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 My first ever Goat Tracker tune MAY 29 2003
I have composed a piece of music using Goat Tracker for the first time. This song is called „Summer Rain“. You can download directly from <a href=„“ target =„_blank“>here. Any reactions regarding this masterpiece is welcome :)
Richard Bayliss
 Happy birthday! MAY 21 2003
Happy birthday!
 Jedi joined NOSTALGIA MAY 06 2003
Another veteran joined up with NOSTALGIA ! We welcome good ol` JEDi to the NOSTALGIA team.
 Uncover MAY 11 2003
We?re very sorry for that mistakes we did – we will be more careful in the future.

We excuse HVSC

I?d like to note that we don?t want war beetwen HVSC and Uncover.

Uncover is service about musicans and graphicans , music packs are only addons.

I hope that we will cooperate with HVSC providing
information from Polish composers.
 calice MAY 11 2003
ostie de calice

What does this actually mean…? T.M.R
 C64hq is now one year old! MAY 02 2003
That?s right folks! C64hq is now one year old and to celebrate this, we have a full week of exciting updates for you!

Check out the new Gamer?s Diary, the many game end-screens and all the new games and demos we?ll be putting up in the coming days.

Morpheus // //
Morpheus of Flash Inc.
 UNCOVER – started! MAY 03 2003

The Uncover site is now avaiable at

This site covers the subjects of graphics and musics made on the C64. On the site are: warez, arts and interviews and we are preparing both a musicans and graphicans gallery. This is the first issue so expect that updates will improve the site soon.

Ramos & Raf
 Uncover – SID pack #01 MAY 04 2003
We have just put our first pack – check it out!

Uncover – the site

 Uncover?s Hubbard Collection MAY 04 2003
Uncover released a new Hubbard Collection, and they claim to have some tunes that HVSC is missing out on.
(„We are proud to present you most of Rob Hubbard`s music. Majority of files comes from HVSC but in addition we have provided some files unreleased before.“)

The „unreleased“ files can be found in HVSC here:
Blue Danuble.sid = /Hubbard_Rob/Synth_Sample_III.sid #4
Great Escape.sid = /Hubbard_Rob/Synth_Sample_III.sid #3
Mozart Rondo.sid = /Hubbard_Rob/Synth_Sample_III.sid #2
Orginal Tune.sid = /Hubbard_Rob/Synth_Sample_III.sid #1
(all four playing at the wrong speed)

Pop Tunes.sid = /Hubbard_Rob/Synth_Sample_III.sid #5–11
(Bad init, so the tunes doesn?t play from the start)

Mozart.sid = /Hubbard_Rob/Harvey_Smith_Show_Jumper.sid

Zoolook.sid = /Hubbard_Rob/Chain_Reaction.sid
(Bad version of Chain Reaction, confirmed by Hubbard)
 Uncover – we?re sorry! MAY 04 2003
We?re sorry – really we mistakely put few files as unreleased (poptunes.sid , mozart.sid , zoolook.sid)

but these:

Blue Danuble.sid , Great Escape.sid , Mozart Rondo.sid , Orginal Tune.sid

are rips by Ramos from various old demos!
they aren?t the same as thse from Synth_Sample_III.sid

 Uncover update MAY 04 2003
I speedfixed the 4 sids, by setting CIA timing, and I really can?t hear any difference at all. Anyone who wishes to compare for themselves can find the 4 tunes in the correct speed, and the original Synth Sample III


Yodelking (posted and beta?d by T.M.R)
 Here?s your reward! More to come… MAY 04 2003
Are you there, Johan?

I hope so. I will just give you some short lines of text here, something which is
interesting but the article I wrote was removed by a lamer called T.M.R or MacGyver at Since both of them must be lame I would like if you could provide me their private postal address so that I could kill them if I am nearby sometime… Since they don?t understand the importance of my article:

C64 inspired Elektronica music CD-release MAY 03 2003

ELECTROFANT is the name of the group consisting of two
persons, Klaus & Trond. They use old analogue synths and other sofisticated electric selfmade devices in addition to guitars and lots of interesting stuff. Elektrofant has became popular here in Norway and is played on the radio a lot.
Check out some info about them here and buy the record!
I have it and think it is funny and catching music.
They are also about to have their first gig tomorrow in Stavanger at the club STING.
„Desert search for techno Allah“

