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 Detective Takashi game project cancelled    
Cadaver of Electric Harem - author of Metal Warior series one of the best games relesed in last 5 years (perfect soundtrack, rich stage setting and original storyline) has decided to cancel his latest game project - Detective Takashi. Learn more in the article.

[1] : 12. Jul 2001 20:07   
Ok if he felt it's too much like Metal Warrior 1-3, then there's no use in doing another one. But new projects, with new interesting concepts, are always possible...

[2] : 12. Jul 2001 20:52   
I reccomend to check the demofile (.d64) in the zip. The game plays very smoothly, similarly to Viking the game. I think it could be a great game play if it was some kind of an action game.

[3] : 13. Jul 2001 21:55   
It?s funny, from outside (gameplay-wise) it would have been nothing like MW series but from inside (code) it would have been very similar :-) I mean, maybe C64 coding for me has become too "routineous" and I really have to take a break...


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