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 The Odyssey Starts!    
We have been organizing Forever parties for 10 years. Counting from March 2000, there has been a continuous line of unprecedented stability in the history of the 8-bit scene. Every single year, every 3rd weekend in March we brought you an unforgettable encounter of the 3 major 8-bit scenes. Atari, Speccy and C64 scene. And the next year, commemorating the most inspiring author in both the history of the science fiction and computers, Arthur C. Clarke (December 16, 1917 - March 19, 2008), we are bringing you the 11th one: Forever 2010 | The 8-bit Odyssey.

To make sure this will be another great Forever, we are launching a Forever Party News site, which will keep you up to date with our plans and should inspire you to follow next year's hardcore "science fiction and space exploration" (and 8-bit longevity) theme.

[1] : 21. Dec 2009 11:33   
The best about launching new pages is forgetting to remove IP block that allows only developer to access it. ;-) Ok. Te FPN is launched now. ;-)

[2] : 22. Dec 2009 12:13   
Pretty good theme :) 2010 rulez :)

[3] : 28. Dec 2009 14:45   
Love the new site. Very pretty.

[4] : 28. Dec 2009 14:51   
Thanks, Marleen. CreaMD is a real design guru. The site is still sort of under development but there should be only minor tweaks as the number of articles grows and we’ll find new needs we didn’t even know we had. ;)

[5] : 21. Mar 2010 20:32   
It Was SuperCool Party!


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