C64.sk SID Compo 5 - RESULTS!

(8.october-13.november 2005) - 27 tunes - 67 votesheets


Place Song Name/Info Author PTS
1. Assatas Song
Michal Hoffmann (Dat Nigga Randall / Ghettomuzik) / Poland 473

(8580 SID) 3:00

Real C64 recording

This is something I always wanted to try on SID, but never had the guts - a tune based on a fat & dirty, Pete Rock style, hip hop beat (which somehow evolves later into sort of a light drum'n'bass uptempo). Dig my version of ringmod 'singing' and, er, handclaps. :)
  Bombs Over Dresden
Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta/Oxyron/Plush) / Germany 473
(8580 SID) 3:32

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3

In memory of the bombardment on 13.2./14.2.1945 in my hometown. Listen carefully and catch some moods how people could have felt beeing part of a senseless war. Hear air raid, bombers, screaming people and finally... sadness.
2. Pick It Up Stellan Andersson (Dane/Booze Design) / Sweden 449
(8580 SID) 4:18

Real C64 recording :
Something for the dancefloor. Inspired by every disco tune ever made and the busy signal on my cellphone. Composed in a hurry for the extended deadline. Thanks a lot for that, CreamD! :)
3. I Have a Knot In My Superstring (Prg) (Txt) Vincent Merken (_V_ / Viruz, 64ever, Padua, ROLE, WOW) / Belgium 448
(8580 SID) 6:07

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3

Play it LOUD, if possible. Oddly, the tune is acceptable on MOS6581. Filters take on a whole new dimension, but the rest is pretty much ok. The goal was to create a tune which would pulsate from start to finish. Short intro, heavy beat, lots of melodies, lots of tension and variation. I hope you had fun listening to the 6 minutes which just burned away. ( 31 instruments, 99 patterns.. )

I didn't expect it to get this long, but as usual, the way the tune turned out was not in my hands. My apologies if this is too long for your tastes. I need to learn more self- control, I guess...

Greetings. Shouts to everyone at Role Wow Padua 64ever ViruZ as well as to the usual musical suspects and a few new guys in the order my memory brings them up: GRG, Ed, Drax, Fanta, Dane, Scortia, Jeroen Tel, Reyn Ouwehand, Shogoon, Wizard, Wacek, Finnr, Agemixer, AMJ, Hein Holt, Gerard Hultink, Vincenzo, Jammer, Orcan, Djinn, Eclipse, GOTO80, Welle:Erdball, Noise, Mindflow, Sage, TBB, KB, Metal, Kristian Rostoen

And of course to CreamD for e-organising this cool SID music competition.

-- La vie, c'est la guerre des dualités.

4. Water Is Fun Kamil Wolnikowski (Jammer/EXON/MSL/Samar) / Poland 446
(8580 SID) 2:37

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
No commen provided...
5. Valley of Dreams Dennis LeDoux (Phase 2/ ) / Denmark 442
(6581 SID) 2:11

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3

I certainly hope that some of you like this tune, since it's one of my first sids. I have been doing music professionally for some years but have not really been doing sids. Have always loved the SID as I have played quite a few games when I was young.

6. Solar Incantation Rafal Kazimierski (Asterion/Tinnitus) / Poland 436
(6581 SID) 4:30

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
I tried to mock up a sound of bodhran instead of the common drumset ...again. as you can see it is quite a risky move on 6581. ;) great idea from Alih to provide ogg versions of tunes. I think it should become standart for any internet based SID compo.
7. Trainline Andromeda Luca Carrafiello (Luca/Fire) Italy 430
(8580 SID) 4:25

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
No comments from author, but this tune speaks for itself.
8. Lemmie Eat The Rastertime Marcin Kubica (Booker/Amorphis/Onslaught) / Poland 424
(8580 SID) 3:38

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
Hi. Booker here. Hm, the compo again...got some oldie here, but nothing interesting, really. Speed: 5 <-this is good (hahahah). Perchaps my very last tune from the good, old 90's. Nothing what might be found interesting :-)
9. Interstellarian Love Arman Behdad (Intensity/Onslaught/Cosine) Germany 423
(8580 SID) 4:40

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
I was inspired by a dream when I wrote this tune. Have a look into http://spablauw.blogspot.com/ (November 2005 archive) to see what this dream is about. The dream is called "Labile Ferhan". It is about me and my ex-girlfriend living in the remote future and travelling into other dimensions and it is about a melody from another space that I have heared in that dream. In this dream my ex gf looked just glamourous, labile and weak together, like if she really needs someone who helps to find herself. But read about it yourself :D
10. Transylvanian Whipping Lasse Öörni (Cadaver/CoverBitOps) / Finland 418
(6581 SID) 2:20

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
This is the extreme Japanese Castlevania pastiche as promised.
11. error 23 Ronny Engmann (Dalezy/Triad) / Germany 415
(6581 SID) 3:06

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
Sounds a tad buggy in sidplay, adsr is acting weird on some parts
12. In Deep Freeze Timo Taipalus (Abaddon/Fairlight) / Finland 411
(6581 SID) 4:08

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
Originally made in 1999 (not released though). Just improved it a bit. I'm sure the filtered bass sucks in real 6581.
13. Nightbird
Sascha Zeidler (Linus/Viruz+HokutoForce) / Germany 402
(8580 SID) 3:54

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
Again some jazzy prog-rock vibes with rather odd progressions, most probably
another compo suicide :D
14. PMS Hein Holt (Hein/Focus) / Netherlands 389
(6581/8580 SID) 4:10

Real C64 recording:
, OGG2, OGG3

Hi Roman, Good to have a compo again, its been a while. Keep it up, it's the best SID compo in this scene. Here's my entry...

