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 January beta stuff (10)    
January Rumours, Gossips and <i>B</i> StuffC64 software auctions JAN 04 2003 22:37
Planet Alpha updated JAN 11 2003 13:32
mOOdS - Small homepage update JAN 11 2003 18:18
Axodry?s personal website JAN 12 2003 22:37
LodeRunner GBA remake looking for contributors JAN 17 2003 22:40
Commodore Promotion Video JAN 19 2003 16:22 domain for sale! JAN 25 2003 10:48
Vic 20 vs ZX Spectrum. JAN 25 2003 10:09
Official Compod?s site JAN 26 2003 15:03
New website of Apidya group. JAN 28 2003 15:28

[1] : 01. Jan 2003 15:09   
The Forever link points still to the old Forever page.

[2] : 01. Jan 2003 15:33   
Just patched MrAlpha’s piece to add a URL. What’s the new Forever page and i’ll fix it...?

[3] : 01. Jan 2003 16:30 I’ll fix that, thnx.

[4] : 01. Jan 2003 21:10   
Ahm, the CGSC is like the darkside of C64 music :)

[5] : 02. Jan 2003 01:12   
Whaaaaaat? Aztec Tomb - adventure made in basic, first released in who knows which century (Probably one of the first A.Crowther's games ever) , presented as new great release? ich habe fertig!!!

[6] : 03. Jan 2003 00:27   
anybody got a good init string for a Sendata Commodore Compatible O300 A300 1200/75 modem? ATZ doesn’t seem to kick it for this baby..

[7] : 03. Jan 2003 21:34   
Added Back in Time Germany to the partyscope.

[8] : 03. Jan 2003 22:54   
Back in Time Live? I know one dude who’s going to be there: CreaMD, the master of retro! Hit them over the head with some PHP, man!

[9] : 04. Jan 2003 09:08   
Unfortunatelly I won’t be there. Next week you will learn from our’s Central Organisation Regular Newsletter??. That The Ultimate Retro Bonkers 64 team is on the high priority mission during summer 2003?? we’ll be on mission in China??. Giving revolutionary Commodore Web-It?? for free to chineese children so they will see how great computer C64 is. Retro64 Forever! (

[10] : 04. Jan 2003 16:38   
less drugs!

[11] : 05. Jan 2003 00:24   
H4rdc0r3 p30p13 d0n’t n33d drugz! i need painkillers, but that’s it [sheepish grin =-]

[12] : 06. Jan 2003 20:05   
you also need some new letters on your keyboard so you can keep your fingers away from the numbers :)
pI (never able to write it in a real h4xx04-way...)

[13] : 06. Jan 2003 22:19   
What, you mean h4x0rs don’t actually talk like that as well and it’s just typing...? [worldview shattered!]

[14] : 06. Jan 2003 23:03   
Chopper 1 was released under the AFROS fake label _years_ ago... when Compute’s Gazette released it.

[15] : 07. Jan 2003 16:06   
DUPE! DUPE! It should be NUKED! LOL! ;)

[16] : 07. Jan 2003 19:15   

[17] : 07. Jan 2003 19:16   
Oops, sorry about forgetting to turn off the link!
RicHARD (Laughing...)

[18] : 09. Jan 2003 15:30   
Hey... that’s from a Noice demo!

[19] : 09. Jan 2003 16:29   
goattracker mod2sng util .. why? i spent days for doing c64-remakes of old chipmods by hand, why shall it be so damn easy for other people now?

[20] : 09. Jan 2003 16:36   
Dalezy: WORD! ;-)

[21] : 09. Jan 2003 16:44   
Blame TMR :) In fact, fixing the octaves, effects and instruments does not happen automatically, it just copies the notes

[22] : 09. Jan 2003 18:15   
but doing the effects and instruments is the least difficult thing .. well, i could use it to convert my old protracker tunes to sid and throw my other remakes away ..

[23] : 09. Jan 2003 18:30   
Depends whether the work is done by ear or by Alt-TABing between CCS64 & Modplugtracker :) Anyway, this is a thing I personally don’t find much use for, except perhaps for conversion of the dreaded MW-Amiga version musics :)

[24] : 10. Jan 2003 12:31   
The "lastest downloads" finally has the LATEST downloads again ;-)

[25] : 12. Jan 2003 17:26   
Fixed the Hokuto Force item so that the link didn’t include bits of the surrounding text as well as the URL... =-)

[26] : 12. Jan 2003 19:31   
H4rdc0r3 p30p13 d0n’t n33d drugz! i need painkillers, but that’s it [sheepish grin =-] Ha, ha :D

[27] : 12. Jan 2003 20:15   
That’s got to be the slowest reaction i’ve *ever* had to one of my jokes - normally people have started hitting me straight afterwards...!

