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The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange
After 3 weeks of betatesting, hardware crashes, major life problems and other unpredictable troubles, this site is officially launching. What is it's main purpose, what were the reasons for "another" c64 news site? What are our plans for the future? Read and learn in this article.

[1] : 20. May 2001 22:11   
Hey, this looks great!

[2] : 21. May 2001 06:53   
Nice one... However on IE the month-menu on the left looks kinda wrong.

[3] : 21. May 2001 07:26   
R0x0r! Finally a planet Commodore! Yah yah I know it's not called that, but it's good their's a news site like this. The C64 scene is in dire need of such a thing. For a good idea how to design such a site check out some of the PC planet sites ie: or Those two are examples of news portal's taken to the next level. Whether you love or hate pc's their excellent news portal examples that's for sure.

[4] : 22. May 2001 04:39   
Why I don't like retro? Because I don't like yellow journalism retro approach - creating shallow sensations in order to attract readers to gain hitrate. I would like this site to go straight to the point without loosing it's transparency for every visitor. Everyone should profit from this news site. Btw. check - another retro site. Maybe it's it's better to go forward than to go in many directions like this one.

[5] : 12. Jun 2001 21:55   
Ups its seems I need to check the code and optimise for Netscape.. it was ok in old version but now it sugz ;-)

[6] : 13. Jun 2001 00:21   
Ohyes, finally a decent news page.


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