That was my article, and I have just came home from the live-show in a club in Stavanger. The guys behind Elektrofant are two friends of mine, or more exact; my cousin?s friends. They had a show this evening with their analogue synths and electric devices at a club where „normal“ youths/people came to dance and so on… which means that people with no C64 knowledge comes there, just normal people looking for a place to have a beer and a nice time, and listening to music.
Klaus & Trond are the guys behind Elektrofant and they are huge fans of my music and c64 inspired sid music, even if they never have had any c64, they have just got some „bad“ recordings from my cousine for listening. At the end of their show they introduced my c64 music called „SOULMAN“ from my first demo „THE MAGIC FLUTE“ as the last song they would play, it was a autentic playback of my c64 song, with all the young people listening. It was quite an experiance for me, I didn?t think they were going to play that one FOR REAL even if they „treathened“ to do so. I think there have been no other place this has happened, that it?s being played c64 music for a „normal“ audience which do know nothing about c64. It is the first, and maybe last time!?! -autentic sid sound with no extras!- Ofcourse I don?t believe that anybody liked the sound of it but anyway it was quite pioneering, with no doubt! As a remark I must put forth that I have no relations to Elektrofant myself, other than that I know them a little. This was much speaking about that last event, their own music and performance went perfectly fine.

However, I am angry for those who removed my article in because I think that this message from me is of the most important for the C64 freaks out there in the world to know about; that something is happening outside the c64-community which has its fundament from it. The c64 is a closed circle community, and every attempt to make a bridge from the c64 community to cross the abyss over to the real world is unique, and occours rarely, if ever at all. Anyway, my article was removed and I want to kill the ones that removed it, what a bigheaded lamer! If you?ve got his address please let me know…

This evening has been quite unique, in a large scale for the c64 community. I think this was a very small happening, but never the less, important. This because nobody really knows about us which does c64 music, only the ones which are in to this computer knows about it, but nobody outside knows about the culture. That is really bad for us all, because the culture on the c64 is also a piece of the BIG culture, in real life, AND people should KNOW about us! Who are to say from where the culture comes from, the origin of new art can come from the c64 community, but what my experience are, the community itself are closed for the people outside the closed community. Everybody must improve, to show the world the things we can offer when it comes to minimalistic art.
Big words there, but I am tired of all the lame lamers in the c64 community which turns their back to the rest of the world, my advice and hope for the future are that everybody will improve themself to let other people inside. I feel that there are many „small“ people which doesn?t think with an open mind, I feel that atleast very strong when it comes to accept me as an artist and my music, and I see also the same for other artists on the c64, that they are overshadowed by ones which thinks and acts small. It is irritating and unfair for the ones which gives from themselves in their art, the ones which doesn?t follow the stream of creamy straight forward art. Art is ONLY made when one gives BLOOD, and I can see that very few do that; gives their blood to the art so that the art starts to live its own life. Many more of the ones participate in the c64 community must go inside of themselves and ask questions I think. -Were do we go, from here?

Many, maybe the mayority of the ones that will read these lines of mine, will never understand what I am telling you out there, maybe that is one of the problems. Anyway, I hope that as many as can will create bridges between the c64 world and the real world outside that closed circle. If that will be, the REAL world will be richer in art and the voice of the c64 artist will be heard and known by other than the minority of the REAL world.

Thank you for reading through my thoughts for this moment, I was really tired and sick of small people when I wrote this. Kjell Nordbo

(Have you got my last demo johan? Ghost Escapes Body. I sent it to you a month ago in case you havn?t got it! Please feel very free to distribute ALL of this text so people can understand a bit of the larger picture outside of their sight.)

The devil
 C64 inspired Elektronica music CD-release MAY 03 2003
ELECTROFANT is the name of the group consisting of two
persons, Klaus & Trond. They use old analogue synths and other sofisticated electric selfmade devices in addition to guitars and lots of interesting stuff. Elektrofant has became popular here in Norway and is played on the radio a lot.
Check out some info about them here and buy the record!
I have it and think it is funny and catching music.
They are also about to have their first gig tomorrow in Stavanger at the club STING.
„Desert search for techno Allah“
NOTE: Content of this page is outlined in the info line of your browser. In short – people active on C64 computer are preffered. News about releases not executable on C64 such as new mp3 remixes and c64 game remakes, or news not directly related to active C64 scene (as various web site updates) might end in beta-news. While we also like MP3 remixes, or various C64 related fun pages, active C64 scene is our priority. 
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