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 Shaolin by Jon Wells    
Jon Wells strikes back. Author of C64 version of famous arcade adventure - Sceptre of Baghdad is back on track with a cute little pearl named Shaolin. You take the role of the future Shaolin master. Your goal is to kick some asses and punch some faces while staying alive, gaining karma, collecting idols and increasing score.

[1] : 19. Jul 2001 19:51   
"Shaolin" was created by Jon Wells, which he used his own MSCK program. (A review of MSCK coming soon). Anyway, Jon has obviously worked very hard with this game. Not many people disliked the game, which was just what we expected. The game's graphics has been nicely presented. Great use of speech fx and also talented music. What about the game itself? Well basically, this game reminds me of a classic C64 game, called 'Shaolin's Road', but this has to be better. Kick and punch enemies that come along and watch 'em fly. Collect idols and increase your Karma. The most important thing in C64 games is the playability and this game has got exactly that. The only thing I did not like about the game, was the game being frozen with an Action Replay cartridge. This is a very old method, and unprofessional. Best to use a packer for better results. Preferrably those with no depacking effects. Well how will I rate this game? I rate it as a very good release. **** out of *****

[2] : 19. Jul 2001 20:46   
Thanx for comment Richard.

[3] : 21. Aug 2001 14:42   
Nice simple but fun game. However, the game should get progressively harder because I played for a quite a long time and the speed of the coming enemies was the same. I let myself get killed.

[4] : 28. Aug 2001 04:01   
Tears, you're right. Still I found game very amusing. Maybe Jon, will make some better version of the game when he sees this feedback.


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