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10/11 - 11/11 Syntax 2018 (Demo Party)


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New XeNTaX History page and snapshots JAN 17 2004 14:10
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[119] : 24. Jan 2004 15:47   
@117: no that was me you dummie :o) or to rephrase it: you suck and everyone else rules! :o)

[120] : 25. Jan 2004 00:30   
"My second website" moved to beta-news. (btw. there wasn’t url)

[121] : 25. Jan 2004 08:23   
i’ll suck you in the blighty jase :)

[122] : 25. Jan 2004 21:33   
Moved xmass compo off spotlight. It’s on pi to submit results and stuff now so we can publish new article etc.

[123] : 26. Jan 2004 11:30   

[124] : 26. Jan 2004 12:23   
Scene is dead, long live the scene.

I can’t help it but I really don’t want to react in soon-to-be-closed CSDB threads anymore as it could cause more flames and the threads are about to be closed anyway, but here I would like to comment what Westbam had written today:

"I did not say that this forum could only be a part of the scene with all kinds of dumb flames all over the place, no! But I don?t see a problem with some flaming threads here and there. Besides, these three discussed threads received the most posts in the last weeks by FAR! These three flames were the reason for several old school pirates to get vailidated on here in the last few weeks..." (Westbam)

Yes, that is a correct, but I would like to add, that it only helped the active sceners to realise how detached they (long time ex-sceners) are from the active part of the scene. From historical point of view (which I have never doubted) the experiences and memories of the ex-C64-sceners are valuable and they can help to get improve the quality and quantity of information in the C64 Scene Database, but from the point of view of todays C64 scene they are, unfortunately, lost.

Over these few days in CSDB discussion, Westbam had shown a decent behaviour and gained my full respect as a person so I would like to apologise if he or any other old school pirate scener finds these words offensive, they weren’t meant to be.

[125] : 26. Jan 2004 17:33   
Fixed the post to make it a hyperlink...

[126] : 26. Jan 2004 17:46   
Roman, I think you should post this reaction to csdb, i doubt it will cause any flames. And if it does I’ll support you as I agree a 100%

[127] : 26. Jan 2004 22:38   
heh, nice to see a c64 group adopting the name tinnitus. we used that one for a noise-/darkambient combo some years ago. =)

[128] : 28. Jan 2004 11:25   
(about CSDb flame threads) While I’ve steered clear from the CSDb threads in question, I do want to say something here after reading the news: YUSS! While a flame thread can be a lot of fun as long as it’s kept harmless and merely done for the sake of sarcasm/irony/comedy, I did not like *that* flame thread and restrained myself from contributing with my personal barrel of liquid venom. I didn’t like it one bit, especially considering that it involved harmful alterations of the CSDb itself. How can someone do that? It’s as if someone in the government doesn’t like you and alters your record so that you’re officially dead. Or are called Carsten Ock from thereon. Doing stuff like that just because other people disagree with your views is immature and utterly repulsive - I’m glad that the kiddie(s) responsible is(are) kicked out of the house.

[129] : 28. Jan 2004 11:48   
"immature and utterly repulsive" ... sure you didnt want to say "1337" ? :=P

[130] : 28. Jan 2004 18:31   
Latest downloads section in C64.SK need updating.

[131] : 28. Jan 2004 19:33   
@ [130]: Is that an apply to become a editor?

[132] : 28. Jan 2004 21:23   
Hey Roman - I’d have to agree with you about the "out of touch" feeling. Seems hard to believe that some people still act the same way they did 12+ years ago. Having read those threads brought back memories I had long forgotten, it was a good feeling. But I also couldn’t believe that some people still act in this manner after so many years. BTW - Mike held back in those postings showing that is has actually changed unlike some of the others.

[133] : 29. Jan 2004 06:51   
"HardSID - 5th Anniversary" moved to Related News and Commodore Meeting in Vienna added to the partyscope.


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