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 Assembly 2001 - Party Report    
This time we bring you the report from Assembly. We asked TBB of Extend and SounDemoN of Dekadence for fresh insight into latest Assembly events and they agreed. In this article you will also learn that TBB, AMJ and PAGE - all c64 musicians are brothers and moreover, you also have chance to experience one of the easiest ways how can interviewer blame himself in few seconds. Read and learn.
TBB, SounDemoN and CreamD

[1] : 10. Aug 2001 11:41   
Great report. Seems I missed a very cool event. But Finland is so far away! ;) Maybe next time there should be done more promotion so that more oldskool ppl are attracted.

[2] : 10. Aug 2001 14:19   
I had plans goin' there... I guess X2001 is the next event worth showing up at...

[3] : 11. Aug 2001 00:23   
More photos at site. Tnanx to A_lee_N for tip and for being there.

[4] : 13. Aug 2001 15:01   
Stripping? Well, Dwangi did show his balls and hairy ass at LCP -- you make it sound like they had hired strippers or something :)

[5] : 13. Aug 2001 22:46   
Hehe, I know it might sound like that, that's why I've wrote it ;-).

[6] : 14. Aug 2001 22:45   
Assembly 2001 was total shite. Thunderblade: you only missed a hall full of quakers. Boozembly is another matter...

[7] : 15. Aug 2001 00:48   
Hehe... Boozembly? Uh, I've seen one quite disgusting photo from that event. Just showing what can people do when they "absorb" too much ;-).

[8] : 15. Aug 2001 10:29   
Of course there are always differences between reality and ideal status. :) But seeing other, non-C64 8 Bit stuff surely was interesting. That's why I like the Forever 8 Bit Party... ;)

[9] : 26. Aug 2001 21:24   
More photos: Check the nice collection of ASSEMBLY 2001 photos as Thanx to Agemixer for tip.


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