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 August news crumbs... (4)    
Oh yeah, another month is here. We wish you a lot of creative energy. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or just comments, feel free to use the discussion under this news dustbin article. Thanx to all new visitors for bookmarking us. Stay tuned! It's still just the beginning.

[1] : 15. Aug 2001 17:08   
Okay finally I forced myself to add this "dustbin" discussion on some more visible place.. if you have any comments on news in actual month.. put them here..

[2] : 18. Aug 2001 11:29   
Yohooo. Core party is running rite now... I'm experiencing quite thrilling situations. Some submitted tunes, some surprising things. People composing at nigts and then going to real work (yo Ari). I've finished dmaunibirdmo some hours ago and after few hours of sleep checked mailbox for Shaen's entry. He drove a car to his work in night to send it in on 1:30AM his time! Shaen, you rule!

[3] : 19. Aug 2001 17:18   
Good idea, nobody wrote here till now :). I will go to X-2001, how about you? See you there maybe! I'm the most lazy "breadbox groupie" there is, but visiting a party is still fun :)). See ya!

[4] : 20. Aug 2001 02:17   
It's nice to see new parties popping up that are supporting the c64... Unfortunatetly one month notice time (like that new Polish party) is not enough to realease a demo there - just too bad :(

[5] : 20. Aug 2001 08:56   
Anonym I agree. But maybe it would be wise to just code a great demo and... the next party will come for sure! :)

[6] : 20. Aug 2001 10:19   
Now It seems that people are partying every second week. A real party overload. Now when when one wants to release demo/gfx/music on the party he have plenty of choices ;-).

[7] : 20. Aug 2001 20:02   
Load64 announced once more. I also got several mails concerning it. And never ever you can read who is behind this. It's quite unusual. Anyone knows more?

[8] : 21. Aug 2001 00:20   
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: It seems that Open news are flourishing with news since they have been announced at WIRE. Thanx to WIRE and also to you all for support. Maybe some of you don't know how this portal is profiled, so just in one two sentences: I'ts a support for finished and current projects, parties and it's strongly creative-scene related. It's definitely not a retro site as we claim since it's launch.

[9] : 22. Aug 2001 21:38   
I want more parties in Holland!!

[10] : 24. Aug 2001 19:09   
ThunderBlade: You are right, one should just code plenty of great demos and wait until the next party pops up ;-) Or simply release them in between.

[11] : 03. Sep 2001 21:09   
So what now. Many parties. Just choose one ;-))


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