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 Forever 10 countdown + mail contributions + program    
Forever Next - The Bonus Level.
Friday the 13th 2009 - Sunday the 15th 2009.
The same place as last 3 years.
club SOMER - MERINA / TRENCIN / Slovakia.
Entrance fee 13 EUR.
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visitors list/registration:
Forever X CSDB Entry

GFX: 6x MSX: 5x 1k Intro: 1x DEMO: 1 WILD: 1
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Forever 2011 - visitors list

Deadline for e-mail submissions: Friday MAR 18 2011 12:00 (can give you more time, just contact me sooner)

From Forever X on, there will be a major change in the time schedule ? the party programme will begin on Friday evening. Be there or be sorry!

Forever 2009 poster Friday:
21:00 ? Forever neXt opening. Will include a brief history of Forever and announcing the theme of the party, which will also be the theme of the realtime compo
21:15 ? Friday the 13th. 8-bit horror. We couldn?t resist it, but no zombies this time ? promised!
22:15 ? Copy-writing. The first crazy compo of the party. Ever tried to name a non-existing game?
23:00 ? Forever fame. Demo recap from last Forever(s). (up to 3 demos for each plattform selected by organizers) + audi commentary where available ;-)
24:00 ? Demo show. (up to 5 demos for each plattform selected by organizers, the most interesting demos for plattform in years 2007/08 with audio commentary (if provided ;-)

12:00 ? COMPO DEADLINE (Warning: We mean it!!!)
12:00-14:00 ? Visitors? presentations
14:00 ? Realtime compo deadline
14:00 ? 8-bit gaming triathlon
21:00 ? Show it. Yes, finally!!!
22:00 ? Golden X-Over. Our final crazy compo

X:X (to be precised) ? FOREVER NExT RESULTS and prize giving ceremony

[1] : 09. Mar 2009 09:07   
What’s ’Show it’? (Sat, 21:00)

[2] : 09. Mar 2009 10:23   
;-) some similar type of game as was in czech tv show "kufr"


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