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 Sid Compo IV (32 entries)    
The SID Compo IV. November 22. 2004 - December 5. 2004. 4th annual C64 SID compo has ended. More about SID COMPO 4 here!


[653] : 24. Dec 2004 16:44   
Although I made it to 23rd Place out of 32, I don’t care. I just like to say that I enjoyed taking part in this compo. Also Merry Christmas to you all :)

[654] : 24. Dec 2004 19:15   
Yeah! 10th place! This is some acheivement for me indeed with so many other good composers. This is a very nice Xmas present :) Thanx to all that voted for me :))) And thanx to those that didnt vote for me also :) SID rulez! A lot of nice tunes here, and for those I didnt like: I salute you anyway... :D Merry Christmas!!!

[655] : 24. Dec 2004 21:02   
Sadly, no tune by _V_ :( Well, Merry Christmas anyway. ;-)

[656] : 24. Dec 2004 22:21   
The whole competition was true pleasure for me as usual :D merry christmas to everyone :D

[657] : 24. Dec 2004 23:14   
mtr1975, congrats especially to you. your musick has evolved alot in the last year - next time you’re gonna kick me from #8. :D
i agree with the rest, gerards tune was somewhat underrated. then again, the results turned out somewhat different then i expected them to be. but then again, that’s just my personal preference.

[658] : 24. Dec 2004 23:15   
multiple use of ’then again’. i rest my case. strawberry-vodka, here i come.

[659] : 25. Dec 2004 01:18   
OUTSTANDING COMPO. fotgot to said that b’fore.

[660] : 25. Dec 2004 10:54   
Thank you guys for voting for my tune. I didn’t expect it to win but I am certainly delighted. There were alot of good entries for this compo - I hope to hear some more music from you guys in the future. Hope you all will have a really good and delightful christmas. Thanks alot and thanks for the comments, although I think the comparison with JT isn’t flattering this time as I think it is actually more DRAXish sounding. :D

[661] : 25. Dec 2004 14:33   
although my tune only made it to the 19th place, i really enjoyed taking part in this compo. the results are almost as i expected them (well, imho "vinyl headz" has to be on top but thats just a matter of taste, isn’t it?) and the overall atmosphere was great. i am really looking forward to the compo next year (two years using sid then, fear me heh) and wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. peace!

[662] : 26. Dec 2004 12:54   
Okay PPL. I’ve just returned from the christmas vacation checked the comments. I was quite satisfied with the compo results, and except of one person’s reactions I had really fun reading them. Thanx again to all musicians and audience for a good time, thanx to authors of software I have used to prepare and test the entries and thanx to all who supported this compo. I wish you happy and prosperou new year, full of creativity and motivation.

[663] : 28. Dec 2004 22:26   
the same pingo who quit the scene because he didnt get enough votes for his pong game in basic is now slagging on (almost) all entries? perhaps he should stick to his shameful business of ripping off peoples money with his church of c64 scheme..

[664] : 29. Dec 2004 19:48   
[663]: He got 41 votes on that entry, which is among the highest number of votes anyone has received. Of course the scores were low (avg 2.8 on a scale 1-10). ;-)

I liked the Laser 210 version of his Pong game better than the C64 version, partly due to it appears to be an inferior computer (3.5 MHz Z80, 8K RAM, 128x64@4 colours, single 2.5 octave speaker sound). To me, the 6502-based Laser 2001/Salora Manager (compatible with Creativision) looks more interesting though.

Anders Carlsson

[665] : 30. Dec 2004 12:37   
Congrats, the competition seems to get better every year. My tune for 2005 is being calculated as we speak by 3 mainframe computers and should be ready somewhere in february..

[666] : 31. Dec 2004 16:54   
I enjoyed listening to all of the entries. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, as my only goal was to not place dead last. (Not a bad goal for a non-musician, I suppose) I appreciate people’s honesty (brutal sometimes) in the comments, and hopefully will submit a better tune next time. If anyone wants to give me some coaching on something besides goattracker, I’d be quite grateful.

[667] : 03. Jan 2005 16:18   
Six, btw. you produced interesting final number of reactions ;-) (if I didn’t put this one, that is.. )


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