I created it originally for 6581, and I have made some compromises to make it audible for 8580 too. (So I guess it sounds ok on my 6581R3) It's 4:10 minutes long and inspired by Dutch cabaret, which is standup comedian with songs between the jokes

15. Dazzy Levstovski Siegfried Rudzynski (Crome/People of Liberty) / Germany 381
(6581 SID) 3:00

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
No comments...
16. I wanted to create something new but it sounds like sid Daniel M. Gartke (Turtle / The Demented) / Germany 367
(8580 SID) 2:20

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
My first tune using the newer SID model. Made with GT2. Just to compete an keep the SID alive. I encountered some emulation-bugs in SIDLAY2/w not in Memory Model 'Real C64 environment'. My C64 is stored in the cellar so I can't verify the sound on the real thing. So I'm looking forward to listen to the ogg.
17. Future Impulse Stephan Parth (Nata/Samar Productions) / Italy 355
(8580 NEW SID) 3:30

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
The 8580 has bad sounding filters? I started this tune to show how good the 8580 can sound. I really don't know what the others do, but they usually use only weak filter-settings... But enough about filters: "Future Impulse" was composed in about two months and I can say it wasn't easy at all to keep the instruments very clear (and not oldskool-like) Ok, I hope that people like my tune and wait for further releases.
18. Spank! Jan Diabelez Arnt Harries (Rambones/Ancients/HVSC Crew) / Denmark 348
(6581 SID) 2:29

Real C64 recording:
, OGG2, OGG3
Made in SDI 1.9 by GRG, on a real C64 ((I like this tune quite a lot!!! (CreaMD))
19. Exploring New Worlds

(Freedom/Hokuto Force) Italy

(6581 SID) 3:20

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
With this song, I've tried to create an atmosphere of immensity. I hope this tune will give some emotions to the listeners... that is my target. OK, I hope that's all. Thank you.
  Wall of Fire Richard Bayliss (Richard/TND) United Kingdom 339
(8580 SID) 3:42

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
This tune was composed on your improved version of DMC V5.0 music editor. I'm still using this composer like always :)
20. Bossah Novah Marcin Romanowski (Sidder/MultiStyle Labs) Poland 336
(8580 SID) 2:10

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
I' sending some crap tune to so called "SID Compo".
21. Hangman's Swing Maciej Stankiewicz (Trompkins/Tinnitus) The Land of Po 309
(8580 NEW SID) 2:17

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
No filters, no arpeggios, no nothin'. Just a groove of late thirties wrapped into sounds of early eighties. Enjoy responsibly. If unable, proceed to the nearest exit.
Robert Dörfler (LordNikon/Covenant, Telenova, Unlimited) Germany 280
(8580 SID) 2:38

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
Its me again :D Hehe, well .. there aren`t enough funky-happy-grovy-datatunes yet.. bye, have phun :D
23. Zion Gerhard Flagge (G-Fellow/Civitas) Germany 273
(6581 SID) 2:37

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
Tune was made in a hurry, it is not so bad at all, i think. The idea was to make a tune that sounds like a oldstyle tune.
24 Run From a Ghost (prg) Deborah (Decompracid/Onslaught) Netherlands 216
(6581 SID) 0:50

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3
Here is my entry. It is kind of chaotic and crappy but well it was fun to make. Credits: DCMP and Dane (his instruments)
25. Poetry of a Lonely Mind Peter Bergstrand / Sweden 131
(8580 SID) 0:40

Real C64 recording :
, OGG2, OGG3

hi. i'd like to take part in your competition with the first sid i made (i know it's just about 50 seconds long, but that should suffice). it's inspired by the music of modern composers such as tds and cmp, which i think is cool, because it's so different from 'normal' (read: 'standard to the point of non-existence') music. i can't compare to them, but at least i have something to say with the sounds i program. it's not intended for easy listening! people who 'eat' the music don't get my respect you know. the listener can't lie like in a pigsty, yawning and thinking "now this is pleasant, my fiancee would love it". they have to wake up and feel the vibe of revolution. my tune tries to explain what's happening in the brain of a person that is so lonely he/she can't stand it. when there suddenly seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel (spot the happy arpeggio at 0:23), but then everything breaks down, and the suffering is so overwhelming there is no way out but to commit suicide. i hope few people out there will get it...

