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 Little Computer Party People    
Nowadays, in this hectic era and what is even worse in summer, nobody want's to spend hour on writting of article which would be read by let's say 30 people. I asked Twoflower of TRIAD and he came up with absolutely perfect solution. Thanx to him we bring you the Little Computer People - party report from the LCP party which was held this weekend in Sweden.
Twoflower & CreamD

[1] : 26. Jul 2001 01:52   
More photos from LCP here:

[2] : 26. Jul 2001 07:43   
Great party report, nicely accompanied by well chosen photos, I think. Thank you guys, keep up the good work!

[3] : 29. Jul 2001 23:52   
Even more photos by A-Lee-N at:

[4] : 03. Aug 2001 22:00   
hey...that article makes people think that i'm a drunken slut..oh, maybe i am?

[5] : 04. Aug 2001 21:14   
Pappa Panda? Noway!

[6] : 06. Aug 2001 21:53   
Good report... :)

[7] : 07. Aug 2001 01:33   
Hehe. Thanx for reactions. Zyron, Goto80, very original pages!! Thumbs up!

[8] : 07. Aug 2001 11:26   
nice report, but what about mentioning twosheds behaviour? :D

[9] : 05. Feb 2002 15:34   
Nice report! Note that the VIC-20 tracker was written by me though, includes the nice music by Zagor. Find it here:

[10] : 30. Jul 2006 14:41   
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[11] : 03. Aug 2006 08:05   
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[12] : 10. Aug 2006 06:47   
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