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X-2001 report !

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1) "Soiled Legacy 85%" by Resource
2) "Insomnia" by 64ever (unreleased)
3) "Drop The Basics" by Fairlight & Damage

1) "Olatunji" by Electric/Extend
2) "The Little Prince's Last Dream" by JailBird/Tempest/Padua/Onslaught
3) "Gloom Warrior 2" by Katon/Lepsi De

1) "Electronic Transfer" by GRG/Shape/Protovision
2) "National Park Grave Danger" by Agemixer/Scallop & CreaMD/Dmagic (coop-tune)
3) "Varsity" by VIP/Role/WOW/Padua/64ever/CZP

Intro Remakes:
1) "Trilight" by Padua
2) "Starion Intro" by Booze Design

Wild Compo:
1) "Dual Head" by Raiders

IK Plus Gold - Game Compo:
1) Ninja/The Dreams
2) SAV/Xentax
3) Groepaz/Hitmen, 8-bit Servant/Church 64 and MacGyver/DMAgic/Protovision

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[67] : 17. Dec 2001 01:23   
Is the demo from Resource only ready for 85%, do I see this good? If yes, then a not completed demo can compete... Strange and not fair, if it is true...

[68] : 17. Dec 2001 03:56   
What is unfair? If the demo competes and was released as it competed and judge on its merit (ie, as a finished demo and not scale the result up to make up for 15%) then there is no problem. I'm sure there have been plenty of demos that have competed that were not finished to where they had planned. Them makers just moved on.

[69] : 17. Dec 2001 13:22   
Stryyker is absolutely right here... as long as they compete with it etc. there really is nothing unfair about it as this unfinished demo is judged in it?s unfinished state....

[70] : 17. Dec 2001 19:41   
As apposed to the 64ever demo, which was not released. If the unfinished demo is released, it's fine.

[71] : 17. Dec 2001 21:32   
If you have respect to the other competitors who also try to finish their demo in time for the compo, then you don't compete with a not-finished demo. You try to finish your demo and release it on another party. Otherwise why do you need deadlines in a competition. In the old days, this wasn't allowed and I agree with them. An unfinished demo can always compete later on another party. Why pushing something to be released? Okay, it's everybody's own opinion. I think it would be nicer to release a full demo then a half demo which maybe won't finished anymore later.

[72] : 17. Dec 2001 22:30   
Ook, competing twice with one demo for sure is no good thing and is a MUST to be forbidden. Why the 64ever demo wasn?t released short after party like all other demos and like it was announced by the party organisers if i am right i don?t know.. and that may be a little unfair for those who would have liked (?) to do some little bugfixes etc. in their own demos. btw. is this the news with the most reactions? Or did the dark court still had more reactions ? 8)

[73] : 17. Dec 2001 23:40   
I'm glad 64ever production will be released after it's finished. It's absolutely worth it you will see. As far as postponing the production, it's much better not to delay. Don't delay, plan better. And what is most important, don't do eternal projects. IMO, it's better to release 85% version than to work on one small improvement or fix for years.

[74] : 18. Dec 2001 05:26   
im totally amazed by the reports from the x. filled with eager for pixeling and doing anything im sure i could get something done for an upcoming floppy or some similar event in the near future. you rock guys!

[75] : 18. Dec 2001 12:02   
Bahaha.. Macx, do you mean it ironically? Yes yes.. report is comming soon. It seem that it would be a christmas present. I'm hesitating with it as it's quite naturalistic, this time ;-) (I explored another way of blaming myself publicly ya know.)

[76] : 19. Dec 2001 02:50   
totally no way. honest. there seemed to be some nice releases, and i'm sure they are, i couldn't get half of them working tho' cause i'm on an odd computer at an odd part of the world. lotsa things here.. that kixx

[77] : 19. Dec 2001 03:05   
Ahh, okay sorry I apologise for my picky behaviour. And thanx for your positive words. Anyway report is really comming up ;-).

[78] : 20. Dec 2001 05:25   
Like above, how do you know if past demos are finished as planned? They just move on. Oswald is just being honest in saying it wasn't up to what he wanted. What's to say the extra 15% is only minor and will not make much difference. As long as people judged it as a finished demo in the demo compo it is fine. It was released and I know I enjoyed it greatly. I don't think respect has much to do with this demo. Oswald in the note file says some details about it. I suggest you read it. Commander doesn't seem to have written greatly about other demos that are not spread at the party, like the Crest demo Risen from Oblivion or Booze Design demo Royal Arte. The competition versions were not finished (not 100%) as there was some changes, no matter how minor. Now are you saying Crest and Booze Design don't respect the scene or other demo competitiors?

[79] : 20. Dec 2001 12:59   
Stryyker is laying other words in my mouth, pitty... Like I said before, it's only my opinion! By the way, I never said that Crest and Booze Design don't respect the scene, only that it would give more respect if people compete with a finished demo. Stryyker, why trying to look my reaction so negative?

[80] : 20. Dec 2001 14:36   
Stryyker, Commander is right, I don't think your post is written very objectively. And hey boys, coder does it with routine. I once got this reply from someone when I criticised his work: do it on your own, make it better. So if you have anything again anyone always first look at yourself. M'key? ;)

[81] : 29. Dec 2001 13:23   
What exactly was wrong with what I said? Anyway, I enjoyed some demos greatly, just waiting for the unreleased one. I eagerly wait.


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