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OCTOBER 2001   
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 30. OCTOBER 2001
 "Reincarnation" music collection - review 01:50
Reincarnation music collection - reviewTempest has discovered a new musician! And as you can read in the revies, it's a valuable discovery. This collection not only brings some decent graphic by JailBird, smooth coding by Ninja/The Dreams/Tempest, but as far as I know, it's the first release using Dreamload v2.1 which is the most valuable IRQ loader available. Grab the collie from here!

Updated by MacGyver on 8th October 2004, 1:55h CET
Discussion: 0 reactions   |  Written by CreamD
 Space Battle v2.1 released 00:58
DOWNLOAD! Send your comments & feedback to:

 29. OCTOBER 2001
 ArachnoPhobia#22 22:16
Another issue of Arachnophobia diskmagazine by the Spiders-Crew and ROLE was released. Get it here! In case you would like to check Arachnophobia site, its here:

 27. OCTOBER 2001
 FREAX - The Demoscene History Book 13:40
Ever wondered who wrote the first demos? Who was the first to crack a game, or who invented nowadays' beautiful effects seen in demos? When and how was the scene born, and who were the first pioneers to pave the road to nowadays' superproductions?

Ever wanted to see a book about the history of the demoscene?

I mean a printed book, not another website. Not another book about hackers, and surely not another try to explain the essence of the scene for the lame general public. A book about the scene for sceners, covering the story of all platforms: the C-64, the Amiga, the PC and also smaller scenes, like consoles, Sinclairs, the Apple and so on. From the beginning to present days, covering every single bit of the great adventure, a narrative history with interviews, memories, stories, colorful pictures...

A book titled FREAX.

After five years of intense researching, the product is starting to shape. Read more about it on this website; read a sample chapter and perhaps you can even find a way to help me. This is something special, something different: something no one ever tried in this depth.

Surf to now!
Tomcat / Greenroom

 26. OCTOBER 2001
 Protovision: IT?S MAGIC 2 is out NOW! 23:56
After the mega hit NEWCOMER, PROTOVISION presents you now:
The second hit game of the year...
??? IT'S MAGIC 2 ???

It's Magic II - title screenIt did take longer than originally planned, but now It's Magic 2 is officially available and can be obtained at Protovision as the one and only original version. The price is just as low as 25DM / $15 / L10.

Everyone who wants to order this new C64 highlight and thus wants to support the developers, just go to the Protovision homepage, inform yourself about the game and how to order it in the corresponding section.

There you can convince yourself of the high quality of this second part.

Visit our main site:
Or the secondary page:
with lots of additional infos and screenshots!

Updated by MacGyver on 8th October 2004, 2:01h CET

 23. OCTOBER 2001
 SID DUZZ‘ IT V1.3 released today! 01:07
Screenshot of Sid Duzz It - colors altered to fit (cmd) Finally, a new release of the infamous SDI editor. This version has a lot of bugs removed, many new routines added, the player have been optimized and bugs have been removed.
What you will find inside the zip:
1) The editor v1.3
2) Example tunes.
3) All necessary docs.
4) TurboAssembler with player sources.
5) Relocator.
Shape - Always surpassing -

 22. OCTOBER 2001
 "phat1 bug-picture" 18:04
I dont know whatever the phat1 organizers did to my and jailbirds compopic, but anyway.. grab the real version here. In the gfx-pack C64 executable picture was not bugged, only PC gif conversion was (actually it only! had too bright colors). Apologies to Raver, the main organiser of Phat01. (CreaMD)
 DOMINATION #16 is out 09:16
The 16th issue of Domination was released. This edition is only one side, but has a bonus side of exclusive software. Interviews with ORC/Blackmail and Hugh Riley, huge news section, and other accompanying articles. Also some killer music too :) Enjoy it and give reactions to Jazzcat, please! DOWNLOAD.
 Space Battle v2.0 released 02:32
A new strategic game by Jan Boetcher of the More Gore Software was released few days ago. Game allows 2-4 players to play a space conquering strategy game where the one with most worlds conquered and most ships produced wins. On first look, it seems that it has a well thought out set of rules and dependencies. Game also features a computer opponent for a single player game and comes with a nice manual written in a style of FAQ. The engine is using simple and efficiently designed system of menus and allows to have a comprehensive overwiev & total control of your strategy. Just check all menus and read faq for more info. I've briefly checked it for the playability and all I can say is that it has a great potential as a multiplayer game, just give it a try. DOWNLOAD (v2.1)!, or directly ask Jan to send the copy: You can send your comments & feedback to the same E-mail address.