[28] : 12. Jan 2003 21:05   
What, you mean h4x0rs don?t actually talk like that as well and it?s just typing...? [worldview shattered!] Ha ha! (I’ve set the new record)

[29] : 12. Jan 2003 21:51   
Who needs drugs when you got C64 :)

[30] : 14. Jan 2003 14:50   
QUOTE OF THE DAY:"hey guys - ive been checking out old c64 stuff on the net and i dont know if you realised there is another website called lemon 64 quite similar to this one. its miles better than this site, much more info on it and better discussions. you should try it out if you have never been there. its i cant imagine there are many people who actually use this once they have discovered lemon64"(posted at CSDB forum by someone called Fadiga).
CreaMD grinning like a Cheshire cat.

[31] : 14. Jan 2003 15:12   
pi, dieing of laughter

[32] : 14. Jan 2003 18:11   
Ha Ha!

[33] : 15. Jan 2003 09:44   
CreaMD, thanks for the tip, that lemon64 really is a cool site!

[34] : 15. Jan 2003 10:28   
Noooooooooooooooooooo we have lost TDJ... No, really. It’s a very cool site with a great community of people visiting it and it has a great potential of attracting attention of many interesting personalities. I felt it, so I’ve decided to support it’s forums. ;-)

[35] : 15. Jan 2003 11:50   
CreaMD: Oh, so you’re saying your constant Forever spamming is "support"? :-) Well, at least the Turbo64 stuff fits better there than at CSDB...

[36] : 15. Jan 2003 12:03   
I’m not spamming *so obtrusively* as I could. ;-) I still wait until Floppy 2002 takes place. Btw if you have noticed CSDB was again boosted with new users (not only fadiga ;-), thanx to that "clash of values" threads.
Yours wannabe strategic genius

[37] : 15. Jan 2003 12:29   
and its all thanks to me who invented the scene and elitism

[38] : 15. Jan 2003 14:21   
Added Willow Party 2003 to the partyscope.

[39] : 15. Jan 2003 14:40   
i’m elite too - i’m a wireframe spaceship [hums Blue Danube Waltz and goes looking for a space station...]

[40] : 15. Jan 2003 15:57   
Changed the location of 0a000h 2003 from Sulzbach/Murr to Spiegelberg-Jux. First the organisers planned a location in Sulzbach, but now they will use the location in Spiegelberg-Jux again.

[41] : 17. Jan 2003 22:52   
Added Murphy’s World Party 2003 to the partyscope.

[42] : 17. Jan 2003 23:23   
Moved the Loderunner GBA remake to beta news.

[43] : 18. Jan 2003 02:18   
Added Mail Madness! Party #5 to the partyscope.

[44] : 18. Jan 2003 11:13   
TMR, what about

[45] : 18. Jan 2003 21:59   
I wanna see more demos like Wonderland series :) Amazin’ effects and digi+sid sounds :)

[46] : 19. Jan 2003 15:39   

[47] : 19. Jan 2003 17:16   
Trashed ’Commodore Promotion Video’.

[48] : 20. Jan 2003 01:38   
Added Primary Star Party 2003 to the partyscope. Homepage will be added when available.

[49] : 20. Jan 2003 23:34   
WOT? No cracker’s first releases of: Fruit Fighters Preview / TND Super Galaxys Preview / TND Big Momma 2 / Mombasa Joe Big Momma / Mombasa Joe Looks like the cracking scene’s dead :)

[50] : 21. Jan 2003 08:05   
You could also thing of it somewhat differently - crackers just can’t be bothered in the works.

