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 October 2004 Related News(2)    
October 2004 - C64 Related NewsHave a nice October!

Two Dutch articles OCT 05 2004 10:40
WEC?s New Home Page... OCT 08 2004 17:35


[60] : 25. Oct 2004 13:34   
Quite funny sentence in Dekadence demo.. especially in the combination with small "Fairlight" on the bottom of the screen... we made this little
singlefiler to remind
you of just one thing:
++ we love you all! ++

[61] : 25. Oct 2004 16:01   
[59] There are full results in the ZIP...

[62] : 25. Oct 2004 18:08   
Yeah I know. At the time of writing my post, no ZIP was available, though.

[63] : 25. Oct 2004 19:04   
why is my comment gone, even though i replied before merman?

[64] : 25. Oct 2004 20:38   
Dlz. I didn’t erase it, so I don’t know where was the problem..

[65] : 27. Oct 2004 15:02   
maybe it got eaten up by one of those an-error-has-occured-sessions ..

[66] : 27. Oct 2004 15:08   
;-) yep probably.. this system sucks and needs update, but as you can see I can’t even find time to launch sidcompo4.. what actually sux pretty much ... (but who cares about pseudoscene productions anyway..

[67] : 29. Oct 2004 12:01   
Woo, C64DTV unleashed in comp.sys.cbm etc. Now it is official this is yet another Jeri production, like many of us probably already had figured out. Will someone post Robert Bernado’s news article here even?
Anders Carlsson

[68] : 29. Oct 2004 16:52   
[67] Probably best to summarise it rather than publish the whole article. 350,000 being built in China, NTSC units only at the moment. Shopping channel QVC have exclusive rights until 1st January 2005. November 26th (Thanksgiving in the USA) is launch date Joystick has two fire buttons plus four function buttons (I’m guessing one’s a reset!). Games have been reprogrammed to use function buttons, so worries about weapon selection in Cybernoid appear to be over. 3 channel SID, no link for a second stick.

[69] : 29. Oct 2004 17:18   

[70] : 30. Oct 2004 09:58   
if you are gonna summarise, atleast include the interesting part ;) "The DTV is hard-coded to run at 1 mhz.. There is 128K RAM and 2 meg of ROM. 256 colors available on-screen. Single SID sound with the 3 voices and "volume" mixed externally. The solder pads are there on the board; in other words, enterprising hackers can solder on a serial port in order to connect a Commodore-compatible drive and can attach a PC keyboard."

[71] : 31. Oct 2004 10:44   
What’s happened to the C64.SK 2004 SID compo? Has it been postponed to a later date?

[72] : 31. Oct 2004 14:28   
It hasn’t, but you have won by default, isn’t that great?

[73] : 31. Oct 2004 15:16   
Well, an earlier news Post says: "Sidcompo IV - October 25. - November 8. 2004" So I bet it’s still valid? Just display all October news....

[74] : 31. Oct 2004 21:52   
that modern talking-reference in the c64-video was too far out.


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