 20. OCTOBER 2001
 Fourth preview of Balloonacy released 19:39
The fourth preview (and it should be the final playable preview) has now been released. This time the game is single-file and consist of four levels. Those deadly switches have been replaced as mines, and the game is slightly more playable. Download the preview here. The game project has been delayed, due to some more work which needs to be done. Major improvements like better scoring, high scores, sound effects. Plus I need to wait for the title graphics to be finished. The full game should hopefully be released in early November. If however any more delays are possible, then I'll let you all know. The project is going well. For more information about the project, go to: The New Dimension Web Site{edited by cmd}
 PHAT ‘01 all releases&results online 12:25
Speccy, C64 & PC releases from PHAT '01, which was held on 21.-23. September 2001, in Riga/Latvia are online. You could already get two C64 demo-releases from the party, now you can complete your archive with missing music and graphic. Not much C64 stuff, (1 great tune by Agemixer and a multicolour picture by Bizk&Jailbird), but a nice ammount of spectrum music, graphics & demos is online for you to leech since yesterday. Just give it a try, & check it here. All files are in native, or PC format (graphics-gif, music-sid, or vtx) so you can easily check how great nowadays spectrum graphics & musics are - get the latest AY music emulator (600kb) ;-).

 17. OCTOBER 2001
 THE BUS returns!! Get up SCENERS and join! 17:24

Hey there sceners!

THE BUS has returned and offers you a perfect trip to this year's "THE PARTY 2k1 - Digitally Remastered" for the 6th(!) time in row now! Get off your ass and check it out at the freshly re-opened web-page at: - and register your seat online IN TIME there! So have a great time, SPREAD THIS INFO and see ya' in THE BUS and at THE PARTY 2k1.

Yours, Weasel, The Bus - organizer!

...The Scene Must Live On! And *YOU* are a part of it to help!

Weasel / Padua / Hitmen / Genesis Project
 "Purple" by Coma sees daylight! 13:24
First shown at the Flag 2001 party (6th - 7th July, Budapest/Hungary), "Purple" by Coma now got released. Download it here.

 16. OCTOBER 2001
 Symphony 2001 - party report 20:08
Symphony 2001 - party reportNobody expected that this Polish party would have a weak C64 support. After the cancellation of this year's North Party one could expect this one to be a nice backup, but it seems, Polish demomakers are saving, or just exhausted their infamous creative resources. DOWNLOAD the releases (if you didn't already) and read an exclusive interview with the 2 (and only) foreign visitors of the party: MacGyver of Dmagic & Svan.
Discussion: 2 reactions   |  Written by MacGyver, Svan & CreaMD
 The Dark Court 3/2001 00:38
The Dark Court 3/2001It's no secret that the quantity of demos has decreased, but what about the quality? To answer this question, The Dark Judge has decided to check out today's demos and rate all of them from 10 (very bad) to 99 (near-perfect). What do today's demos look like? Are they worth watching? You will learn in the first of this series of articles written by The Dark Judge of Focus.
Discussion: 71 reactions   |  Written by The Dark Judge

 15. OCTOBER 2001
 Commodore Char Creator for Win-dohs 23:35 Anonym/Padua sent me that one on irc, looks quite neat, although I don't see much sense in a char creator that uses one bitmap, the fun when creating chars is that you copy and paste half of it :) Let's all go back to ultrafont. Hey! You've posted it sooner than me ;-). Thanx. This editor is singed v0.1 but it's far better than many v1.0 c64 tools I've seen. I reccomend it to everyone interested in a convenient font(fontlogo?) editing in PC/Windows environment. Btw. it has a well-working copy and paste.(CreaMD)
Download latest Cuneiform 0.11 Beta - October 15, 2001 294 K (CreaMD) (Broken link corrected on 3rd of November 2001)
 1st release of Double Dragon CRT from Ocean 02:24
Please note, this is not the Melbourne House version.
The original cartridge has been available on internet for some time,
but this is the disk version.
Visit: NOSTALGIA for a nice download.

 13. OCTOBER 2001
 Updated "Demonstration 1" by Welle: Erdball 23:29
At Willow Party 2001, the demo "Demonstration 1" by Welle: Erdball was released. Now available is an updated version with some bugs fixed. The music in the endpart plays fine in this version, unlike in the party-version. Also a note-file was added (in German). Get the fixed version here.

All download-links at the Willow Party News have been changed to the new version, too.