[51] : 21. Jan 2003 13:49   
dealer QUALITY software

[52] : 21. Jan 2003 19:24   
RicHARD (Mr.DMC Man)

[53] : 21. Jan 2003 21:47   
Hehe, Blood 2 kicks ass.. Now I understand how GHOUL modeling (ala SOF) should be done in a C64 sideview game :)

[54] : 22. Jan 2003 00:04   
great concept to pop off an arm, the head, the legs.. hats off to silverfox :)

[55] : 22. Jan 2003 21:33   
Ha, ha. Comical ’Blood 2’. I gotta review this for Commodore Scene ;)

[56] : 23. Jan 2003 14:22   
Yo. I’ve just read all I found interesting in Arachnophobia. I’ve especially liked Commanders chapter about ex-sceners today. Good idea! I really appreciate what Greenfrog have made with his life. I respect people who really believe in god and not being afraid of saying that out loud. Webmasters chapter with Lazy Ristozki was quite okay nice dude he is. Scener Profile with Icegirl had potential to be quite cool but it should have beem at leat 3 times longer ;-). Anyway thanx you all voting for and C64 scene database in webpage charts! ;-))). Btw I could only listen to Realbeat by Taki, the rest of tunes weren’t wery well chosen for reading (IMO). The bonus side is quite okay, although I’ve seen most of the stuff already.

[57] : 23. Jan 2003 16:43   
Just to add a second opinion: I found almost nothing of interest in the latest issue of Arachnophobia.

[58] : 23. Jan 2003 18:15   
the only thing interesting about arachnaphobia was commander calling fairlight unactive. for most of 2002 vodka and i were the only members of the c64 section but despite that we put out a few things, and i did other stuff released under different labels. but ofcourse its easy to pump out those quality warez if you have 39 members like role.

[59] : 23. Jan 2003 18:55   
I have never drawn even one diskcover in my life and found myself on the cover designers’ charts. Nice. ;-)

[60] : 23. Jan 2003 23:11   
i love it how commander gets everything that happened in the scene into the news section, he really is the walter kronkite of this scene. 39 members and they resort to cracking 1k games muaha!

[61] : 24. Jan 2003 09:52   
And now reactions of someone who actually read the magazine please ;-)

[62] : 24. Jan 2003 12:14   
what are we supposed to react on? the three sentences about what knatter is doing? the random log from irc? the movie reviews? the problem to me is that arachnaphobia(like certain other mags that i find about as interesting) only has articles written by a certain group of people, and are only about a certain group of people, which i dont find particulary thrilling. although the interview with icegirl could have become an interesting, or disturbing piece there are loads of people on the scene that i think do more interesting stuff and would most probably be more interesting interview victims. but it seems like arachnaphobia, rock n role and internal are mostly interested in their own circle of inbreed. look at the list of guest editors in domination#17, not that i appreciated all of their articles but still i found quite alot of interesting stuff to read. it wouldnt take a lot to make me stop whining, just an article or two that i want to read, instead of none

[63] : 24. Jan 2003 12:51   
Is it just me or does anyone else feel that having Rock ’n’ ROLE and the majority of Arachnophobia coming from the same source defeats the object of having two mags anyway...? And which of you lot voted for me, now i can’t claim that "perfect" never-been-in-a-chart record!! =-)

[64] : 24. Jan 2003 13:09   
Hollowman, very good reply, thanx for that, pity that except of few ppl who constantly react in forums and mags us noone really seem to care about content. I think we have to do something about that. Something which will increase feedback on what’s being released. Any ideas? That question is not sarcastic. I expect some replies from you ppl.

[65] : 24. Jan 2003 13:16   
Hmm I think I have an idea. How about production feedback added somewhere on this page? Maybe to latest downloads? Also it shold somehow be connected with with CSDB so it wouldn?t just stay here but affected the production entry in CSDB too. But how manage this. Best would be if it was somehow automatical or semi-automatical so it wouldn?t have to be maintained by hand.

[66] : 24. Jan 2003 14:01   
circle of inbreed.. priceless! Creamd: there was no mention of SHapie’s christmas slideshow in the news (they tend to comment on releases) my theory is that COmmander is still upset about the harsh lines from a certain mag.. and i bet he still wets the bed over it.. arachnaphobia loads a lot quick than rnr.. not that i can be arsed loading much of it :)

