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 Forever 7 invitation / 17.-19.3 2006    
Speccy sceners love Atari and Commodore ;-)It's one month to the 7th edition of the best multiplattform 8-bit around globe and therefore it's probably the best time to bring you the party report of the last one (Forever 6 party report). As usual it's written by Wotnau/DMagic few weeks after the party, but (as usual) released late by being ever so late CreaMD/DMagic. So why was the 6th installation of FOREVER, held in middle of the March in Trencin/Slovakia, so special? Read the F6 report here. | Official Forever party page. | Forever 7 visitors list/registration.

UPDATE: Party place has changed to EARTH/EUROPE/SLOVAKIA/TRENCIN/CLUB SOMER (ZK MERINA). If you remember where Pohoda Music festivals (biggest in Slovakia) were held, that is one of the halls there. The map with directions is here. Map (interactive) is here: More info coming soonish. (CreaMD)

As always, you can send your compo entries here:
Wotnau of Dmagic


[11] : 23. Feb 2006 12:18   

@9: Can’t wait to meet you too, guys! :D

@10: I’ve replied to the mails, hope you got them. We’ve solved almost all the paperworks, only a visit to the embassy in Belgrade is left.

[12] : 24. Feb 2006 12:39   

CreaMD: any progress considering the invitation letters? We’ll need at least 4–6 days to get our visas after handing over the papers, so we have to get to Belgrade at least around March 8th-10th…

[13] : 24. Feb 2006 13:23   

I’ll send it over on Monday.


[14] : 24. Feb 2006 13:39   

Great! :D Thanks a lot!

[15] : 25. Feb 2006 22:30   

I love Serbia! And especially that Wesna I met last July in Belgrade. :o) Pssst. Do not tell M.

VISAS? Really? :|


[16] : 28. Feb 2006 10:22   

Cresh: hey, what was you doing in Belgrade? 8)

Visa… It’s more just a bit of trouble, a small pain in the ass rather than money-issue. We’re about to solve that problem, so it’s very very likely we’ll be at the party this year!

[17] : 02. Mar 2006 17:52   

YIPPIE! Visas solved! :D

Jimbo & Da-da

[18] : 02. Mar 2006 20:38   

[18] KEWL!


[19] : 05. Mar 2006 22:14   

yep, visas solved, time for you, JB to start pixelling for the compo… ;)

[20] : 05. Mar 2006 22:17   

btw. thank you creamd, looking forward to meet you at the party! :)


[21] : 05. Mar 2006 22:21   

[20] Dafunk and how about msx? Are you ready for the action? ;-)


[22] : 06. Mar 2006 01:24   

yeah, as soon as i figure out where’s the c64’s power switch, it has been a long time… ;)

no really, i probably WILL DO some compo tune! :)


[23] : 06. Mar 2006 13:12   

[22] Oh yeah!!


[24] : 08. Mar 2006 14:45   

New Partyplace photos (from some other action ;-) (links by Mike/Zeroteam (speccy organizer)) http://www.smox­.sk/…_detail.html?… http://www.hzps­.sk/…_detail.html?……_de­tail.html?…


[25] : 11. Mar 2006 14:07   

Wow, the new partyplace looks great!! Looking forward to this year’s FOREVER!



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