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01/11 - 17/12 Only Sprites Compo 2023 (Standalone Compo)
02/12 - 24/12 X-Mas 2023 Compo (C64 Only Party)
04/12 - 24/12 Wired AI Ninja Compo 2023 (Standalone Compo)

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16/12 - 16/12 HCC Meeting December 2023 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
23/12 - 23/12 Xmas/Winter 1-Screener Online Compo During #4th Live With C64 Demoscene (Standalone Compo)
05/01 - 06/01 rsync 2024 (Demo Party)
19/01 - 21/01 Gerp 2024 (Demo Party)
09/02 - 11/02 Lovebyte 2024 (Demo Party)
09/02 - 11/02 Fjälldata 2024 (Demo Party)
16/02 - 18/02 MountainBytes 2024 (Demo Party)
23/02 - 25/02 BCC Party #18 (Demo Party, 8 bit Party)
15/03 - 17/03 FOReVER 2024 - 8-bit underground
10/05 - 12/05 X'2024 (C64 Only Party)
24/05 - 26/05 Moonshine Dragons 2024 (Demo Party)
01/11 - 03/11 Zoo 2024 (Demo Party)

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27/09 - 08/10 Stupid Rainbows Compo (Standalone Compo)
01/10 - 01/12 Complete This SID Tune Challenge (Standalone Compo)
06/10 - 08/10 Brown Birdie 2023 (Demo Party)
20/10 - 22/10 TRSAC 2023 (Demo Party)
21/10 - 21/10 HCC Meeting October 2023 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
27/10 - 29/10 Syntax Society Oktüberfest 2023 (Copy Party)
27/10 - 30/10 Mini Jam #144 (Standalone Compo)
28/10 - 28/10 Flashparty 2023 (Demo Party)
03/11 - 04/11 Demosplash 2023 (Demo Party)
11/11 - 11/11 Vintage Computing Carinthia $24 (Meeting)
17/11 - 19/11 Mysdata 2023 (Demo Party)
25/11 - 25/11 Transmission64 2023 (C64 Only Party)
25/11 - 25/11 Interface XXXVI (Meeting)
25/11 - 26/11 Syntax 2023 (Demo Party)
01/12 - 02/12 LuheCon³ (Demo Party)
01/12 - 03/12 Inércia Demoparty 2023 (Demo Party)
02/12 - 02/12 30N 2023 (Demo Party)


?THE PARTY releases online (No C64 stuff ed.) DEC 30 2001
For everyone who has not recognized it yet: THE releases from THE party are available here for download. Actually you‘ll have to pick them from among the PC-releases, but I guess THE c64-releases will be available seperatly soon.
?Fake News DEC 27 2001
The news posted here on December 26th that I had left the C64 scene are utter nonsense. And they were not posted by Anonym of Padua as stated there. I do not know and do not care who posted that shit,just forget about it, pals ;) Thanx. This news will be trashed later.(CreaMD)
Neotec – Padua
?Neotec left the c64 scene DEC 26 2001
According to internal news Neotec/Padua/F4CG left the C64 scene today. Original quote of himself: „This is not the c64 scene anymore I was expecting all the years before, with all the emulator geeks and groups built on IRC chat, acting virtually“. He also mentioned that hell skip the F4CG CD project `cause he even isnt able to finish his own private collection out of his diskboxes.
?Back in Time Live 3, 21st June, 2002 DEC 11 2001
Yes, book your plane tickets now, you do not want to miss this event… previous events have gone down in C64 history, and this one will not disappoint!

You can expect the launch of at least three C64 CDs, C64 karaoke (compete against the great Perhaps-a-Doobie!), high score competitions, C64 celebs, loud C64 dance music, hopefully a concert from Press Play on Tape performing with Ben Daglish, possible TV celeb appearances and lots of drinking in the middle of London‘s hottest nightspot, Soho, where nothing ever closes and you can get a decent coffee at 4 in the morning!

Entry fee will be ?5.00. This time, you will be able to buy tickets in advance, too.

Check out for reports from previous events. This could be you!

Back in Time Live 3, Gossips Nightclub, Friday 21st June, 7pm till 3.30am! There may not be another, so make sure you‘re there!
Chris Abbott
?Jeroen Kimmel Music Collection Comming SOON! DEC 17 2001
I started to work on my second relocations music collection.I will release it after new year (I hope). For colly will be added some bonus stuff like for example new Boulder Dash.!Be patient! and merry christmas!
?New swapper for Role! DEC 17 2001
-The Pro/Excess, a German swapper, joined Role as second group.
?PC warez scene bust DECEMBER 12 2001
The PC wares seem seems to be target of worldwide police/feds activities. Further information at:
I‘ve just got an email from Exile/Anubis announcing that he‘ll join our graphical forces. Ain‘t that nice :-)?
?Free SID with every HardSID Quattro card! DECEMBER 06 2001
Buy a HardSID Quattro card and you get a SID chip for free!
Click here!

SID 8580 and 6581 chips IN STOCK!
Now you can choose which version do you want with your card: 6581 or 8580. The 8580 is highly recommended for MIDI purposes. If the most important for you are the C64 SID tunes (HVSC for example), the 6581 is the good choice.

Visit the HardSID homepage >>
T?li S?ndor – HardSID

This article usually contains news about MP3 remixes, game remakes, website updates etc., which are more useful for PC users than for C64 users. I hope you can understand that I don‘t try to underestimate your work, just this server tries to strongly focus on 8 bit Commodore scene. 
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