sorry for the long-long message.
yours sincerely,


Place Song Name/Info Author PTS
1. Assatas Song
Michal Hoffmann (Dat Nigga Randall / Ghettomuzik) / Poland 473
One of the better-sounding multi-speeds. I`m sure it's music from Poland.
ANOTHER great, funky tune. I'm being spoiled here.
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
boring pop crap, but the sounds are nice. The bass sound, ahh.. really P-funky.
Brilliant. Great Melody lines, unexpected d'n'b twist.
Cool song!
Cool sounds, good melody.
funky shit with clean sounds and sharp drums!
Good multispeed tune sounds. Technically on the same level as Nightbird but with the better composition.
I just LOVE this tune, could listen to it for hours and hours. The combination of the sounds are just perfect, I saviour it always when I listen to it. Amongst others It's just cool to hear how a pop-song develops into a drumnbass sound.
In my opinion Randall's got the most polished sounds when it comes to high speed sid-music nowadays. You easily get a false impression there's more than three channels.
Kind of depressing during the first 18 seconds, but then turns the tide to be more ... well, funk-spherical, if you can say so (and I do ;) )
Like the sfx on this one
Multispeed rocks.
Multispeed tune that unfortunately never really sticks to me. The part with modulated lead voice is quite nice.
nice flow
Nice melodies and tempo changes.
No doubt about who did this one. Nice sounds again and very recognizable ones aswell :D ... Nice main theme in it. The melody seems a little confusing to me now and then,
Not too risky again, rather popular. The sounds are great, as always. Listening to it helps to learn use filters, esp. the mix of hihat/bass/base/snare is good. I must say that these Randall tunes start of strong, but they kinda collapse. I guess its a matter of taste, since I try to put the climax near the end.
Perfect tune for a diskmag! I'd love to read "Vandalism News" or "Attitude" while listening to this author's music. :]
Pretty good and funky.
the money has arrived safely, here's your niner.
The rhythm cuts heads off hard. Don't care for the main melodies that much but the special sound effect interludes rock.
There are nice sounds. Drums seems sampled based,even if they are sid maked.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
  Bombs Over Dresden
Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta/Oxyron/Plush) / Germany 473
Has a nice introduction, but isn't my favourite style.
A music for the victims of Dresda.
All the kind of sound I like in this tune.Final is fantastic.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Boombasstic. The title is perfect for this tune. Except for the snaredrum, good sounds overall. Also this tune lacks a climax.
Brilliant tune.
Cinemaware / Galway music. Nice :)
Closing my eyes I can see some cool story-telling-styled demo
Excellent, a very interesting composition
Great buildup. Needed to get used to the bombs, but they fit. Cool song.
Like the coming danger and simulation of the bombs falling
liked it. strong sound.
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
ok, so let's make this clear, it just so happens that i used to like parsec's ambience very much and that's the main reason you get a 7, mister. i shall overlook the predictable progression just this one time.
pretty phat resonating sounds :)
Really moody and expressive tune. This one definatley tells a story, and I can imagine through the title what it's about. C64-SID-Drama at it's best! Gets an 8 for that.
Sounds like Fanta. Maybe it's not a coincidence that it has "Dresden" in the title. The intro kicks ass. Not your best but ok.
the bombs are falling. it becomes a firestorm and everyone is dying. twisted burned corpses of children and old ladies everywhere. where is the remote control? some nice sounds prevent this from become a 1.
The really cool techno-lazer-ish instrument unfourtunately sounds bad when played hipitched.
Very, very atmospheric.
Well done, should have been longer! Definitely more of a soundtrack than a tune with a lead.
WOW! A brilliant tune...
2. Pick It Up Stellan Andersson (Dane/Booze Design) / Sweden 449
I don't like that song, therefore only a low rating.
A bit boring..
A good pop tune. The theme is too simplistic. I like the deep bass sound alot. Production is outstanding.
Cool sounds.
didn't i hear this one on the radio yesterday? properly executed and thoroughly uninteresting.
from a dj perspective this is cheezy crap i would never ever play, but i cant help being somewhat impressed by the balancing and sounds.
In my opinion, if shorter would be better. Anyway a kickassing one.
intelligent use of channel effects / filter
Interesting sounds. The melody sounds like Dane (the echo thing). This tunes strongest part are the instruments.
It's Dane, or at least a good imitation. It's the always same style that prevents a higher vote.
Love it, lots of layers to the sound
Modern stuff with lovely melodies, as usual. Makes me wonder if there’ll be any confessions on a sid-chip later on? ;D
My own tune.
Nice enough
now we're talking. very strong. jeff-ish?
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Quite Daneish this tune. Nice sounds overall, but a bit too weak to me when it comes to the expression.
Really cool traditional oldschool C64 music. :o)
Remind me a bit of the song from Cycle
Smooth tune
sounds like PMS.. ?
Stylish uptempo. Instrument set is top, like it.
There are some nice effect I like in the tune.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Very good melody with a small backround...
3. I Have a Knot In My Superstring (Prg) (Txt) Vincent Merken (_V_ / Viruz, 64ever, Padua, ROLE, WOW) / Belgium 448
For me it's too boring.
A superb soundtrack
and that sounds like a typical mitch&dane tune =)
Starbuck/Ronny Krueger
Awesome stuff!! 9+
cool demo tune ( and the award for the best title)
Epic and tubular.
Great sound at 3:15. Dane like tune. Very good. Another best.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
I like this one. It is diversified and has a strong bass. This tune would fit perfeclty in a demo. I like the dreamy part at 2:24 min. and also the rest of this trance-like piece.
Interesting tune, sounds (to my ears) like a mixture of elements from "last ninja" and "arkanoid", but then turns out to get more beat ... would be a great sid for a demo, don't you think? Maybe most do think that way about their SIDs ... but I don't ;)
love it. wonderfully atmospheric tune.
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
My favourite tune this time round. Well done Vincent.
Nice sound. Atmospheric. This might be VIP...
some parts can be perceived as entertaining, but that's not enough to make me really happy. ps.: i didn't give it a 6, it's a vote counting machine cock up, really.
That's it!! Great spacefilght!!
The intro is very cool, you must listen to it with a subwoofer!!! Wow hammer bass. I like the rest of the tune also...
This is a really good tune! Surely one of my favourites to reach the top 5 of this year's Sid Compo!
This kind of high energy music is not my cup of tea. The sounds are ok though.
Too bored start
Almighty god/Domingo Álvarez
Untie it, then. Spacey feel, loooong.
yawn.. zzz.. a 2 because its quite technical.


4. Water Is Fun Kamil Wolnikowski (Jammer/EXON/MSL/Samar) / Poland 446
Sure not my favourite - sorry.
Again, extremely nice sounds.
And so is this track. Funky!
Blub. Not as watery as the title suggested, though.
Brilliant!! My kind of SID!! 8D
bubbly... stuff... of sorts. the voices say they like it, it makes them feel at peace.
DAMN! This one blasts the shit out of me! Technically brilliant, the bass is killing me softly, the lead is what I call an earworm and those Water Riffs can't be outgunned. IMHO The best SID in this compo! I am VERY curious about who wrote this tune. Thumbs up! I can listen to this a lot of hours.
Definately nice sounds again. This style certainly sounds a bit familiar to me, especially the bass sound reminds me of a certain composer.
Good piece of music, sounds watery :o)
I can hear that it's liquid ;)
I give this tune the benefit of the doubt. The sounds are brilliant. The composition isnt special. Also the melody doesnt make much sense.
I want to sit in that pool aswell
Interesting sound effects, but not that epic a tune. More like a funny notetune.
It's a crazy Namco/Velvet Lounge mix. Great. Good usage of ringmod.
kickin'. excellent tune. Drax?
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Makes me really think that water is fun : ) All in all very good tune with cool sounds, this is some newstyle tune that i very like
multispeed eh? Quite traditional and boring tune, but oh the sounds.. the sweet sounds.. I cant deny this. This is funky, it moves me.
Nice Idea
Not the style I like, but the instruments are good for it.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
The backgroud sound (water, etc) sounds really special, but perhaps the saw-lead sounds a little too normal. It's like it allmost fits, but not totally.
This could be winner of the compo, the tune is really professionally arranged, composed and performed. Thumbs up for the author!
uplifting, catchy and sweet sounds!
5. Valley of Dreams Dennis LeDoux (Phase 2/ ) / Denmark 442
For my ears it is too boring.
and the knights of lamerhoe gathered around the round table. they discussed how they would stop everyone from making other sid music than middle age themes.
Awesome! Harmony, solid base and attention to detail makes this a masterpiece.
game tune, circa 1989. but not bad at all. MoN-ish at some points
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Good theme, decent harmonies and the popular classic sid bass. Where's the climax?
happy-go-lucky (till-you-puke) kind of opening, the kind i personally despise with much passion, then some end credits rolling and finally everything goes KRAZY. not my cup of decaf i'm afraid.
Hello Thomas. The only thing I don't like about the tune is the intro, which feels a bit plain.
hm..not exactely my type of dream
I really like the melody, the intro of the tune is some different, my guess is that this tune is from Laxity...
If this is not DRAX, I’ll eat my pants. Nevertheless, this is not the winning track in my ranking.
Jeroen Tel(ish?) sound set used nicely. The composition itself is too happy for me, but in its genre, it's good I guess.
Laxity, I wonder... A bit short, but great melody. It grows on you!
Like the old tunes from years back story telling
Some Galway/Daglish/Hubbard mix. Lacks a little variety for its length.
Sound is good. Style varies a lot during the tune. Great.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Sounds a bit like the music by some musician from Vermes group, but that's a plus! :]
Sounds really great. Inspired by Tim Follin again.
There has certainly been alot of talk about this tune that involves me. I can understand why people think it sounds like me - but I didn't do this one eventhough parts of it sounds almost 100% like me.
This is also some kind of druidmusic, but it doesn't invoke the horned one as effectively. Actually the melody gives more of a ghey science fiction atmosphere.
Very dreamy, average sounds, nothing special in my eyes...
Very nice tune for an ending-sequence, credits, etc. Like the harmony within it very much.


