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October at c64.skI'm getting scared by the activity at the Portal. It's getting harder and harder to write these summaries! Anyway, thanks for your attention and keep on posting! And now read the summary followed by the complete list of November releases. Would you like to have a forum here at or rather be without it? Let us know - join the discussion to this article!


[12] : 05. Dec 2001 17:14   
Yes, a more scene-related forum would be cool as most are 90% about games and for lemon64 it is really hard to find the interesting threats because it isn?t sorted.

[13] : 05. Dec 2001 17:52   
I hate it :) ofcourse, hah ! How could you ask such a question CreamD !!! ???? WE ALL LOVE YOU ;-*

[14] : 05. Dec 2001 18:35   
That like/hate question isn't by me. I'll re-edit it. Question is still the same: Would you like to have scene related, creative (hardcore?) forum or not?

[15] : 05. Dec 2001 19:56   
We in PROTOVISION considered/consider to put forum on our site, too. But I agree that not too many forums should be around. Personally, I think too much discussion in forums is a waste of time which was, in times where the net didn't exist, was used to DO something. And hey, would the "legal" scene include the gamecoder scene? ;)

[16] : 05. Dec 2001 22:06   
[Raises hand and burns it on light fitting] Ow! i'd like to see a few forums in the same way SH used to have subs; one for demo coding, another for game coding, maybe a third for tools and a free-for-all where we get to rag on each other and hurl insults and abuse. =-)

[17] : 06. Dec 2001 11:13   
Ah :) sorry I miss the point ;] well, forums are cool, for me, I can see here, if the sceners are 'alive' or not ;] I started to react here only few days ago so for now I'm not bored yet, and I'll do my reactions if I'll found anything interesting (more or less;) to say. GREETZ !

[18] : 06. Dec 2001 12:00   
CreaMD: Forum would be cool definetly.... i'd suggest one with closed membership over an open but moderated one (kinda like SH worked) - thats probably least work for you then. oh and ThunderBlade: 1) There can never be 'too many' forums around - CONTENT WINS, you might not want to hear it but if your site sucks, noone will be looking at it - not because there are too many forums around. 2) If you think discussion in forums is a waste of time, what do you think all those hours ppl spend on copying discs and stuffing them in envelopes was? Do you honestly believe that back then ppl spent less time on the boards (and partylines etc pp) than they do on the net these days? Its just so easy to blame your own lazyness on the internet isnt it? Next time you tell stories about the past, ask one who has actually been there.

[19] : 06. Dec 2001 13:11   
My ideas so far are like this: For readers, the forum should be open (this is the way how to advertise the forum and attract potential new members). Only for members with accounts the posting will allowed, but I would preffer membership without E-mail confirmation. Member should be able to create/edit his own account which will have unique nick (unchangeable) and login&password, the rest of the data, as E-mail, etc. could be editable anytime. In case of problems, abuser's account will be frozen (not deleted). The rest of the security will remain unexplained but it's nothing extra, just standard methods.

As far as forums are concerned, I agree with THB, there is too many of them around as every third (or second?) site creator thinks it'a great idea to have forum and guestbook, but you are also right CONTENT WINS of course. That's why Lemon forum or Gamebase forum works very good for Emulator users and gamers. That's why SH worked for active scene. I'm really sad&sorry that I've missed SH ;-(. If anyone of the maintainers read this, please contact me I would like to learn more about organisation of this forum and maybe read some past discussions

No need to argue Gropeaz, I honestly think forums are waste of time ;-), but you are also right with the fact that in past we had other methods how to waste the time. Just I think they weren't so "amusing" and addictive, so people generally were able to detach from them more easier. Now when you find a good forum over the net it's easy to sinking into it. At least in my case I see that when I find a good forum I'm visiting it for a while (preferably everyday) and then whoops I find myself reading and answering on posts of various degree of importance instead of doing something creative. Too much discussion can also decrease the productivity. That's why I was against forums in the beginning. I wanted to avoid another unvisited, or what is probably even worse another forum full of "what is your favourite" nostalgiac junk ;-).

[20] : 06. Dec 2001 15:16   
I think if you open up a forum with this attitude, chances are that it will be successful. IMHO, the start should be comparatively easy because this site is updated so frequently, and people will recognize quickly that something new is going on. I think if the Lemon forum would not be established yet, it would be nearly impossible to give it a good start now. Lemon seems to be updated about only once every two months... If it would not have that forum, I would see no point in visiting that site anymore (although Kim keeps talking about his major update / re-launch... let's wait & see).

[21] : 06. Dec 2001 20:04   
Groepaz, I don't see why you attack me personally. What you say disqualifies yourself, as your arguments are not objective. You are just an intolerant guy who wants to use this opportunity to look cool. Sorry, but I can only laugh about this. And honestly, I don't really care. Get a life, man, and then come back.

[22] : 06. Dec 2001 22:42   
Ok ok. Thunderblade, I thought I've answered all two questions Groepaz asked already, so this post wasn't necessary. Topic is still the same: Would you like to have scene forum at Feel free to add any ideas you have.

[23] : 07. Dec 2001 02:54   
Objective arguments when i have been asked for my opinion? haha fun! however i have been told not to make up a flamewar from this silly argument here, so reply comes in PM.

[24] : 07. Dec 2001 15:34   
Thanx guys. Anyone else has some argument FOR/AGAINST forum here at

[25] : 13. Dec 2001 10:56   
forforforforforforfor_else_for ;]

[26] : 14. Dec 2001 12:41   
forforforforforforfor_else_for ;]


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