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 March rumours, gossips, etc. (8)    
Boulderdash like webgame MAR 02 2002 20:28
Alltime C64 Games Top 50 is updated MAR 03 2002 20:56
New members for Role. MAR 09 2002 03:34
New member in NonameMAR 11 2002 19:00
Heavy Metal Deluxe delayed MAR 16 2002 17:04
An IFLI Gallery is Now Open! MAR 19 2002 05:09
Check out the songs from Machinae Supermacy (mp3) MAR 21 2002 21:20
New Odin Tracker released APR 02 2002 00:19


[129] : 24. Mar 2002 00:36   
Rats... slight edit to read "recent main-stream" - too late and been moving stuff around in cars for the last two days... =-)

[130] : 24. Mar 2002 12:43   
Tmr: Moving your pr0n magz? ;)

[131] : 24. Mar 2002 16:54   
I would not exactly cool the artwork on the C64 porn. To my point of view, I would call it art work, due to the fact the demo artists draw these images themselves. The images are not real people, but imaginations of various people. For example, take various demos for example. The pictures of naked people drawn are artistic talent.

Pornography is something completely different. It’s real photos of naked people.

The C64 game ’Storm Lord’ and ’Deliverance’ has naked women in the game’s background.


[132] : 24. Mar 2002 17:23   
Hi Richard, what is Trackstars? Never heared of it before.

[133] : 24. Mar 2002 19:37   
fed: Yeah, wanna buy...? Hardcore D/s porn mags, only a tenner a piece and eight to you. =-)

Richard: The line betweeen "art" and "porn" is a difficult one, porn doesn’t have to be pictures and even text can be pornographic (ASCII porn, anyone...? =-) i don’t have a problem with any pornography personally, but that’s just me...

[134] : 24. Mar 2002 22:23   
Trackstars is a C64 .SID/.PRG music group of composers. Featuring me and a few scene friends. The site is not updated yet.

Hey, and isn’t cover renditions for party compos supposed the cheating? Heh, heh ;o)


[135] : 25. Mar 2002 04:29   
Btw. in that Yodelking and Ul-tomtens quiz I’ve recognised 8 tunes, but I’m sure there are some crazy dudes who know more. Btw. I really appreciate that they included the demotune from soundtracker_64 ;-)) Were there more tunes made in this tracker btw?

[136] : 25. Mar 2002 21:26   
I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about CreaMD. I could not download the Yodelking and Ul-Tomtens tunes. It’s broken link!

[137] : 25. Mar 2002 23:58   
I think it was released at Floppy 2002 the tune. At some party anyway.

[138] : 26. Mar 2002 00:07   
Rich, I’ve told them to send me the correct url (it worked before), I will correct it.

[139] : 26. Mar 2002 23:57   
hm..just some dumb idea i just got... As most of c64 scene doesn?t seem to publish anything if there isn?t any competition, what about running some competition from time to time on just like there was when the goattracker came out? Like for example a cybertracker music-compo as a beta-packer is out now..or somekind of intro-compo? would be great, especially if the compos would be theme-based what would also make voting be easier. Well, just an idea....
pi / church64

[140] : 27. Mar 2002 14:42   
Partyradar: LCP is missing, apparently it’s taking place on July 20th/21st.

[141] : 27. Mar 2002 15:22   
Thanx Frank, partyscope updated.

[142] : 27. Mar 2002 17:03   

[143] : 31. Mar 2002 18:15   
Will any more demo/scene parties do any compos to make a 32k small game, like last year?


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