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 OY2K3CDC/OY2K3CMC (6M 9D 1P)    
OY2K3CDC/OY2K3CMCGo vote for your favourites! Yes, it is that time of the year again when people gather and give nice presents to each other to show how much they like (or dislike - depends on the present) each other. So why shouldn"t You take Your chance of giving Your personal Christmas present to the scene? Why shouldn"t You take part in the Official Christmas Demo / Music Compo taking place for the second time now?


[110] : 09. Jan 2004 10:54   
Easter compo, is that when there will be another dozen of The Chicken Song covers?
Anders Carlsson

[111] : 09. Jan 2004 19:14   
Easter is the time of the year when you’ll freeze your (insert various body parts here) of being on a big german scene party without a working heat system and holes in the walls that are bigger then the entrance doors!
Voting should end when enough votes arrived. (And judging from the number of votes that allready made it to me it may be easter, yes)

[112] : 09. Jan 2004 20:11   
I dont want to bring you down, pi, but maybe you should make the next compo jury-based, not vote-based. I also think you should declare a deadline for voting, otherwise the People will forget to vote. See you at brechpunkt
Zed Yago

[113] : 10. Jan 2004 13:39   
[112] Maybe pi could spread pre-filled votesheets next year to save time? :)

[114] : 10. Jan 2004 15:20   
Yeah, that would be a great thing to have both sided pleased: those who do want to have jury-based votes would have those votes there and the people prefering audience voting would still have the feeling of voting themself (:

[115] : 10. Jan 2004 18:10   
No deadline alright, but a stupid question; do you mean that 1 is what I wan’t to have as 1st place or that it’s like points so the best gets 10 points? I figure it’s the 1st interpretation that’s correct but saw the other possible aswell.. %-)

[116] : 10. Jan 2004 18:50   
the second one is. give a rating from 1 to 10 points, not what place it would be

[117] : 11. Jan 2004 16:52   
Hmm.. the bonus entry refuses to unpack for me. I’m using Power Archiver 2001, and it says the .rar archive has a CRC error. All the other files are OK.
Anders Carlsson

[118] : 11. Jan 2004 22:40   
@Anders: Try using the latest version of WinRAR!

[119] : 11. Jan 2004 23:42   
Hm, ok. I wasn’t aware the format had changed. Regarding "Last Christmas" (the tune in the bonus entry), I own a Yamaha SHS-200 keyboard which has this Wham song background as one of the built-in rhythms. Compared to the recording, a copyright infringelely exact copy too I would say.
Anders Carlsson

[120] : 15. Jan 2004 01:51   
but isn’t the bp already covering the easter compo perfectly =)

[121] : 20. Jan 2004 10:17   
hm... definatly more votes needed, but if no more votes do arrive i"ll have to publish the collected opinions of only 10 people...pfffff!

[122] : 20. Jan 2004 11:35   
bah, just give Triad their price money. :-)

[123] : 20. Jan 2004 19:02   
@pi: Do you send confirmation-email when votes arrive ? I send the votes, but no reply so far..
Zed Yago

[124] : 22. Jan 2004 20:44   
Zed: nope. (-:


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