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 Cotton retires from Creative Micro Designs    
Doug Cotton retires from Creative Micro Designs CMD was one of the largest companies ever producing hardware for the C64. They were forced to leave some time ago to secure the future of the company. But what about the people behind this name? For them, the dream of the C64 being your main, real life job was a reality. This is over now and one of them, Doug Cotton, therefore has decided to leave the company, which now only offers PC and Macintosh related services.

[1] : 10. Dec 2001 13:56   
Nice article, I enjoyed reading. More stuff like this!

[2] : 10. Dec 2001 19:12   
Thanks! I'll do another one when the next employee leaves CMD to work for... maybe Maurice Randall? :) Hehe, just kidding. All the best!

[3] : 10. Dec 2001 19:22   

[4] : 10. Dec 2001 21:59   
We cannot determine the background and real motivations behind such a thing, but I would like to think this member really left because of uninterest in all the mainstream IT crap. Thanks for the news item, Malte! :]

[5] : 10. Dec 2001 23:01   
Ohh, sorry, just realised there is a link for the FULL article in the news item header! Great article, indeed. Great guy, indeed.

[6] : 11. Dec 2001 00:18   
It's always a shame when people leave the C64 in any context - bye Doug, i never used any of your products but respect for the work you did - and i love the pic on your homepage, *how many* drives?! =-)

[7] : 12. Dec 2001 06:18   
We don't have CMD anymore, but we have Protovision, CommodoreOne, CMDRKEY, ... I got my new C64c from CMD with JiffyDOS and a FD2000 drive early in this year and I started to feel what I felt 15 years ago with my first C64 :). I expect Doug to continue working for the dream.

[8] : 12. Dec 2001 12:28   
I wonder how Mark Fellows feels. Imagine you first build some hardware that even Commodore was not capable of making, and then you have to work as a local PC repair shop man.
Well and although Doug didn't explicitely say he will continue to work on Commodore related products, he also didn't say that he won't. :)

[9] : 27. Dec 2001 02:18   
Wow!!! I actually knew Doug from back when I was a beta tester for the CMD HD and RAMlink! I wish Doug the best. If there is anyway to get him a message, tell him I said wassup! :-D


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