Updated by MacGyver on 22nd February 2005, 22:43h CET
 Rigid by SAMAR released 19:35
The very active Samar just released RIGID, a 6-sided Samples-Collection by Ramos/Samar. Download.

Updated by MacGyver on 8th October 2004, 2:06h CET
 Turrican 3 & Smash Designs 18:11
The group Smash Designs kind of ceased to exist. AEG and Sonic who are most responsible for the Smash Demos of the last years, unfortunately don't have time for the C64 any longer due to their work at Similis. Also the work on Turrican 3 was put on ice.
People who would like to continue the project should contact AEG. Unfortunately the source code, graphics and music take over 100 (!) discs at the moment.

Whether AEG will code demos or games for the C64 ever again is unsure. For sure Sonic will completely stop all work on the C64 in the new year.
If you would like to persuade Sonic or AEG to the continue on the c64, you can write to for Sonic and for AEG. No unnecessary spam please, thank you.

Also me (Fzool) would like to announce that I won't have a "Smash Designs" in my nick any longer. From now on I'm just a member of the group Salva Mea which can be reached via the following address:

Of course you may contact me for questions, productions etc. about Smash Designs and Salva Mea. My email-address is
Fzool (translated by MacGyver)
 Mr.Alpha left the so-called "c64-scene" 13:25
Mr.Alpha decided yesterday to leave the c64 scene ! He posted that himself here,but this news got deleted ! Quite lame behavour ! {His news about him leaving is in the "Less related news araticle". It has been put there by - me - CreaMD. All articles with the less importance (which e.g. doesn't anounce releases, parties, competitions and so on are placed in thish article.) Just read About article carefuly and you will find that we don't want to be stuffed with idle news. We try to keep it as interesting and as strongly C64 related as possible, so please don't be upset if your news won't stay on top. The creative activities supporting the software, hardware, or the creative artistic community around the C64 machine has the highest priority on Well, I think Mr. Alpha has done enough for the C=64 in the past years, so if we could announce Cadaver's "farewell", I (Wotnau) think we should do the same with Mr. Alpha then - but about that we'll have to argue inside the editor staff. Meanwhile, the only sad thing, which now is in the news, is: Mr. Alpha is out. We'll miss one of the most dedicated SID music fans and an extremely capable relocater.

 11. OCTOBER 2001
 RADWAR PARTY 2002 -> Get Excited! 19:40
Hello from the RADWAR Team, after the great success of the RADWAR PARTY 2000 many people have asked for another one. Well, we finally decided to agree and you can actively take part in the party organisation. This Bulletin Board System (BBS) will be the discussion forum for our upcoming PARTY in 2002. So please visit the page and register on the board :) The motto for the party is: Get Excited! It's more than a party. thx for your attention, mws
 X2001 09:24
From 23 to 25 november, X2001, the ultimate 64 party will take place. X2001 is the purest c64 party for new and old sceners.
No pc's, No internet linkup, No Quake but free beer&other drinks, ik+, free dinner on friday and saturday, clean&enough showers and a bed make the ultimate environment for a 64 weekend you will never forget.

The last tickets can be booked on:
CBA/SCS TRC & Oxbow/Xenon

 10. OCTOBER 2001
 HVSC Update #28 released 21:13
New HVSC Update released at
Warren Pilkington
 Minigame competition finale - 30 entries in total! 01:08
C64, Spectrum, CPC and Atari platforms all together in the most successful crossplatform compo ever. Now it's up to you to decide on a winner... Download the voting game pack (72K) The pack includes all the entries, with detailed instructions, and a vote sheet to fill in to decide on winners for the two categories (2K and 512b). For your vote to count, you'll need to check out all the entries. For other platforms you would have to use emulators. Links to all recommended emulators you can find at Mini Game compo page. (Updated a few minutes before this news message.) Don't be afraid to use other platforms emulators. There is a greatly written "idiot guide" for every plattform and every game in the voting pack. Funny is, that I was able to run all the games, except of two C64 games ;-).

 8. OCTOBER 2001
 The GoatTracker Compo (10 entries) 20:28
GOAT TRACKER COMPO 8.-22.october 2001
39 votes collected, results comming soon.

Thanx to Lasse ??rni for the C64 executable. Enjoy.
Discussion: 23 reactions   |  Written by CreamD
 Commodore meeting Oct 20 Holland 10:24
Commodore meeting coming to Trefpunt, Kerkweg 21, Maarssen, Holland, running from 10:00 to 16:00 on Saturday the 20th of October. There'll be demonstrations of Wheels and The Wave, plus the release of Schaikdash 5 and Arachnophobia #22. Last time we had almost 100 Commodore fans together from Holland, Germany and Belgium!!!
Ron van Schaik
 Get TRIAD/LUCY! 03:42
A new onefile demo by Triad! You will fall in love with Triad/Lucy, I'm quite sure! Download!

