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14/06 - 16/06 Nova 2024 (Demo Party)

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15/06 - 15/06 HCC Meeting June 2024 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
28/06 - 30/06 Arok Party 2024 (8 bit Party)
28/06 - 30/06 Reunion 2024 (Demo Party)
04/07 - 07/07 Nordlicht 2024 (Demo Party)
05/07 - 07/07 C64 Symposium: Past, Present, and Future of a Home Computer (Meeting)
12/07 - 14/07 Black Valley 2024 (Demo Party)
09/08 - 11/08 Pågadata 2024 (Demo Party)
16/08 - 18/08 Evoke 2024 (Demo Party)
29/08 - 01/09 Xenium 2024 (Demo Party)
30/08 - 01/09 ACQUA Party 2024 (C64 Only Party)
13/09 - 15/09 Black Birdie 2024 (Demo Party)
19/10 - 20/10 Syntax 2024 (Demo Party)
01/11 - 03/11 Zoo 2024 (Demo Party)
23/11 - 23/11 Transmission64 2024 (Demo Party)
21/03 - 23/03 Forever 2025 - Jurassic party (Demo Party, 8 bit Party)
24/07 - 27/07 BOOM! Party 2025 (Demo Party)

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07/02 - 30/04 CharSet Logo Compo 2024 (Standalone Compo)
20/04 - 20/04 HCC Meeting April 2024 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
27/04 - 27/04 Commodore-Treffen Graz $41 (Meeting)
04/05 - 04/05 Vintage Computing Carinthia $28 (Meeting)
09/05 - 09/05 DevLab / TSA Grill'n Chill Vaddertach 2024 (Internal Meeting)
10/05 - 12/05 X'2024 (C64 Only Party)
19/05 - 19/05 Flex 50th birthday reception (Meeting)
24/05 - 26/05 Moonshine Dragons 2024 (Demo Party)
08/06 - 08/06 Vintage Computing Carinthia $29 (Meeting)


 Barry Leitch interview updated NOV 27 2003
Andreas gives you about 20 new and about 10 updated questions for the Barry Leitch interview. Just head over to to read about this cool and interesting guy!
 Full text of Digital Deli on the Web NOV 26 2003
The full text of the classic computer book Digital Deli is now available at Published in 1984 and subtitled „The Comprehensive, User-Lovable Menu of Computer Lore, Culture, Lifestyles and Fancy,“ Digital Deli offers a unique perspective on computers and their users in the golden age of microcomputing. It is available at
The book was written by more than 100 contributors and edited by Steve Ditlea. Contributors include computing pioneers Ralph Baer, Steve Wozniak, Nolan Bushnell, Robert Moog, Bill Gates, and Mitch Kapor, in addition to well-known writers and pundits, such as Stan Veit, Steven Levy, Howard Rheingold, and Esther Dyson.
Kevin Savetz
 Dinasours WHQ updated! NOV 23 2003
We have updated our nice homepage and added some of our old demos that we have just found again on old tapes we thought was lost!
 Secret Entry Codes for The Sentinel NOV 15 2003
Secret Entry Codes for The Sentinel are available now!
Falcon soft
 Ironstone and PR Company Split NOV 12 2003
Just Had an email from Danielle Woodyatt at Lunch PR, the company that Ironstone arranged to handle the PR for the commodore brand.

This is the email back from Danielle Woodyatt. (after I had sent about 10 emails)

„I have not received any emails from ironstonepartners either…we are no longer working with this company.
Please remove my details from your datebase.


Sounds like the split was less then amicable.

futher updates at
when i have them

The scrolling marquee removed. This news will be put to betanews anytime soon.(CreaMD)
ant coyne
 Not news – just a question :) NOV 12 2003
I am looking for FREE webspace to host my web site. Dose anyone know of FREE webspace that dose not add stupid banners, pop up`s and all the terrible stuff :)
 The SID Show NOV 12 2003
SLAY Radio will play my show today, where I will be playing original SID tunes recorded directly from my HardSID. I won’t play the most obvious classics, as you’ve probably already heard them, but there will be some old and some new tunes and even some unreleased tunes from some famous composers. There will also be some special guest apperances.

