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 The Dark Court Special - Floppy 2004    
The Dark Court Special - Floppy 2004Another edition of Floppy has passed, so I guess it's time for another Dark Court as well. By now you should know the routine: I tell you what I think about a bunch of demos, and then you collectively attack me on my point of view. After all, why change a winning formula?
Here are the reviews of the top 5.
In case you have missed the releases, download them from here.


[32] : 17. Mar 2004 07:58   
hmm... a number of personal thoughts of mine... i think, if you have something to say and decide to do a demo to say it, then you can use whatever you feel is necessary for the message. but i personally wouldn’t put in something so that a bigger audience would understand,,, i would also like to get better and better with my coding skills so that my technical skills don’t limit my imagination.

[33] : 17. Mar 2004 19:13   
if you watch wok zombie and think that it is a failed attempt to reach out to a big audience and non demosceners, then watch it again and see it as the stupid standard demo it is and was supposed to be.

[34] : 17. Mar 2004 19:22   
I would rather call demos using visibly badly converted multicolour pictures stupid and standard. At least some people try to enforce that "standard" on us.

[35] : 17. Mar 2004 19:23   
And I wouldn’t wonder if that "tunnel" routine was ripped out. But nowadays nobody seems to care about such things. P.S.: Nightlord, Oswald. Talk to me! ;-)

[36] : 19. Mar 2004 05:29   
@creamd: i just sent you the demo... would you please check your mail and let meknow if you have gotten it intact

[37] : 19. Mar 2004 09:33   
Yeah it works! Thanx man!

[38] : 19. Mar 2004 10:34   
And It’s lovely!

[39] : 19. Mar 2004 16:42   
@33: Yes, but it was a nice stupid standard demo this time. Focus on theme is good. Especially themes I like ;). @28: What CreamD said, and I do feel that there is a class of good demos that doesn’t need to be bound to any medium, so using a c64 to represent it is just as good as writing a book or a film - it gets the message across either way. They win on storytelling, presentation and well-done trickery. Remember, in the end, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I think Magritte said it best a while ago: Ceci n’est pas un d?mo. (Est-ce un d?mo? Moi, j’crois pas :)

[40] : 19. Mar 2004 18:09   
@29: Yes, that’s exactly why I made BBOH, damn, you got me there. If our biggest problem is that Spectrum- and Atari sceners might not understand our c64 demos, then maybe we shouldn’t be making c64 demos at all. Now I’d love to stay here and write more nonsense, but I have to attend a business meeting with some Cartoon Network execs, aparently they have seen BBOH and want to do a tv series based on it.

[41] : 19. Mar 2004 20:26   
Sarcasm: Scandinavia’s gift to the world.

[42] : 19. Mar 2004 20:56   
TDJ. Surely The Netherland’s gift to the world then.

[43] : 19. Mar 2004 22:30   
TDJ: You mean to say that the offer sent to me from isn’t real..?! Do you know something I don’t? Should I cancel my flight to NY?

[44] : 19. Mar 2004 22:31   
Snappy comeback.

[45] : 19. Mar 2004 22:32   
@43: obviously I know nothing, so go ahead and say hi to the cast of Friends from me

[46] : 21. Mar 2004 00:44   
the thing is. i reckon. yup!


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