 7. OCTOBER 2001
 Willow Party 2001 is over! 18:05
Willow Party 2001, held on 5.-7. October 2001 in Wellentrup/Germany is over and was a big success! There were a bit more than 20 visitors and 10 entries in the competition.
You can download the releases as follows:

Demonstration 1 / Welle: Erdball (demo)
The other stuff from the competition (with note-/result-file in German)
Digital Talk #51 (magazine in German)

Thumps up to the organisers (Doc of Desire, Floyd and Scorpe) for the great work!

Updated by MacGyver on 3rd March 2009, 17:50 CET
 New member 09:26
Onslaught gained a new member called DaFunk, a musician from Yugoslavia and personal friend of Jailbird (also member of Onslaught). Vandalism News #36 is planned for sometime in November, Domination #16 should be released before then.

 4. OCTOBER 2001
 September at 19:54
We are pleased to say that although the summer turned out to be unexpectedly productive, it was beaten by September! In this article you will not only find a brief recapitulation of all the September happenings, but also surprising updates of those events! Do you know that Cadaver (Lasse ??rni) is back?! Did you wonder which group would Sad and Lord Hypnos, formerly of Anubis, join in the end? Just read and learn.
Discussion: 2 reactions   |  Written by Wotnau and CreaMD
 Reincarnation - music collie by DaFunk 18:29
Welcome DaFunk as a new member of TempesT and the C64-Scene. We present you his first music-collection called 'Reincarnation'. 30 fresh tunes for all of you (even NTSC users :))! Grab it from here.

Updated by MacGyver on 8th October 2004, 1:52h CET
Ninja/The Dreams/TempesT
 BCN-Party‘01 @ Barcelona 12/10-14/10 01:37
The BCN-Party is a scener party held in Barcelona on October 12th-14th. Watch out for lots of c64 action, with special dedication to the SID. More at: Get C64 invitation file in spanish here?(CreaMD).

 3. OCTOBER 2001
 A New Life - by Kjell Nordbo/Blues Muz‘ 23:54
Blues muz' the label know for it's creativity and quality and artistical dedication to SID composing. Today we bring you the latest collection by Kjell Nordbo, called: A NEW LIFE. Download! All in all a worthy addition to your C64 music collection. Thanx for audial and visuall delight Kjell. (thanx to Jazzcat/Onslaught for sending).
Discussion: 0 reactions   |  Written by CreamD

 2. OCTOBER 2001
 0ldsk00l by Mermaid/Creat0rs 21:17
This cute 3 part 0nfiler dem0 was c0mpletely created by the multitallented Mermaid 0f Creat0rs. D0wnl0ad 0ldsk00l here, if you already didn't get it from her by E-mail ;-). Welcome back in bizness and have nice days in your new home, Mermaid. Creat0rs page is here:
 GoatTracker v0.9 Beta released 00:13
GoatTracker is a C64 music editor running on PC (win32) platform using reSID engine by Dag Lem. Features include Protracker-like music editing with some similar commands, direct packing/relocation to SID format (as well as PRG and raw binary formats) and a player that takes 12 rasterlines. Available under the GNU General Public License at:
Lasse ??rni

 1. OCTOBER 2001
 October less related news (7) 04:55
Kohina streaming old school tunes in 128k again 24.oct.2001 18:58
VORC - Cool Japan VGM or Chiptune News site 21.oct.2001 16:47
A new website of c64 remixes: OCTAVE SOUNDS 17. OCTOBER 2001
Tadpole joined Role as swapper. - 14. OCTOBER 2001 - 18:04
Demoscener-Survey by Chaotic^Padua^Farbrausch - OCT/13 - 18:30
A member leaves Civitas - OCTOBER 13 2001 - 19:14
Mr.Alpha left the so-called "c64-scene" OCTOBER 12 2001
Discussion: 14 reactions   |  Written by CreamD
 The Beergarden #8 is out 02:32
Latest - 8th issue of The Beergarden have been spread in the mail-swap scene some since month ago and finally you can get it from the internet. Here you are. Enjoy the decent musics by Stryyker and read the interesting articles. Believe me you will be so lost in an interesting reading that you will even forget to switch to another tune when listening. Good issue! For the complete Beergarden magazine archive and other goodies check:


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