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 Forever 5 - party report    
Factor6The traditional Forever master of ceremony, Wotnau/DMagic, brings you a comprehensive coverage of all important events and phenomenons which happened at 5th edition of this well-established multiplattform 8-bit party held traditionally in the middle of the March in Trencin/Slovakia. Read the Forever 5 party report here | Get the Forever 5 releases here. | Check the official Forever party page here.
Wotnau / Dmagic

[1] : 30. Mar 2004 11:31   
Rad bych jen pripomel, ze se nic nezmenilo. Kdyby Visac + Top Secret neudelali to intro, zase by soutez nebyla otevrena. A to je porad spatne...

[2] : 30. Mar 2004 11:42   
Id hope to see some description to the pictures or atleast better filenames than just n.jpg, I have no idea who the people on the photos really are :)

[3] : 30. Mar 2004 12:56   
If I put my mouse over the photos, I get a very good description!

[4] : 30. Mar 2004 13:06   
As WVL said they are in ALT of the pics. I’ll look for the better way of putting description into the pics, but as the size of pic info text differ it might break the "design"

[5] : 30. Mar 2004 19:51   
hm doesnt show up in Opera on my machine. ah well..

[6] : 30. Mar 2004 20:06   
I’ve duplicated text from Alt="" to Title="" try now.

[7] : 31. Mar 2004 14:56   
nice report with a sensitive personal touch. i enjoyed reading it. but i would like to see more coverage of c64 releases in the report released in however even without it it is nice to see such a long report showing so much effort has been spent on it.

[8] : 31. Mar 2004 20:51   
creamD: yeah alot better, thanks :)

[9] : 31. Mar 2004 20:52   
oh yeah the report was well written and I did enjoy reading it :)

[10] : 31. Mar 2004 23:10   
Blackdroid: No problemo, anytime. I’m glad you enjoyed the reading. Wotnau is a good writer.

[11] : 01. Apr 2004 01:06   
Wotnau might be a good writer but honestly, this one report is somewhat screwed up. The problem is I lack the time re-write the thing completely (and shorten it by 50%) so that it would keep together a bit more - and nothing else would help. @Nightlord: I bet someone will review the demos sooner or later. :) Anyway, IMHO the best reviewer is a person who uses one of the links to download the releases and check them out on his/her own instead of reading what someone else thinks of them. Personally, I’m not competent to write demoreviews. I don’t know the history of the demoscene, and even worse, I’m not intersted in part-part-effect-effect demos, which means I ignore 95% of all demo production consciously and the remaining 5% (those which have something to say) don’t reach my hands anyway. :]


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