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 On the horizon: Wheels SC    
Wheels logoMaurice Randall, the author of the Wheels patch for GEOS, is currently working on Wheels SC.

Wheels SC is a Wheels-version especially for the SuperCPU, making more use of it by some native 65816-code. Read what he plans for Wheels SC in our article.

The text has been taken from the C= Homestead mailinglist.

[1] : 17. Nov 2002 14:51   
Hmm, it sounds very good! But if i remember how long i had to wait for my normal wheels64 ...

[2] : 17. Nov 2002 22:57   
Way cool stuff. A definite OS upgrade for GEOS on the SuperCPU!
Todd Elliott

[3] : 19. Nov 2002 17:36   
I have reading about the Wave and Wheels, but I’ve never really understood whether they are for the SuperCPU or for the C64. From what I understand of this article, this new release is for the SuperCPU.

[4] : 20. Nov 2002 04:25   
Beppu: Wheels has always been for the SuperCPU C64. What I’d like now is for the GEOS rights owners: Maurice Randall, Creative Micro Designs, and Geosworks to finally open source the code to GEOS instead of seeling new copies of GEOS for $45 (US)...


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