6. Solar Incantation Rafal Kazimierski (Asterion/Tinnitus) / Poland 436
Nice, but not my favorite style.
Again a very good middle age tune from Asterion...
good attempt at theming, follin-ish
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Great medieval music! I like especially the part from 2:04 to 2:28 minutes! Finally something completeley different in this compo. Love it!
I can actually hear some similarities in the lead-melody when compared to “Valley of Dreams” at some point.
I especially enjoyed this one - cool music, I don't know why, but listening to it reminds me of the great series of "Dizzy" games, which I loved to play when being a kid.
I like this medieval style with some Enigmaesque influence
i want half of my money back you recycling cheat! the other half you can keep, it's quite a piece after all.
In some way makes me remember the game Iron Lord. :)
Almighty god/Domingo Álvarez
Inconfondible style. A very good instruments. Title is appropriate.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Love the slow building story telling
Lovely troubadour song. Good sounds too.
middle age? sorry, i dont feel this. or maybe i have felt it a thousand times before and have gone immune?
Nice composition but gets a bit boring
nice pipe tune thingy
Nice tune. Deeply inspired by Tim Follin's tunes.
Nicely detailed and harmonic
No doubt about who did this one. Nice Tim Follinish...
Quite nice and melodic. Sparse on instrument dynamics but I like it.
Sounds nice
Tribal and epic. Excellent.
Ture druidmusic. Invoke the horned one from your C64 with this...
7. Trainline Andromeda Luca Carrafiello (Luca/Fire) Italy 430
egad, it's mario driving a choo-choo!
Gameintro music?
Good idea. The train doesn't sound that authentic. The melody is heavy, heavy influenced by someone I can't name now. Sometimes it sounds like OCEAN.
I didn't like the noisy beginning of this tune, but after a minute it turns into a very interesting song.
I recognize Luca style even when picking a random tune for testing the (wrong configured and so sounding bugged) xmms plugin.Fantastic theme and 8580 sound.One best.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
interesting tune, well executed.
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
LOL! Does humor belong in music. ;)
Neat sounds. An interesting composition. Kinda original.
Nice happy tune fitting to the topic. HAPPY HIPPIE JIIPPPIEEEE LET'S ALL MAKE KIDS TOGETHER ehehehe
Nice sounds, nice Short Circuit-style section, just runs out of steam at the end...
Not bad old-style music.
Orchestral Manouvres of the SID...
really fucked up intro :)
The beginning makes me want to run with a sword in some palace gardens. Rest of the tune is cool too.
The intro makes me really think of a tune that starts to moving, could be in a game from 1987.
The start is quite interesting.
This tune starts with great sounds. A great experiment with sound effects. A pitty it becomes such a happy tune. The consistancy in the sounds is marvelous.
Totally amazing intro, with the train taking off! Then starts a slightly psychadelic 60's dowoop style tune with incredible sounds. This is like a spacemovie theme.
Very nice with the train intro. The rest of the tune doesn't really stick with me. Cheerful and so.
Vote as suggested by the compo organizer.
W00 w00t! Enough said.
Yeah! I don't love, but I have to give a high vote. Seems to be from a Italian composer?!
8. Lemmie Eat The Rastertime Marcin Kubica (Booker/Amorphis/Onslaught) / Poland 424
Not bad.
Another typical demoscene tune, without a melody or chordprogression.
Bon appetit!!
Burp. Good wall of sound here.
Cool tune, rox!
Don't make me choose a winner out of this (a Jarre-inspired masterpiece) and Superstring :)
Good ongoing tune.
i refuse calling this good. if anything, it's a very bad kind of good.
It seems like this one can loop forever without me ever getting tired of it... The loger it runs, the more I wanna turn up the volume ;-)
its 1992 and everyone is stomping away to bratwurst techno on mayday raves in germany.
Me like!
Nice enough........... with two closed 'chicken eyes'
Nice Trance-tune. Just the drums are a bit too weak.
not bad, really, just a bit bland. for some reason it reminds me of old Transwave cd's
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Sure, eat my rastertime. And make a multispeed tune!
the first entry and the best best imho !! great flow, great sounds, kick ass bassline... awesome tune! I'd love to hear it in a fast paced techy demo, Radio Napalm style :)
This builds the beginning slowly and then proceeds to cut some heads in a hard and tubular fashion.
This tune must be by Booker... Later on it reminds alot of Jeroen Tel's Deel (the chords and the bass).
This tune really makes the C64 show what it really can do to make people dance. Good C64 dance track!
Very nice sounds. I like it!!
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Would have been an all-time classic in the late 80's. Nevertheless, it has a good drive in it.
9. Interstellarian Love Arman Behdad (Intensity/Onslaught/Cosine) Germany 423
The best tune from the compo.
A very nice melodic tune, sounds a real winner. Please listen to this track in full.
Annoying and unoriginal. But at least it's music.
At the moment, this is the song I literally SCREAM while biking around bridges of Firenze.
Better one!
did i just turn on the pop radio? hm. lets see if i can find another channel..
Fantastic! Listen for long time.Another best, with some great sounds.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Hello Arman. Nice tune ;) I like the simplicity of the main melody part.
i don't know if it's that slight resemblance to a theme music from a certain 80's fantasy blockbuster - the 1st movie i have ever seen in a movie theatre - which makes this piece attractive, maybe it's something else. but despite its simplicity and a few REALLY uninspired fill-in loops i think i like it enough to award it a 6. or do i?
Let me guess! This tune has been composed by Dane? :] In my opinion this is definitely the best tune submitted for the competition.
like it.. but gets boring
Nice and of course also tubular.
Nice tune, sounds quite average, but has its special moments.
Okay tune.
Simple one. Quite nice but overall not that impressive.
The high pitched notes dragged this one back from getting a 9...
Very nice. Not your average tempo and a catchy lead with some interesting instrument sounds on the lead.
very well-sounding, coherent tune
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Wow, brilliant tune. With nearly pervect music structure, very good melody and harmonic. I wished this tune were mine....
Yearning for the stars. I yearn for them, too.
10. Transylvanian Whipping Lasse Öörni (Cadaver/CoverBitOps) / Finland 418
Haaa, a pretty fine song. It's really entertaining.
"Remixing" an oft-used Castlevania theme, I'm amazed that it made it in since it's quite close to being a cover. But here it is, and as such we have a SIDgasm.
