver of Dmagic & Svan.
MacGyver, Svan & CreaMD

[1] : 05. Jan 2002 15:09   
Hihos from Poland friends! See you at the mekka-symposium2002. Sei begru''?t :)

[2] : 24. Aug 2011 11:53   
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