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Just divorced? Has she (he) left you for another? Has your grandma suffered a heart attack, your best friend lost his girl or another one's mother died? Do you feel cursed? Do you sometimes feel like deserving to be cursed? Are you sick of the stupid-techno mania in the C=64 world? Hey, man (woman), I know how you feel. Maybe - nono, no one is forcing you, just maybe you might try this ... see, it's just a disk, it doesn't harm ... yes, put it into the drive, load that file, great, great, relax, type run ... and forget about the pain!

[1] : 19. Jul 2001 19:42   
Richard certainly has really cool taste for C64 music. He has the guts. Great samples and also a good use of imagination. Compared to Zeux of our group. Richard has done some brilliant tunes. I have to admit, the best tune which I heard had to be the 'Defuzion' music. Okay, so it sounds a bit like PVCF/Reflex, but Richard's efforts kick even harder with the tune. The music also suited 'Defuzion 3'. Despite Defuzion 3 being an 'orrible game, da music was cool. Da only problem with da song 'Whoomp There It was' was coz da music crashed after loopin', but da muzax was f***in' kewl man. The first tune was excellent. The dance remix of a cover, which was released in the real world of 1999 (Not da C64 version, but da orrie). Richard Bayliss dewd, letz see some more of your toonz. They're f***in' cool. Rating 8/10!
Wayne Holmes a.k.a Mr Shits/Da Laxatives


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