Another music, which reminds of an old C64 game. :] Perhaps the author was not inspired by "Gordian Tomb" soundtrack, but for me his tune generates the same vibes as that one.
Another storytelling tune, slow building Nice
Castlevania is always nice. A bit thin, of course due to the double lead voices.
Castlevania. Style. Music. Rocks. Period.
Could be Lasse. Always solid. Always good.
Fits good the tune name.
Goattracker like drums.But it varies a lot and there are very nice instruments.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Good classical theme. Very recognizable style. I cannot help seeing men in tights singing about conquering the world of passion.
Hope the author payed all the rights to Konami. I just missed a charge from Konami two years ago :D
more like castlevanian ripping. a solid powerbach, but, alas, no kuji-kiri-powered finger-bending solos make appearance here - thus: a 7.
nice castlevania remix
Nice melody, but basic instruments. Definitely inspired by Konami's Castlevania soundtrack / the tune Bloody Tears from same.
Nice, but lacking some ground.. or something..
Now if that ain't Cadaver ... :) Nice one.
oh no. more middle age style too melodic stuff again. and this time with a disturbing skipping beat. there must be tens of thousands of tunes like this.
Progressive rock meets SID. Not my thing
Real coll. You rock the C64 :o)
Sid-Power-Metal :)
Those Japanese guys are weird, always copying Yngwie chord progressions.
very decent power metal-ish tune. Lasse, is that you?
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
y0! Metal on C64! It is quick and expressive! Love the melody. Definatly worth a 7 out of 9!
11. error 23 Ronny Engmann (Dalezy/Triad) / Germany 415
Cool freaky tune. The bumpy tempo is quite disturbing, but I guess its got to do with that nasty error 23.
Cool intro but the rest is to crazy for my ears, but fits also the tune name
Extremely tubular. Nice combination of melody and officially approved datatune sounds.
Great chaotic tune.
Hard stuff... Niceley realized, good sounds.
i couldn't refrain from comparing this track to mindflow's superb 'over the edge' & 'horsing around'; the conclusion is that error 23 is, in fact, much less superb. so there.
I like the atmosphere
IMO it sounds to sick. Don't like it so much - sorry.
Interesting - mostly soundwise. The breaks are good. Melody wise it doesn't get to me... I know I am oldfashioned. But all in all very interesting.
Nice arpeggio into the song.Good ending of tune.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Nice intro, not my kind of instrumentation and sounds. However, the distorted ringmods in the breaks are lovely. I'm missing some kind of lead to hum along to, this just feels like filler.
One of the best tunes this year imho. Great sounds. /me nods head.
Pretty cool sounds
Really funky stuff, pretty good.
Tension. The rhythm is good, good use of effects.
this sounds like it was made by a crazy guy in gothenburg i know. anyway, this has edge! this tune is reaching for something. this is the way! with the right demo this could liftoff into space.
Very cool instruments!
Very nice mixed of different sounds...
Almighty god/Domingo Álvarez
very strong tune and theme. dane-ish (ish?)
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Weird yet intriguing
Would fit with a nice cossy endboss
12. In Deep Freeze Timo Taipalus (Abaddon/Fairlight) / Finland 411
Sounds very Draxish, but I have absolutely enough from this style.
Definitely a Vibrants follower. A shuffle with some 'improvised' leads on top of it. I've done quite a lot of these myself,
Excellent!! One of those songs you can listen to for hours!
Fluffy, light and easy stuff. Not bad IMHO. But I miss the "Je Ne Sais Quoi" in this tune.
Groovy. Hmm, that is basically all I'm able to say about it.
Jamming with a good mood. Would have needed a bit more of variation and some finetuning in the instruments.
Laxity/Bjerregaard inspired tune. One out of a hundred. It lacks that special edge that makes the Danish tunes stand out.
Love the leads
Nice enough
Nice tune from Drax but not his best tune ever.
oh, the good old vibranty danish swing sound.. but the solos make me suspect its not danish. The danes would be more stylish! despite this being traditional and boring, i give this a 5 because its funky.
Old school killer
Oldschool SIDism! Yay!
Pretty solid tune. More detail on the lead might do wonders.
Sounds almost like Gerard Hulktink... But the lead doesn't sound quite Gerardish... Reminds me a bit of the good old Vibrants days.
Sounds like games featuring music by Maniacs of Noise. Excellent song. ;o)
Though I still think it's influenced by Upfronts Freezer I do like this oldskoolish one.
Very good sid managing in some parts.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
well done. groovy.
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
wow, this song is simply one huge-ass solo, seriously. i suppose i should give it some props for that... it's just that it somehow doesn't go down that smooth for me.
13. Nightbird
Sascha Zeidler (Linus/Viruz+HokutoForce) / Germany 402
Not again! Another multi-speed song :_(
ah yes!! this is it! fucking excellent! the sounds are distorted and totally whack, the bass and lead is great, and the feel and arrangement takes one on a ride. Now I find this one interesting both as a scener and a dj/music collector! I want to know who made this.
Another daring tune by mr. Linus. Its nice to hear him explore new musical boundaries.
asterion insisted on making this song the top one and then i said that it's too freakin' wild for me and then he said he'd do some very nasty things to my pet ant if i didn't comply and then i said oh, alright because i didn't want anything nasty to happen to my pet ant and then i think i woke up.
Fabulous instruments,great song! 8D
Fresh piece with a rough attitude!
Good tune with cool sounds.
I love $15. Smutsigks Elektroniks, anyone?
Instruments are good and it's got structure, but the lead isn't catchy.
More Hae?!?
Nice sounds again.
Not bad.
Not the style I like.But there are some good sounds.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
raw and funky. it rocks.
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Some interesting experimental phrases in this one
Technically absolute brilliant but lacks catchyness for a higher vote.
the bird has some stomach issues..
The sounds rip hard.
This one is HARDCORE! I love those great styled arpeggios and the fucking weird Lead which turns really mad at 0:51 min. ! The more I listened to this tune the more I liked it. Something of quality and different at the same time.
Way out of tune!
14. PMS Hein Holt (Hein/Focus) / Netherlands 389
Good instruments, good melody - but..
Amazing tune ... very Hein'ish :)
bit messy
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
