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The C64 Banner Exchange SID Compo #5 (27) end of phase I. SID COMPO No.5 (1)The SID Compo No.V. October 8. 2005?? November 13. 2005 23:59. (Deadline extended) Tunes will be published on-fly and anonymously, no covers or remixes of existing tunes are allowed. Don?t forget to submit your Nickname, Realname, Country, Music name, version of SID chip (OLD/NEW), Duration of the tune (in minutes ;-),and your author comments. Send your tunes to
You can check previous SID compos here: SID compo #4 | SID compo #3 | SID compo #2 | SID compo #1

Get OGG versions of curent SID Compo 5?entries (real C64 sound) here. Maintained by Alih.


[640] : 08. Dec 2005 21:15   

Thanx again for great tunes!! 8D


[641] : 09. Dec 2005 10:19   

Good tunes in the compo. I’m specially impressed by the sounds many make today. Now they only need to learn composition… hehe, kidding of course :).. Some truly good stuff among those tunes!..


[642] : 11. Dec 2005 19:56   

I found Transylvanian Whipping really great, but pick it up is just a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I wonder what would have people said 20 years ago if they’ve heard it.


[643] : 12. Dec 2005 10:00   

Thanks, that’s a nice compliment.


[644] : 13. Dec 2005 23:53   

Just talked to Drax. As he kindly noticed „Lemmie eat the raster time“ is using exactly the beggining theme from „Deel_3“ by Jeroen Tel (http://exoti­…n/De­el_3.sid) but it is played in the middle of „Eater“. Well, time goes by, my first ripping attempt (wich was a big-time of The Party 1994) when I just begun my scene-life surelly has broke Zyron’s heart. Will this one break yours, was it indended ?? You must decide by your own. I can’t tell it was/it wasn’t – that won’t change anything.

[645] : 14. Dec 2005 00:31   

[644] I know about that since the very beginnig.. and I was listening to both tunes in cycles practically all the time during the compo, and well.. I think it’s not a cover or remix, but more a rip out of motive somewhere in the middle of the tune. If you won maybe it would be worth to start witch-hunt.. but as you ended in lower positions I think most people will be able to tolearte this. Any opinions?


[646] : 14. Dec 2005 02:22   

i personally don’t care

p. diddy

[647] : 14. Dec 2005 05:38   

hang him :D


[648] : 14. Dec 2005 14:52   

[645] Mh, it resembles so much my 2-years-ago Salamander2 case, and, though all the properly motivated protest, my tune had been accepted in his 16th rank position. Most of all, Booker’s tune rocks, I like it so much, and that’s all. :D


[649] : 14. Dec 2005 15:19   

Well… similar arguments can be made for Transylvanian Whipping, which borrows heavily from a popular Castlevania theme. Calling it a pastiche doesn’t help – that way, I could create a pastiche of a U2 tune next year. The thing is, noone made a huge fuss about this or Lemme Eat the Rastertime – they were both available to vote for. What is done, is done. However, if someone detects something like this in the future, I can only advise him or her to speak up in time. CreamD is not a music encyclopedia (or is he? =), so he doesn’t know all the tunes ever made – we need to help out. By the way, this reminds me of the whole Madonna/Frozen case here in Belgium… over here, we aren’t allowed to play Frozen anymore because the court ruled that a few measures were plagiarised from a Belgian composer’s 80’s r­ock tune. And they say Belgium is a boring place =D.


[650] : 14. Dec 2005 15:24   

[649] Puffff, the same happened here in Italy with a Michael Jackson’s song. Well, notes are 7 only…


[651] : 14. Dec 2005 23:21   

I don’t care either, although I was burned last year for using parts of a riff of U2’s Discotheque in Step Aside…

…still blowing my wounds…

just kidding ;-)

But if they wouldn’t play me on air anymore because of this, I would go berzerk…



[652] : 15. Dec 2005 10:49   

_V_ I’m still unable to determine which tune I ripped most (suggestions include Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears, Beginning from CV3) I think the effect is partially psychological and based on the rhythm & expectations of what Castlevania music should sound like :)

[653] : 15. Dec 2005 12:05   

[652] Yep, you’re right. When I heard your yune, the first flash in my mind was that you cloned very well the traditional 8bit instruments in Castlevania, and I liked the citation.


[654] : 09. Jan 2006 21:56   

I just want to say thanx for so many really f***king good tunes. Keep it real mates….


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