[67] : 24. Jan 2003 16:24   
R&R, AP, Internal still have a lot to do to get on professional level and that’s good when there are people who can point out their problems in decent way. You can question the style & the quality of writing, content, that’s okay. And yeah, it’s okay to blame the writer of the article personally for what he choose to write about. Circle of people, friends, or how to call us/them meeting each other, producing for ourselves/themselves, is there a problem to accept that? It’s like with parties, forums, sites. There is too much of them lately (IMO) all claiming to support C64. Which one to choose? Puterman: (no I won’t mention *that* name ;-). I tell you which one you will probably choose. You will choose the one which is closest to your heart and nature. You will choose the one where you will meet your friends and contacts ;-). But hey sometimes we try. We try.. (ee shizt I’m starting to get a pathos overload in this text) We sometimes try new things, we are curious about what’s happening in other circles, some of us would like to know what other ppl think. That’s why it’s good to check non-mainstream (sic) magazines from time to time ;-)

Fade: Scene is a society. The distances are out of question with all this EU things happening around us. Stop acting like you aren’t leaving your place from time. Party is outside - that famous slogan means one important thing. We are real people and we meet each other, no more we are just computer geeks pretending to be "SOMEONE" with "STRONG OPINION". Decent style of communication is very important thing nowadays. If you can’t insult your opponent in the way that it gives you chance to look into his eyes anytime in future you are not qualified to communicate in reality of internet space. Few people still think that it’s funny to pick on the persons who are unconsicusly becoming symbols of naivity or social immaturity in our scene (like the vulgar post I had to delete the other day) but that’s in my opinion a proof of one’s own jejuneness.

[68] : 24. Jan 2003 17:05   
creamd: The scene is a society and like every society there are grades of people. trash, blue collar and white collar. If these mags were people then their last name would be flodder (little dutch humour for you there, minus daughter Kees of course). Are you saying I don’t understand because i’m not EU? uhm, i was born there and bred here. Just because i’m not there doesnt mean I don’t understand. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and well quite frankly these two mags make George Bush seem like Heidi Klum. Just so you know, i’m just as loud mouthed and strongly opinionated in person, perhaps I am so crucial of lame works because there is a stupid part of me that believes in the 64? I guess i wasn’t in the scene when all this politically correct bullshit came up, it’s wrong to rag out the weaker releases? your denying the roots of the scene, your just not qualified to communicate when it comes to this. Don’t be such a pussy and admit the truth, the last issue of rock n role was an ugly and annoying release with mediocre content. arachnaphobia was a little better, maybe vip can take a few people under his wing and help em out. loadup a tera demo and feel some aussie power.. social immaturity my ass and what post did you have to delete, please spill all gossip. thankyou :)

[69] : 24. Jan 2003 18:18   
CreamD: I don’t know what you’re referring to in your latest message, but Arachnophobia sucks ass. Not quite as much as Rock’n’Role, but anyway...

[70] : 24. Jan 2003 18:25   
Ah so you’re from OZ, sorry I forgot that, but no you don’t get me I don’t speak about EU. I criticised the way you speak about people you don’t know personally. As far as your mouthed and strongly opionated image is concerned does it help when it is vulgar and disrespectful? It’s like those movepoopshootDOTcom posts in Kevin Smith’s movie. Would you be so rude if you had a chance to speak in the media like radio or television? Many people would see your face, and if you really don’t have a good reason to act like born-on-a-los-angeles-perifery dude I suppose you would just behave like a decent person. Yeah I also hate "pollitically correct bulshit" which some people want to force in us but that doesn’t have anything to do with what I wanted to tell you. I asked you to arguments decently. I’m not "friendly-scene" advocate. IMO all this enforced friendliness is a false behaviour. I just ask you to choose your funny comments from those which aren’t disqualyfying you as a potential opponent in decent argument. And hey, I’m not a pussy I’m a cat or hare (at least according to Chineese Horoscope ;-). As far as denying roots of the scene are concerned. Yeah everything evolves, it’s long time since we were teens. We aren’t 16 years old anymore. I don’t feel like saying "4 letter phrasal verbs without a good reason. It was... ahem... seemed, cool in past ;-) And yeah that comment about R&R is agreeable (but at least music was great, much better than AP selection). Anyway, what could we do to increase feedback on todays productions?

[71] : 24. Jan 2003 18:25   
Puterman: to that party I’m mentioning everytime I can ;-)

[72] : 24. Jan 2003 19:16   
CreaMD: Stop dropping shit and tell me what you want to know.

[73] : 24. Jan 2003 19:27   
:-) I want to know how to get people’s opinions about recent C64 productions publicised. How to make them not to keep their opinion unspoken.

