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 Forever Reneg8 - Now!    
March 16.-18. 2007 - Forever Reneg8 - 8-bit multiplattform party. Organised by C64 (CreaMD, Wotnau and Jak-T-Rip), Speccy and Atari sceners is taking place at the same place as last year (Somer/Trencin/Slovakia), in the middle of the March for 8th round-jubilee time.

As usual, send your gfx, msx, demo and 1k intro and wild entries to CreaMD. If you don?t receive my reply, try again. Have a great creative time. And thanx for support.

Party page:
Visitors and compo participants: here!

Sumbitted entries by E-mail: (3) 1K INTRO, (3) MSX, (2) GFX, (2) DEMO, (1) WILD

[1] : 07. Mar 2007 00:25   
Pleasy pleasy, a clarification is needed for guys who won’t click through to the official page. Does "same place" mean same place as last time, or same place as many times before (the "old" party place)? When taken care of, this reaction may be deleted.

[2] : 07. Mar 2007 08:04   
It seems that it will be in Somer again. That means same place as last year.

[3] : 08. Mar 2007 08:04   
CreaMD, are you sure? ;-) At info page , there is: date: 16-18.o3.2oo7 (nonstop) :: location: EARTH/EUROPE/SLOVAKIA/TRENCIN/SPS ODEVNA (old FOReVER 3,4,5,6 place)

[4] : 08. Mar 2007 12:04   
I’m sure, we are consulting it together with other orgas. Ellvis is negotiating better parking (behind the gate) and other good things. Technically it will be okay. Just as far as budget is concerned it will be very tight.. as last year ;-)

[5] : 15. Mar 2007 11:57   
when is the email deadline?
isaac brock

[6] : 15. Mar 2007 12:41   
Last time I can assure that my E-mail be checked and stuff be transfered is around 7:00 AM tommorow (friday). If you need anything just contact me by E-mail.

[7] : 15. Mar 2007 12:47   
There is still some chance that stuff gets checked and transfered on saturday morning, but I wouldn’t count on it. If you are going this "adventurous way" try to send me SMS at +421 908 709 441 the party deadline is 11:00 AM saturday so don’t tease the goddess of happiness.

[8] : 15. Mar 2007 22:16   
teasing the goddess of hapiness? is that an ancient chinese saying?
just asking

[9] : 16. Mar 2007 00:05   
Don’t know.. I tried to traslate slovak saying... anyway party starts today in 12 hours ;-)

[10] : 16. Mar 2007 20:39   
no cash to visit, no time to compose, crap :/

[11] : 17. Mar 2007 20:08   
hope u all having a great time, wish i was there... happy boozing! ;)


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