doesn't top sherona red, but it's still very convincing. maybe it should be an 8, but i'm not going to argue with my left hemisphere again.
Good try for the Tim Follin vibe...
Good tune, with a straight line, not my personal tast but good composed...
Great tune,very original too!
HEctic & INsane. Professionally unstable, still everything fits perfectly crazy together. Somehow I also find this quite orchestral, to be honest.
I like Heins drums and baselines. But the melodies I could'nt bare at breakfast time.
If this is not Hein - I am not DRAX. I like the weird harmonies in this one and the dynamic bass line.
My own thingy. Unfortunately I compromised on the basssound (making it too deep compared to the snaredrum) and it is moaning too much.
Nice atmosphere that builds slowly.
Not my kind of music. Kinda weak and average.
Not my taste
Odd harmonies but rather well crafted.
PMS sucks, but not this song. The start reminds me of Red Storm, I expected something abstract then it goes over to something groovy and more conventional, then it all gets raped/distorted. Good touch.
So PMS sounds like this?
Sounds good :o)
sounds interesting
Very-very good at around 2.48 to the first end of sound
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
wtf???!! this sounds like false tones chords to me. Aaahhh, wunderbar. I fucking love the vibe in this one. So sick, so retarded, so genious!! This sounds like a Drax or Hein on some totally whacked out psychadelic drug. The weird mood in this one does it to me. Amazing.
15. Dazzy Levstovski Siegfried Rudzynski (Crome/People of Liberty) / Germany 381
Hmm, I have enough from such songs oldskool songs.
A good attempt to create something cool, a bit too happy for me. Also the sounds are too crisp.
Cool Melody with good harmony with the rest of the tune.
Emotional. Nice drive overall, lotsa transitions, good.
Love this one!
My wife's completely infatuated by this one.. I tend to agree ;-) ..great melody, but could do with some more variation in the theme during the first half.
Nice and straight foreward
nice groove! diddle-diddle-diddle-di-damm...
Nice melodies, bit harsh instruments.
Nice use of instruments.Some parts are very good.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Not bad. Good tune.
Quite simple and average in my ears. I like the happiness in the tune though.
Really like the speedy part!
Reminds me of an old Blues Muz tune. The sound feels a bit outdated, diskmag around 1994.
rich and atmospheric sounding tune. bit old skool
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Starts good but looses something in between.
the name sounds sort of familiar. hehe. ok, now im watching a demo from 1990 by Light or Flash inc from sweden. Have I heard this before? Yes, too many times.
this leaves a bit of an introzak afertaste; the kind that's not very memorable.
Well, atleast the last 10 seconds are nice.
16. I wanted to create something new but it sounds like sid Daniel M. Gartke (Turtle / The Demented) / Germany 367
Really don't know what I should say - really not spectacular.
A bit on the save side. No risks taken here.
Better one
I know this makes a very clever statement but the music isn't that interesting for me :)
I stuck with my intended tune for this compo. Luckily this one came in my mind and so I had to do it in an hurry!!
It's okay
Maybe it seems too equal from the beginnig to the ending
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Mmhmm, SIDdism cannot be denied.
Nothing wrong with it sounding like sid. One of the few leads that stayed in my head. Tune could have used some more dynamics though - variations of sound and structure etc.
Quite good and pretty funky C64 music.
Something in the lead reminded me of Dane but this is not Dane.
sounds like it indeed
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
The author is right is nothing new, but good.
typical boring introtune, but i somewhat like the bass and melody together. brings some kind of old synthpop vibe in me.
well yes.. sounds like sid
yes it does :)
your self-critique has been noted, comrade - therefore, you won't be expelled from the party; just don't let us catch you doing this sort of vile stuff ever again.
17. Future Impulse Stephan Parth (Nata/Samar Productions) / Italy 355
Absolutely the style I love.
A cool pumping C64 techno soundtrack. It sounds sort of familiar to some tunes in Deus Ex Machina in some kind of way.
A typical demoscene tune. The sounds are good.
Amazing sounds, but the composition is quite boring, unfortunately.
an eurovision reject, i presume.
boring Deus Ex / Jeff rip-off
dj bobo sid
Dynamic tune. One of the good C64-Trance-SIDs around. Nice Jeff-like-Bassline, it just gets a bit boring after some time.
Imitations earn no respect.
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
mhhh.... sounds like jeff´s style *g*
Starbuck/Ronny Krueger
Nice hit-hat. But the music doesn't really get to me. The sounds are a bit Jeffish.
Nice upbeat tune.
oh come on, all the chords and melodies are stolen from old commercial italo disco and pop records. where is the originality?
Ravin' rhythmical study. Let's leave it at that.
Sound from 0:50 is great. Good tune for sure.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Technostyle like the one in Deus from Jeff
This tune is some kind of drum&bass meets dancefloor.
Whats that!??
Yes, let's all be Jeff. Good instruments of course, but nothing remarkable about the rest.
18. Spank! Jan Diabelez Arnt Harries (Rambones/Ancients/HVSC Crew) / Denmark 348
Hmm, don't like it so much.
a type of spanking that feels good
Good tune without a real climax.
Groovy and a bit sad at the same time. This tune needs more BASE! Love the "sort of" off beat charater and would really have liked to hear a longer version of it.
I like the melody. Technically not the most sophisticated. But it fits.
Jimmy Bo Horne's "spank" is a commercial classic disco record from around 25 years ago. can i sing along to this? -"spank, oooo wooo ooo whooo, SPANK!"
Nice funky C64 music.
Nice tempo in the intro, but it doesn't manage to take off.
Nice things here and now in the lead.
Not much to say about, the tune is ok, not my personal taste...
Not my taste
Not to complex, but great!!
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Really cool bassline, but the lead sounds a bit wrong in many places imo.
rowlands? and cannon? on a very average day? yeah, probably.
Spankin'. I like it, it's very catchy to the ears.
starts out real groovy, but doesn't really meet expectations
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
The mixed waveform is this composers favorite I guess. Nice built up
This is sufficiently tubular.
This one is from rambones, right? It's just a typical rambones-SID. I love the bassline and the chords, but unfortunatley the lead is too simple in my ears, which is just typical for his music. Hey Jan, you have really potential, but do us the favour and work a little more on the lead! :D
Too much out of sync.
19. Exploring New Worlds