Show will be played (All times CET, i.e. GMT 1):
Wednesday, November 12, 12:00
Wednesday, November 12, 20:00 (8PM)

SLAY Radio home page
128kbps stream
56kbps stream
24kbps stream
 4 new C64-video-walkthroughs NOV 10 2003
There are 4 new C64 video available over Emule.
No.25 Turrican 2
No.26 Lazarian
No.27 Wonderboy in monsterland
No.28 Yie ar kung fu

Here are the links:
Turrican 2
C64 Longplays 25 – Turrican

C64 Longplays 26 –

Wonderboy in monsterland
C64 Longplays 27 – Wonderboy 1,

Yie ar kung fu
C64 Longplays 28 – Yie Ar Kung

For more videos you can visit our homepage

Monty Mole
 Once a c64 owner maybe? ;) NOV 07 2003
 8bit Scene News Research! NOV 04 2003
Just wanted to let you know again, that – the really active follower of by Ghandy & me – tries to support every 8bit (or lower) machine?s demoscenes like C64, Amiga, CPC, Spectrum and so on.

Have a look to see our features like a huge link section, hundreds of online articles, a scener?s database and more.

And please do not forget to support us with your news. We are growing bigger, have a lot of visitors each day and share our newsskript with 3 other Amiga-/PC-Scene newssites. Your news will be noticed worldwide!
 SLAY Radio information update! NOV 04 2003
A few weeks back, SLAY Radio aired the first guest hosted show ever. The
show was called „The whatever you want to call it show“ and was made by
Makke. He got great feedback, which encouraged him to do a sequal.
Both shows include a hilarious (as always) Makke playing his favourite
remixes of c64 tunes, Amiga modules and even some PC tunes.
Show number 2 features interviews with Larsec and Yodelking.

To counter the ever growing remix scene, Yodelking of the HVSC crew has
made a show where he tries to bring us back to the roots by playing
original SID tunes recorded directly from a HardSID. He won’t play the
most obvious classics, as you’ve probably already heard them, but there
will be some old, new and even some unreleased tunes from some famous
composers. There will also be some special guest apperances.

As I already told a lot of people, Larsec and Tas are both doing shows.
Unfortunately, Larsec went on a four week long holiday beginning this
week, so he won’t be doing any radio shows during that time.
I don’t know how Tas is doing on his show, but once he heard Makkes first
show, he felt he needed to start from scratch. ;)

„So… When are these shows going to be aired?“, I hear you ask.
Tough question, I answer. Reason being, I have no internet connection at
home at the moment, which means I need to do this during working hours.
Hopefully I’ll get that connection in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, here’s the preliminary (yes, this might change) schedule.
All times CET, i.e. GMT 1:

Wednesday, November 5, 12:00
 – Makke with his second edition of „The whatever you want to call it show“.
Wednesday, November 5, 20:00 (8PM)
 – Re-run of the above.

Wednesday, November 12, 12:00
 – Yodelking with his „The SID Show“
Wednesday, November 12, 20:00 (8PM)
 – Re-run of the above.

Not to worry, there will, as always, be c64 remixes to listen to even when there’s no live show being aired!


 – HVSC Crew member –

 – Neil Carr of


SLAY Radio home page
128kbps stream
56kbps stream
24kbps stream


 Turrican on PC NOV 03 2003
I just found this link while surfing, maybe some of you are interested :-)…eenshots.htm
 Don’t forget to submit your votes and news NOV 02 2003
Please don’t forget to submit your votes, latest news, addresses or whatever else you might useful for the coming seventh issue of Attitude magazine, released by Oxyron.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Many thanks in advance.
 New Scene World website NOV 01 2003
People of Liberty have a new website for the SCENE WORLD diskmag, designed by Christian Leuenberg of

The new address is:

Old addresses will be changed to re-direct you to the new site.
NOTE: Content of this page is outlined in the info line of your browser. In short – people active on C64 computer are preferred. News about releases not executable on C64 such as new mp3 remixes and C64 game remakes, or news not directly related to active C64 scene (as various web site updates) might end in beta-news. While we also like MP3 remixes, or various C64 related fun pages, active C64 scene is our priority.
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