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09/03 - 11/03 Fjälldata (Demo Party)
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DECEMBER 2015   
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 30. DECEMBER 2015
 F64GC 2016: Strategy 21:21

 26. DECEMBER 2015
 F64GC 2016: Strategy - Deadline for registration 08:33
As a reminder:
Ca. 5 1/2 days remaining until the deadline for registration for the Compo ...
Time to sign up :) More info:

 23. DECEMBER 2015
 High Voltage SID Collection: Update #64 20:02
After this update, the collection should contain 47,518 SID files!

This update features (all approximates):
672 new SIDs
132 fixed/better rips
5 repeats/bad rips eliminated
812 SID credit fixes
133 SID model/clock infos
10 tunes from /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/ identified
4 tunes from /GAMES/ identified
22 tunes moved out of /DEMOS/ to their composers’ directories
12 tunes moved out of /GAMES/ to their composers’ directories

Merry HVSCmas SID fans, here we are with the 2nd favourite update of the year
with the usual loads of recently made tunes, old scavenged ones and tons of
better SID rips to keep you busy during the cold winter holidays.
Another milestone has been reached with 47,500 tunes, with a total of 650
made this year. Amazing.
This update is dedicated to Ramos/HVSC^Samar who suddenly passed away in
August, at the young age of 39. Thanks for everything, rest in peace and see
you in another life.
 101 new intros and 4 new groups on 17:14 is finally back again with another update - this time 101 new intros and 4 new groups. Enjoy!

 21. DECEMBER 2015
 Games That Weren’t Christmas update 2015 12:15
As part of our yearly tradition, here is our big Christmas update for 2015.
This includes:

(*) Sigue Sigue Sputnik found!
(*) Worron, lost full Firebird game found
(*) Firefighter Mario found
(*) Urban Warrior final edition added
(*) Enemy SEU remains found
(*) Various early Ash and Dave game entries added
(*) Quantarallax preview recovered
(*) Nuker final edition recovered
(*) Wildfire, Starlight game remains found
(*) Stellar 7 graphic assets found
(*) Various Video images and Post-Clockwize concepts added
(*) Various Marcus Wagner titles added
(*) Flimbo’s Quest 1 + 2 bits and pieces added
(*) Ash and Dave lost assets page added
(*) Lost music files, demos and graphics page added
(*) 3 other new entries added
(*) And... 9 entries updated...

We hope you all have a great holiday and new year, and we’ll see you again in 2016 with more discoveries (of which we have some brilliant ones lined up!).

 7. DECEMBER 2015
 Merman Reviews: Heroes & Cowards (original Out of Order / Byteriders C64 game) 01:03
As part of our new Yoube Video Reviews, today, we release. Merman Reviews: Heroes & Cowards (original Out of Order / Byteriders C64 game).

Andrew Fisher, writer for Retro Gamer and author of Video Game books, now reviews C64 games on a regular basis.

This is his first review.

Please enjoy and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and enable notifications, to be notificated when we release more in the future:

 4. DECEMBER 2015
 Introducing our new section in Scene World: Video Reviews of new Hardware and Software for your C64! 23:58
Our newest staff member Kevin Casteels, aka Alterus starts by reviewing the latest hardware for the C64: The WIFI modem, created by Schema!

Did you know what kinds of unique, useful and geekie software and hardware is released for our beloved Commodore? Did you actually wonder how well the latest hardware and software performances?

Would you like the latest game that was just commercially released?

Find out and watch our regularly happening video reviews of latest stuff on our YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe to us and enable notification of new videos we uploaded, so you won’t be leaving out!!/
 Forever Party 2016, visitors registration launched 16:12

Forever Party 2016 - DEFENDER OF THE 8 BITS.
Visitors registration


 26. NOVEMBER 2015
 c0zmo - Transforming [SID Tune] 14:29

 10. NOVEMBER 2015
 H.P Lovecraft in Text Mode - Cthulhu meets PETSCII 21:03
There’s a project about releasing two obscure H.P Lovecraft writings illustrated with PETSCII art. Details about the project can be found here ->

 9. NOVEMBER 2015
 Dawn Magazine #1 Released 00:13
Started in 1995, finished after 20 years of not-so-continuous development, the first issue of Dawn, DMagic’s diskmag, is released. Grab it from CSDB.

Dawn magazine screenshots

 6. NOVEMBER 2015
 Soul Gem Of Martek ’remains’ found and more 21:30
After years of searching, remains of Soul Gem of Martek have been recovered.

Read the full story here:


(*) 1 new entry added (Tobor)
(*) Various System 3 GTW updates and new info (including Last Ninja V1)
(*) And a few odds and ends updated


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