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 Royal Arte - review    
Royal Arte - demo reviewRoyal Arte - first seen on Mekka-Symposium 2001 and taking the C64 demo competition by storm. Then, released a while later with a "slightly" unreliable loader and not giving a chance to fully admire it's great power. Now we are proud to finally bring you the final FINAL VERSION, presented & released at X-2001. Moreover, we bring you a review by The Dark Judge / Focus.

[1] : 26. Nov 2001 09:08   
Well, I'm an old-timer (late 80ies/early 90ies) so let me just say this: There are still some oldtimers who can appreciate how hard it was to code those ora-mega-dycps - good work HCL!

[2] : 27. Nov 2001 12:28   
I've got a feeling this review isn't really finished..

[3] : 28. Nov 2001 11:18   
the review looks a bit odd with all the screenshots and the small ammount of text. but it pretty much says whats necessary, what type of demo it is and that it is worth watching.

[4] : 28. Nov 2001 14:55   
IMO it's own cathegory of so-to-speak classic styled C64 demos it's a demo of the year. This is the cathegory where for example Dutch Breeeze, Krestology, Wonderland IX and X, Camel Park, Legoland series, Courtesy of Soviet and lots other great demos belong.

[5] : 01. Dec 2001 11:08   
Yes the demo is good, feutering some good code, gfx and music. The only part i dont like is the 15 ora dycp' part.... yes its good coded, i still cant read the text


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