[74] : 24. Jan 2003 21:07   
Just ask us what we think about recent shit... There’s no forum about that stuff right now. So ask us what we think about arachnophobia or rock’n’role and we’ll say "crap".

[75] : 24. Jan 2003 23:23   
creamd: arachnaphobia’s wasn’t to bad, but they messed up some names in the music selection menu, the third song was also by jch. the fourth escapes my head now because it is 9am. Okay let’s get into the shit. I know Commander personally, I was a member of ROLE for some time. It was my time in ROLE that made me say, Okay this is borderline pathetic now and it’s starting to suck. Go have a laugh at the Role website and see how they treated me after I wrote to them in 98 saying there was no chance of me coming back into the scene because my 64 was long dead. Rather Commander used this front to pick a bone and say I was kicked for inactivity. There;s the short version of my runnings with cmr, show me a belgian with a backbone and i’ll show you a history book.. chocolate waffles anybody? :) And yes I would keep the same tone for the media. I told both Minogue sisters there music was shit, to their face.. then i told them i’d still fuck them, which made it all cool. I even got pics with them. Blunt Honesty is a very good thing. Fuck, Bum, Poo, Shit, Dick, Fick, arschloch, kurwa, kurva, picsa, pizda, banana, picsaba, kako si onda, segem pula, blah blah blah.. you get my point? :)
super death monkey fade ninja

[76] : 25. Jan 2003 08:12   
Yeah honesty is a great thing, but it doesn?t have anything to do with having mouth full of excrements. And as far as your relationship with commander is concerned, that?s your problem guys, ain?t that? Puterman okay I will make a new section called "What do you think about recent shit?" Example of question: "Hey suckers, Puterman has released another shit under Civitas label. Tell us what do you think about his shit? He will be so f?kin? glad to read your f?kin? shit. Thanx for attention. Fok yo." Isn?t that the same extreme as when "the other side" writes: Oh yeah such nice production, this was nice that was nice, althought that wasn?t that nice but anyway I really love that stuff, great. You rule *put any scener-name here*. Hey guys don?t be so phoney please - let?s take this "reaction" thing on some civilised level, shall we? ;-)))

[77] : 25. Jan 2003 11:56   
CreaMD: If a release sucks, it sucks, it’s that simple. What kind of language you use to say it is of very little importance. And if you’d tell anyone that I’d made a new release for Civitas, you’d be making it up, as I’m not a member of Civitas anymore.

[78] : 25. Jan 2003 13:12   
No it’s not that simple. Since when you have become so radical that words "shit" and "suck" you consider being and adequate substitutes for an opinion? Is this what you call evolution of your views? I wonder it’s signed by you.

[79] : 25. Jan 2003 13:31   
Moved "VIC20 vs Spectrum" and " for sale" to beta news, then ran like hell away from this discussion. =-)

[80] : 25. Jan 2003 14:30   
creamd, as i wrote before(but the post got lost, an error occured), rememember the ’shit news’ thread on csdb? among the things we learned there was that eventhough that some dared to say that they didnt like scene world, the editors of the mag didnt care because they had gotten positive response aswell. and commander came up with the brilliant idea that instead of saying that someones gfx is shit you should say ’Hey, your gfx doesn’t suit me well’. so when i read the news in the august issue of scene world and notice that the deadline for singles collection is in june i just go ’hey, your news dont suite me!’ instead of ’your news are crap and outdated’. and another consequence is that theres no point for me telling what i find negative about a production since there will always be someone who is positive, if i say ’man, you’re halfscreen 8x8 plasma is running in 7 frames and looks awful!’ i most probably will get the reply ’but my mum says i’m cool!’

[81] : 25. Jan 2003 14:47   
CreaMD: Yes, I could use more words to say what I think, and I could say exactly what it is that sucks, but so many people have already said everything there is to say about these mags. The reason why I bother to say anything about these mags at all is so that the responsible people will know that there’s not just one or two people who don’t like them. There’s already obvious evidence in the mags themselves that only a certain group of sceners take these mags seriously. Just compare the "best scene friend" charts with the other charts and you’ll notice some very interesting parallels.

