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 Introduction to C64 crossdevelopment    
Introduction to C64 crossdevelopmentAuthor of Metal Warrior series and recent BOFH, Lasse ??rni, is revealing secrets of his game-developing techniques. In this article (originally published on 6th of March at Cover Bitops site) you will learn about the tools behind cross-assembling, bitmap graphic & sprites creating, music composing and possible way how to glue all the game data together into a complete product. Have a nice reading.
Lasse ??rni

[1] : 12. Mar 2002 11:26   
Very nice article, could have written it myself :o) just one more thing..... about the painting program and the 4-colors in 8x8-cell limitation.... checkout "promotion" from, that program can deal with any sort of X colors per Y*Z cell limitation, and its a deluxe-paint clone, and its made by former amiga sceners, and ... for short => get this :=)

[2] : 12. Mar 2002 11:27   
Forgot something.... for once in a lifetime, BUY that program! (you won’t find a crack anyway, copies are watermarked :=))

[3] : 12. Mar 2002 12:07   
Rumours says that there is a feature-rich C64 specific editor under construction supporting most of C64 fancy graphic modes and able to switch between them on fly, I’ve also heard that it will have tile graphic editor and it will load and save in native C64 formats and... hm... let’s hope it will get out soon.

[4] : 12. Mar 2002 20:43   
speaking of my converter? ;=) hehe

[5] : 12. Mar 2002 21:06   
Ah so there are more rumours than I thought. It would be great if some of them were true ;-).


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