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The C64 Banner Exchange SID Compo #5 / RESULTS SID COMPO No.5 (1)So it's finally here. 5th's SID compo (8.october-13.november 2005) results. Maybe you are interested to learn who is that mysterious composer behind "Walley of Dreams?", and maybe you would like to know answers on your questions about "Poetry of Lonely Mind". But first, hereby I would like to thank everybody for great support and especially to sites promoting this compo VORC, Alih for creating of OGG versions of the tunes. People helping with hosting hosting of the OGG files Luca, Raf and Steppe. People who produced the great software used for making of the C64 executables. PSID64 developed by Roland Hermans. EXOMIZER (used for packing) developed by Magnus Lind. And of course also to the admin Milan Leszkow of Linux Tech Department at my hosting for saving my fragile butt reputation. Okay and now you can click here to get the annual SID Compo No.5 results and comments .


[640] : 08. Dec 2005 21:15   

Thanx again for great tunes!! 8D


[641] : 09. Dec 2005 10:19   

Good tunes in the compo. I’m specially impressed by the sounds many make today. Now they only need to learn composition… hehe, kidding of course :).. Some truly good stuff among those tunes!..


[642] : 11. Dec 2005 19:56   

I found Transylvanian Whipping really great, but pick it up is just a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I wonder what would have people said 20 years ago if they’ve heard it.


[643] : 12. Dec 2005 10:00   

Thanks, that’s a nice compliment.


[644] : 13. Dec 2005 23:53   

Just talked to Drax. As he kindly noticed „Lemmie eat the raster time“ is using exactly the beggining theme from „Deel_3“ by Jeroen Tel (http://exoti­…n/De­el_3.sid) but it is played in the middle of „Eater“. Well, time goes by, my first ripping attempt (wich was a big-time of The Party 1994) when I just begun my scene-life surelly has broke Zyron’s heart. Will this one break yours, was it indended ?? You must decide by your own. I can’t tell it was/it wasn’t – that won’t change anything.

[645] : 14. Dec 2005 00:31   

[644] I know about that since the very beginnig.. and I was listening to both tunes in cycles practically all the time during the compo, and well.. I think it’s not a cover or remix, but more a rip out of motive somewhere in the middle of the tune. If you won maybe it would be worth to start witch-hunt.. but as you ended in lower positions I think most people will be able to tolearte this. Any opinions?


[646] : 14. Dec 2005 02:22   

i personally don’t care

p. diddy

[647] : 14. Dec 2005 05:38   

hang him :D


[648] : 14. Dec 2005 14:52   

[645] Mh, it resembles so much my 2-years-ago Salamander2 case, and, though all the properly motivated protest, my tune had been accepted in his 16th rank position. Most of all, Booker’s tune rocks, I like it so much, and that’s all. :D


[649] : 14. Dec 2005 15:19   

Well… similar arguments can be made for Transylvanian Whipping, which borrows heavily from a popular Castlevania theme. Calling it a pastiche doesn’t help – that way, I could create a pastiche of a U2 tune next year. The thing is, noone made a huge fuss about this or Lemme Eat the Rastertime – they were both available to vote for. What is done, is done. However, if someone detects something like this in the future, I can only advise him or her to speak up in time. CreamD is not a music encyclopedia (or is he? =), so he doesn’t know all the tunes ever made – we need to help out. By the way, this reminds me of the whole Madonna/Frozen case here in Belgium… over here, we aren’t allowed to play Frozen anymore because the court ruled that a few measures were plagiarised from a Belgian composer’s 80’s r­ock tune. And they say Belgium is a boring place =D.


[650] : 14. Dec 2005 15:24   

[649] Puffff, the same happened here in Italy with a Michael Jackson’s song. Well, notes are 7 only…


[651] : 14. Dec 2005 23:21   

I don’t care either, although I was burned last year for using parts of a riff of U2’s Discotheque in Step Aside…

…still blowing my wounds…

just kidding ;-)

But if they wouldn’t play me on air anymore because of this, I would go berzerk…



[652] : 15. Dec 2005 10:49   

_V_ I’m still unable to determine which tune I ripped most (suggestions include Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears, Beginning from CV3) I think the effect is partially psychological and based on the rhythm & expectations of what Castlevania music should sound like :)

[653] : 15. Dec 2005 12:05   

[652] Yep, you’re right. When I heard your yune, the first flash in my mind was that you cloned very well the traditional 8bit instruments in Castlevania, and I liked the citation.


[654] : 09. Jan 2006 21:56   

I just want to say thanx for so many really f***king good tunes. Keep it real mates….


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