[82] : 26. Jan 2003 14:49   
Those two reactions are the reactions how they should look, IMO. Thumbs up. Now when responsible people won’t learn anything from that you / we sceners should react the same next time and next time until they improve the things. I believe that it will work better than just saying them that their mags sucks. Okay I think we can say that this topic is exhausted. Let us turn the page.. (ahem not now, although I have one more question I would like to ask, but I’m still afraid that Hokuto Force would be upset on me if I did ;-)))

[83] : 26. Jan 2003 15:40   
creamd, reactions is my favourite place to upset people at. puterman, odd charts for sure...tmr in the ’best coder’ chart is an obvious sign that something is wrong;) and although pretty much every coder you ever heard of(and a bunch you never heard of) is in the chart, i’m not =( i tried to find some stuff from those new hot coders catweazle6510 and dizzy devil, i managed to find a picture with a scroller from ooo2002. i cant compete with that...

[84] : 26. Jan 2003 15:46   

[85] : 26. Jan 2003 15:49   
I mean.. yeah you are right. (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4) Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. (Apologise to Danes ;-)

[86] : 26. Jan 2003 16:33   
It seems whining on #c-64 can get you into the charts. :-)

[87] : 26. Jan 2003 18:56   
Don’t look at me, i’m narked off now; i never wanted to be in the charts ’cos i can’t whinge about not being in the charts any more. Sulking...

[88] : 26. Jan 2003 20:39   
TMR: Life sucks and then you marry one.

[89] : 26. Jan 2003 22:11   
Damn, I’m not in the top 10 C64 musicians on Arachnophobia. I seem to be dropping in the Arachnophobia ratings. I’d better act fast, else my name is that LAMER FROM TND :D

[90] : 27. Jan 2003 00:53   
forgive us jch, for we know not what we do..

[91] : 27. Jan 2003 12:11   
Fade: if you are talking about me, then tell the real truth! Al members of Role or people who have been a member of Role, know that they always get the Role releases from me till the day that they leave Role. You, Fade, had to know that I didn’t get your letter because I kept on sending you packages till I was discovering that there still was no reply from you. Sorry, Fade, but you aren’t saying the truth. And Fade, thanks for keep on slagging, really friendly. If you didn’t like Role, why did you join it? You knew about Role before... Again, thanks for your kind words...

[92] : 27. Jan 2003 12:29   
Hollowman: have you seen the long list of persons who wrote some text in issue 28 of Rock’n Role? And Hollowman, I didn’t say that Role was better than Fairlight!!! You turn my words completely wrong, nothing bad was mentioned with my words "...(the lately unactive) Fairlight.". Why do you feel attacked? Do you know what, I better don’t mention anything about Fairlight anymore. Are you satisfied? Sorry if I made you thinking that I was talking shit about Fairlight and thanks for your very nice words about me! By the way, Hollowman, if you were so fucked up by these words, why didn’t you ask me about this to set things right. But no, you only like to slag on people. These kind of things even confuse me lately, it disturbes my relationship with the friendly people because I am fucked up with all this shit-talk! Luckily for me, the people who like to talk shit about me, are always the same people. Fact, it’s stupid that I reacted in here, it’s so childish but I am not perfect and make mistakes. So keep on ragging, I won’t disturbe you anymore with a reaction from me about these kind of things.

[93] : 27. Jan 2003 13:26   
Commander if that is your reaction to this hollowman post "the only thing interesting about arachnaphobia was commander calling fairlight unactive. for most of 2002 vodka and i were the only members of the c64 section but despite that we put out a few things, and i did other stuff released under different labels. but ofcourse its easy to pump out those quality warez if you have 39 members like role. " Your are over-reacting. He didn’t turn your words anyway. And btw. I found his last comment about quality releases a little bit ironical = not meant seriously. But maybe that’s just me.

[94] : 27. Jan 2003 13:35   
Commander, I wanted to "explain" in this thread what you wanted to explain in that CSDB thread Puterman is mentioning, and from all people here, I would’t expect you would be the one who will start to use 4 letter words. But that’s like with many people who I know who try to behave nice. Sooner or later they slip in their behaviour and then the whole charm goes away. All this "fuck", "shit" etc. stuff doesn’t suit the idea of friendly-scene.

