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The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange
 Do you think that you are clever?
Write a poem for Forever!
So you thought we would start introducing the Forever compos with a fat article on the main compos, summing up the rules and deadlines and giving you information on the compo machines? Ha, got you! The first compo to introduce is a crazy writing compo, and if that?s not enough, we nail it (or you) with that you?ll have to write in rhymes! Prepare some ink and click on the link!

[1] : 25. Jan 2010 08:02   
kde to presne v TN najdem? je nejaka mapa?

[2] : 25. Jan 2010 15:41   
Bude mapa ke? upresn?me partyplace. Zatial je to v ?t?diu rokovania. / Map and all other necessary info will be provided when the party place is fixed.

[3] : 30. Jan 2010 21:17   
My C64 is 8bit Now show me your clit

[4] : 01. Feb 2010 22:12   
The content is a matter of taste but your rhythm definitely sucks. You don’t win, sorry. :-P

[5] : 01. Feb 2010 23:50   
His C64 is 8bit and his rhyme is shit. :-D

[6] : 02. Feb 2010 00:01   
What a great idea Wotnau got I gotta write poems and smoke some pot

[7] : 02. Feb 2010 00:06   
I’m sorry I can’t serve the jumbo pizza you have ordered, we have only eight bits left....

[8] : 02. Feb 2010 00:06   
To aby ?e? nest?la.... :-D

[9] : 02. Feb 2010 00:21   
If you have some time to kill, gather your wits, take a quill, be a villain with a will, win the compo with your skill!

[10] : 02. Feb 2010 00:35   
What if I’m the only one to take out his quill and gun? It is hardly any fun when one out of one has won.

[11] : 02. Feb 2010 00:48   
Don’t be such a primitive, responses are positive! There will be more contestants than you have legs in your pants. (OK, this was a bad one but I’m half-asleep already.)

[12] : 05. Feb 2010 16:32   
Received a poetry entry via mail, and still 6 weeks to go! That’s a challenge, Pepax!


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