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 Sep-Oct. BETA News (3)    
Wizardry rock cover (MP3) - SEPTEMBER 22 2001
John Player V1.0 (bug fixed) - SEPTEMBER 07 2001
Cadaver stops game development - SEPTEMBER 05 2001

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[1] : 01. Sep 2001 17:33   
The MiniGame compo is a good idea for those people who enjoy programming games, using a basic programming language. I've played a couple and I was quite impressed with some of those releases. MagerTris has to be the best one so far :o). I'm also impressed that there are stil C64 parties and compos continuing this year. It may look as if another lot of compos will continue next year :o) As a true C64 fanatic, I will continue to support the C64 scene, writing some new games. Balloonacy is still under production, but I am gradually getting there :o) I hope those people will look forward to this game :o) The CGC2001. I don't really see the point in creating rubbish C64 games, but hey. That was a laugh. Still no results yet :o(

[2] : 01. Sep 2001 19:30   
Yep. Some people can't simply make a good final point after the party or compo. But the finale, results, post-compo commentaries and spread are also very important. CGC brought couple of very original and funny games. ;-)

[3] : 03. Sep 2001 10:22   
Would you believe that telecom could be able not to fix broken ISDN connection (on his side) for almost 2 days? Anyway, thanx for support. Stay tuned.

[4] : 05. Sep 2001 21:10   
Sad news about Cadaver. I knew about this since he posted it in Lemon discussion, and I'm sure he is quite sure that he stops the c64 game-coding. Only time will show whether he changes his mind. But it's unlike.

[5] : 06. Sep 2001 21:40   
Does anyone know any good disk-to-tape transfer programs, that will use Novaload, or flashy border, after the normal kernal loading. It is because as well as disk, I would like to backup all my games on to a tape as well :o)

[6] : 09. Sep 2001 22:06   
Just to answer some questions. isn't sponsored by anyone, yet. Only company which can be cosindered sponsor is the hosting service at Maybe also Studio Style, but it's my company so that doesn't count ;-).

[7] : 09. Sep 2001 22:07   
Regarding the previous message about sponsorship: Sorry about that. I misunderstood. I should have said 'Partnership :o)'

[8] : 12. Sep 2001 01:24   
I would like to express my condolences to all the families of the victims who died in the New York Pentagon and Pitsburg today after the most sickest terroristic attack which was ever seen in the history. May God help us all.

[9] : 15. Sep 2001 21:11   
I would like to show my respect and feelings to those people who were involved in the tragic terrorist attack in New York. Those people did not deserve to die or get seriously injured. Whoever is behind this monstrocity - I hope will be put under arrest for war crimes.

I have taken part in the 3 minutes' silence in respect of our allies :o(

[10] : 16. Sep 2001 15:31   
Saturday 15.9-16.9.2001 problems with hosting web-server. I hope it will work okay since now. We apologise for problems with connectivity.

[11] : 17. Sep 2001 20:50   
Hey, it looks like CMD TOTALLY revamped its web page... No mention of its C=roots... the end of an era... c'est fin

[12] : 17. Sep 2001 23:50   
You're right. It's sad but true. Anyway they handed all what left from the C64 line production to Maurice Randall. Here is his page:

[13] : 17. Sep 2001 23:53   
Dear visitors, you have have reached first 10000 unique sessions today! ;-)

[14] : 18. Sep 2001 17:46   
We offered Maurice that he can use our homepage in future, so that he doesn't to create a new one. He didn't reply.

[15] : 26. Sep 2001 19:17   
That Civitas's (Puterman's) onefiler demo really rocks!

[16] : 27. Sep 2001 21:27   
Putermans'demo did rock, but it was too short :o)

[17] : 28. Sep 2001 02:05   
Apologise to all Netscape users. Lately I was making some changes to design and messed up with it too much so it made page look very weird in NN. Now it should be okay again. Please, don't be afraid to report any troubles or broken links to my address. Thanx for support.

[18] : 29. Sep 2001 19:16   
Hey! This guy on the frontpage, I mean the picture for the PARTIES article... It's from the window-cover used on Forever 2001 party!!! I recognized him finally when I looked at the photo MacGyver took of it!

[19] : 29. Sep 2001 19:36   
X-actly! ;-))


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