Freedom/Hokuto Force

aaah, i think my nose bleeds from the overwhelming sadness evoken by hearing perfectly good soundwaves being wasted in such manner. nurse, i need a stomach pump. it's sound poisoning!
Again, a bit harsh sounds combined with nice melody.
Beautifull from the beginning with the style I like.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Early 90's vibe. Predictable and nothing I haven't heard before.
Exolore the outer rim
Good tune.
If this is like exploring new worlds, I rather stay in bed.
I'm waiting for the "break-through" in the tune..
it's 1989, and im using future composer for the first time. my favourite artist is Rick Astley. i feel so quasi emotional right now.
Laid back. Like Valley, also not my genre.
Nice melody, but I believe these stertorous sounds in the background could have been done better (or does it only appear this way in the "SidPlayW"?).
Nice melody, simple instruments but OK.
not badly made, just uninteresting
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Sounds too sliced. If arranged medieval style I would give some more points.
The sounds are just way too raw. Also the whole composition is nothing much to remember afterwards.
There is something about the melody that I like. Kinda reminds me of the good old days.
This one sucks! Those chords at the start and in the mid of the tune have been used thousand times before. Sounds are ugly... Bah! Let's give it a 2 and get back to normal then.
This tune's another good tune.
Unoriginal chord progression. Sounds aint friendly either.
  Wall of Fire Richard Bayliss (Richard/TND) United Kingdom 339
Really not bad.
Another one of those cliche chord progressions.
Average tune. The person who has done this tune (Richard?) could w0k a little more on this one.
Clearly my favorite!
Even though I don't like the melody, I can't seem to help humming along ;-)
Everything the title suggests.
I'm not voting my own tune
it's the 80's again, and im watching another crackintro. lets press space and see what happens.
not much fun, this one. except for a few extremely familiar sounding moments which bring some sweet memories of youth... the off-tempo portamento is sobering, though. so it's a 4 with a very strong gravitational pull towards a 3; consider yourself warned, stranger.
Not too bad, but nothing that catches me.
Oldskool and a bit repetitive.
One of the best, not the best however.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
please not again a wasted_time.sid
Predictable fluff, nothing extraordinary.
straight forward
This is a typical Richard Bayliss tune with very good melody and harmonic.
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
20. Bossah Novah Marcin Romanowski (Sidder/MultiStyle Labs) Poland 336
ah, for a moment there i thought i'll hear 'da da da, ich liebe dich du liebst mich nicht'... but no, it's just your friendly aardvaark, nobby, going for a stroll. pleasant - but not very captivating.
Ahhhh, relax! A very fine tune.
Bossa Nova on the C64
Decent bossa tune.
Exact same rhythm as those small cheap Casio synths :). Sadly the tune is too repetitive.
First i thought, hrm what will the tune tell me? But than i feel good and releaxed, the tune makes you dream away....
For no reason, I suddenly need a vacation in the tropics. Another study on the classics. Very inspiring.
Good to hear something different for a change. I'm not familiar with Bossah Novas but I guess the rythm is good. Possibly the harmonies should have sounded more exotic, but I cannot give good judgement on that. So I like the harmonies that are sometimes a bit out of place.
hehe. this is functional music. its a early summernight by the beach, you're drinking a pina colada and scratching your balls. life is lovely.
I'm sure my mom likes that one :)
Interesting SID-Experiment. Just boring as hell...
Nee, da's niks.
original, but a bit bland.
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Quite repetitive, but good at the same time
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Reminds me of CBS Ducks Ahoy!
there's nothing like sid bossa :)
Try to dance on this one :)
Welldone, but too minimalistic for my taste. This doesn't rip heads off!
Where have I heard this before? ;)
Yay! Elevator Music ^_^
21. Hangman's Swing Maciej Stankiewicz (Trompkins/Tinnitus) The Land of Po 309
16. Ohhh my God! :=
16. -
A terrible C64 jazz tune.
Also, a clever statement, but not sonically too pleasing :)
Cool jazz-drum,other instruments suck a bit.
Didn't enjoy it at all
Game music?
Almighty god/Domingo Álvarez
Interesting Piece of music. Something different. Unfortunately the sounds just drive me mad, so a 3 for this.
Law of the West! Fancy idea, even though the sounds aren’t that up to date.
No thank you, that lead makes my head hurt.
not badly done but welcome back to 1983
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Seems like a tune for an old game, but it has some style in it
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Shake it. Not my genre, still it's a good study of how the old classics were structured.
Something special. I like the composition. Definately a guy/girl that knows his or her way around the music composition... A pity the sounds aren't better eventhough they fit very well together. I give this tune 7 for the composition.
Swings cool
The intro is out of tune the rest of the tune makes me think of games from 1985, but we have 2005. One point more for the idea to make such a oldsytle tune...
the more i listen to it, the less i like it. it's gonna be speedcore next time, with proper filtering and all that fancy stuff that you wouldn't be able hear anyway because it'd be drowned under the beats - i swear.