[95] : 27. Jan 2003 13:41   
commander: maybe you didn’t notice the news in any of the mags at that time. i know beergarden posted it twice.. i don’t know why you are getting confused by this, it’s not like you’re the first person to get flamed before. relax, get a dog up ya or something.. if i was in your position i’d be all like "well my wife is a scener and you can suck chocolate out of my underwear while i drink pepsi and shit blood on french people" .. please make your magazine pretty and have some more apt text, thankyou.. come again..

[96] : 27. Jan 2003 18:25   
commander, now that i look at the long list of guest editors in rnr28 i am impressed, and i would be even more impressed if they had been writing anything else than what they were going to do on christmas eve. the difference is that the guest editors in domination wrote their own chapters about different subjects, they didnt all answer the same questions. not that i mind a chapter about c64 activities on christmas, not at all. and why do i feel attacked? perhaps because i spent so many hours on doing c64 stuff. with puterman and maktone active in flt c64 we are 4 members, but before that i was 50% of flt so when flt are being called unactive i take it rather personal. i dont really care if you dont write about flt anymore, i doubt that you would have tried to come up with any interesting material for the readers anyway.

[97] : 27. Jan 2003 18:28   
fade, you sure have a way with words. I’d love to see some articles from you in the mags.

[98] : 27. Jan 2003 18:54   
creamd, not everyone are able to express themselves without resorting to foul language, i mean who expects a magazine editor to know his way with words ;) this discussion is taking a rather odd turn, much like when the lemon people tried to prove what jerks sceners are by insulting me with some not so nice words. and btw. i do believe commander found my comment about quality ironical, his angry reply implies that:)

[99] : 27. Jan 2003 19:19   
WHOA! It looks as if Arts of Darkness is going to be MORE active than TND :) It looks as if I wont be that active this week, due to working overtime with my proper job. :(

[100] : 27. Jan 2003 21:41   
no comment.

[101] : 28. Jan 2003 11:42   
puterman: what are the odds i can get a chapter ragging out Commander in Rock n Role? :) Seriously though, if you want something for your mag Serge, i’ll contribute.. no worries. just to show you i’m a good bloke :)

[102] : 28. Jan 2003 12:05   
fade: just write the article and see if it gets published. If they won’t publish it in Rock’n’Role, I know a certain Australian mag that will gladly use it. :-)

[103] : 28. Jan 2003 13:17   
The Sidney times?

[104] : 28. Jan 2003 18:07   
Fade: contributions are always welcome... :) Many are talking about more people doing their own chapter in a mag, here’s your chance. Hollowman: if I used the wrong words about FLT, my excuses for that. Puterman: everybody tries to do their best. And everybody has his own taste... If I am not satisfying your taste, sorry for that... But you have still plenty of other things which come to your taste.

[105] : 28. Jan 2003 18:46   
don’t be sorry for not satisfying someones taste, as a product (a mag in this case) that tries to reach everybody most times sucks.

[106] : 29. Jan 2003 01:01   
Who here wants to test an improved version of SYNC (you must already be using an older version), contact me.

[107] : 29. Jan 2003 14:29   
Added Monastery Party 2003 to the partyscope the other day.

[108] : 29. Jan 2003 17:24   
Fantastic! Beautiful Creators intro and really cool game preview. Thumbs up Mermaid! I suppose the troll can’t be beaten, but anyway the game looks fabulous.

[109] : 29. Jan 2003 18:21   
fully agreed! I really like the look of the witch.. and the troll too :)
pi, impatiant waiting for the full game.

[110] : 29. Jan 2003 22:01   
looking very good indeed. hope mermaid can convert agony to c64 when she’s done with abra cadabra :)

[111] : 30. Jan 2003 18:24   
Vanja, did you check your yahoo mailbox?

[112] : 30. Jan 2003 18:32   
Yes, Nice preview Mermaid :)

[113] : 31. Jan 2003 00:15   
richard, whats the score.. everyone is releasing warez but you man, is everything alkright?

[114] : 31. Jan 2003 11:46   
Help me guys, I’m in a desperate search for the re-cracked Bubble Bobble (a Remember release). So if anyone has it, please attach it to a mail and make me happy... :)

... Oh and btw, no, the url from the Remember site doesn’t works...
Thanx in advance!

[115] : 31. Jan 2003 12:55   

[116] : 31. Jan 2003 19:10   
Fade. I have not been that active lately due to working overtime at work. I will be releasing something later on this year. Possibly March. End of January and whole of February are really busy times in the work force, therefore causing me to be less active.


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