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14/06 - 16/06 Nova 2024 (Demo Party)

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15/06 - 15/06 HCC Meeting June 2024 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
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07/02 - 30/04 CharSet Logo Compo 2024 (Standalone Compo)
20/04 - 20/04 HCC Meeting April 2024 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
27/04 - 27/04 Commodore-Treffen Graz $41 (Meeting)
04/05 - 04/05 Vintage Computing Carinthia $28 (Meeting)
09/05 - 09/05 DevLab / TSA Grill'n Chill Vaddertach 2024 (Internal Meeting)
10/05 - 12/05 X'2024 (C64 Only Party)
19/05 - 19/05 Flex 50th birthday reception (Meeting)
24/05 - 26/05 Moonshine Dragons 2024 (Demo Party)
08/06 - 08/06 Vintage Computing Carinthia $29 (Meeting)


 Retro Computing Mart. FEB 26 2002
Hi All,

UK users should be aware that Micro Mart are starting a retro computing column. Here is an extract from Micro Mart’s email newsletter:


It’s official! Micro Mart’s regular Retro Computing Mart starts in issue 686, taking a weekly look at the computers of yesteryear and how they’re faring today. You’d be surprised just how much is going on – for instance, did you know that a version of Bomberman is being developed for the MSX?! Also, in two weeks is the first in our monthly Overclockers’ Workshops – make sure you get that order in!"

Providing the first weeks article is how I have written it, it should mention a couple of recent developments for the C64. The column should continue for a further seven weeks, all being well.

Please visit and join the Micro Mart forum, and send all comments to if you want the column to continue.
 Beauty released FEB 21 2002
yor number one group elakhet, released a small ?demo? after years of inactivity just to proof that we are still the pride of the scene! ,) I have uploaded it to several ftps so you should be able to get it soon. It is nothing special, just a short lifesign but i think it has some really nice picture in it.… 
Enchi / elakhet
?Prob. with apostrophes – Problem removed FEB 19 2002
During the weekend the database was moved to a new dedicated server. It seems that the new database server is configured slightly differently, as it is not accepting the APOSTROPHES, so try to make back-up of what you write before posting it. I am going solve this problem in following days. Problem removed
?SealSEX Named and Shamed FEB 19 2002
The group – SEALSEX – has been named and shamed due to the fact that they have upset the author of the game project -Heavy Metal Deluxe- (Richard Bayliss) with their crack of the game preview. They called it a full game and added -very nasty- comments on to their intro screen. Therefore causing Richard to be really stressed and upset.

Despite all this bullying, which Richard had to suffer, he has decided that the game will go ahead. It is still in beta-test at the moment, but it should be ready in a few weeks time. The full game still needs some work to be done and will be released once everything is perfect.

Also Richard has a little surprise in store for the scene, sometime this week. Not telling you what it is, but you should find it in ftp sites before the weekend.

richard bayliss
?New Plus4 Disk-Mag Site FEB 17 2002
The german Disk-Mag „Club-Info“ has a new site! Look at . You can download all the mags from #1 to #67 (the newest issue from 02.2002).
Mr. Museum / Telenova
?Internal#28 is released! FEB 02 2002
The 28th edition of the WOW magazine Internal is released via snail mail. Get it from ya snail mail dealer or get it directly from a WOW member! Although take a look on now and then…
?Looking for different versions of Mighty Bombjack FEB 07 2002
I need more versions of Mighty Bombjack. I got the Active, Extasy, F4CG, Legend, Legend&NEI, Fairlight, Dominators and Triangle 3532. I know theres more – let me know if you can help.
?Sid party in Enschede / Holland tonight! FEB 07 2002
Jeroen Tel performing live at Atak tonight amongst others.

ATAK – ‘poppodium voor moderne muziek‘
Noorderhagen 12
Enschede / The Netherlands

Start : 23:00
Entrance Fee : 2.50 Euro

Check for more info:…07_info.html (direct link)
New version of CCS64! FEB 04 2002
Yesterday a new version of CCS64 was released, check out

NOTE: Content of this page is outlined in the info line of your browser. In short – people active on C64 computer are preffered. News about releases not executable on C64 such as new mp3 remixes and c64 game remakes, or news not directly related to active C64 scene (as various web site updates) might end in beta-news. While we also like MP3 remixes, or various C64 related fun pages, active C64 scene is our priority. 

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