This kind of tunes is what I like. It starts of very chromatic, maybe thats how it feels with a rope around ones neck. After that its a great bluesjazz composition, no compromises. Me dig. The drummer does it, incl. ghostnotes that make a good swing. The organ sound rules too.
To the gallow's pole with this tune! Could be used in a new Radarsoft game tho =)
wow! this fucking rocks!! im flying! if this is danish im extremely impressed. Why make boring modern slick sidswing when you can do it like this?! So real it hurts.
Robert Dörfler (LordNikon/Covenant, Telenova, Unlimited) Germany 280
Don't quite see the dISCO, but I do see the dATA. Has an overall repetitive feel, mrm.
Drum 'n bass/Garage music on the C64 = Richard banging his head against the wall. Funny little ditty in between, to sort of cheer the tune up as well.
filter-weirdness I'd expect from Datassette or one of the 8bitpeoples
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Funny and cool sounds.
Hmmm, boring.
It starts off annoying, the middle part is fun. Data is like this I guess. Sometimes annoying, sometimes nice.
Lovely! This went straight into my brain. Cute and very old analogue bleepy sounding. I love the way it twists after each break.
nerd disco
No thank you. I won't disco to this.
Sometimes I like data-tunes
Strange, but I like it!
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
The name gives expectations of something much less comprehensible :)
Uninteresting, Boring, Crappy... I wonder how ppl can contribute with such crap in a compo like SID Compo 5.
Very experimentel tune with a happy middle part..
what i hear is a bunch of patterns that were surely cobbled together to form an atrocious beast of a zak, only something went wrong and now the beast seems to have no legs and only one arm which is too short to be of any use even for nosepicking. a failed experiment, that's what this is.
23. Zion Gerhard Flagge (G-Fellow/Civitas) Germany 273
Absolutely nothing for my ears.
A bit chaotic and a way too strong lead
A little Hubbard like here. Good.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
A truly oldschool tune. It would fit perfectly to a "Nebulus"-like game. :]
Doesn't stick, sorry. Too monotonous and no real song structure.
Don't like it at all.The main harmonic line is boring and the melody is attached out of context.
Future Composer is back with a vengeance. Lead voice is nice, bit the whole is a bit too bland for my tastes.
good old-skool sound but a mess of a tune going on
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Chaotic crappy tune.
it's 1988, and im watching a crackintro by some danish or german group. the tune was made by their mailslave, someones slightly retarded little brother. i cant help loving this a bit.
less than average
Made in a hurry...
Nice idea doing a tune in 6/8, but still ... boring, badly done melody. Sorry.
Not a bad song.
Not my taste but sounds good enough
plain clumsy.
really don't like that laser sound.
Retro mediocre.
Too flat. Melody doesnt make much sense either.
Trident? Hmmm love sid guessing, especially at X2004
Very oldsk00lish... I hate the drums, mainly the rhythm which is quite simple and dumb. Some more Filter effects and another drum-line would have been wise.
24 Run From a Ghost (prg) Deborah (Decompracid/Onslaught) Netherlands 216
Too short, too boring.
a bit chaotic -.-
A Little too repetivive and with few instruments
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
bit boring.. sounds more like some game background music
Doesn't really make sense to me.
Makes me really think that a ghost is someone hunting...
mostly clumsy, but with a few catchy riffoids.
Mysterious, albeit a little short.
Nice spooky atmosphere.
not much happening here
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
Quite scary... Quite dumb... I don't like it.
Short and Weird...
Terrible performance
this sounds like a first attempt almost, but it captures a vibe, and vibe is everything to me, therefore the high score for such a crappy tune.
unfinished worksong?
Would benefit from less confused rhythm IMO
25. Poetry of a Lonely Mind Peter Bergstrand / Sweden 131
Hell on earth!
"file under avantgarde"
a clever, multilayered and thus prone to misinterpretation by profane masses jab at musique concrete? or a 'my-cat-stepped-on-the-keyboard-again-sorry-for-that-no-really-i'm-sorry' kind of accident? whatever the case may be, it doesn't sound random enough and i couldn't find the lyrics anywhere, so no cookie for you, my friend.
A little out of sound.
ice00 (Stefano Tognon)
Absolutely pathetic!
Earned a bonus point for taking part...
hate people who pass off crap as poetry
Robin "Lobo" Vincent
I really don't get this. Call me old fashioned.
In some ways, this tune is a true winner. No other contribution comes close in how experimental it is. Im not joking when i say im gonna keep this one. Think of it, someone actually did this one, liked it, and sent it in. Respect!
Loneliness in the mind sucks; I'd end my life as a song abruptly, too. Has the astounding merit to generate heavy discussion about its meaning.
No comment. ;-)
Not that poetric.
Psychodelic. Too crazy for my taste - sorry.
Should I comment these noises ???
Spare me your poetry.
Thank God it is short!
The most clever statement of the compo and unfortunately also least aurally pleasant. :)
The poetry of a sick mind.
This is not a tune, this is a sound.
This is not a tune.
Waste of CPU time
What is this????
wtf? is that reverse or something?
Starbuck/Ronny Krueger
wtf? should have disqualified for random noise generation



For the OGG versions I would like to thank Jaymz "Alih" Julian. For the alternate hosting of oggs thanx goes to Steppe, Raf and Luca.

The executables were made using the latest version o PSID64 developed by Roland Hermans. For packing of executables I used the EXOMIZER developed by Magnus Lind.