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 June gossips (10)    
June Rumours, Gossips and <i>B</i> StuffHONESTY joined NOSTALGIA JUN 10 2003 22:37
Anubis homepage down JUN 11 2003 18:50
Fairlight dead, at least Cracking Section JUN 16 2003 08:29
Goto80 live-clips JUN 15 2003 21:09
TND64 Forum/Message Board is closed! JUN 16 2003 19:18
Spacetanks trailer JUN 17 2003 17:45
New website with C64 features JUN 16 2003 17:23
C64 and Amiga Section up and running JUN 20 2003 00:00 updated JUN 20 2003 17:08
C64-frenzy in Gothenburg, Sweden JUN 26 2003 17:38

[1] : 02. Jun 2003 14:14   
Whoohoo! First Post of the month! Eat that!

[2] : 02. Jun 2003 15:06   
Wohooo second post... (anyway where are your reviews haaa? ;-)

[3] : 02. Jun 2003 15:12   
i’m not going to be drawn into this childish game by putting up the third post of the mont... bugger!

[4] : 02. Jun 2003 17:35   
Creamd: Heee, where is my review? :(

[5] : 06. Jun 2003 22:22   
Doesn’t putting a keyboard into a C64GS seem kinda... pointless? Wasteful?

[6] : 06. Jun 2003 22:38   
but might look interesting.. a c64gs with a keabiord in it.. maybe pc keybord horu#izontaly in the slot?

[7] : 07. Jun 2003 20:18   
Richard leaving CSDB... oh mama... Fade saying something about not posting to anymore oh papa... It seems like the summer temperatures have bad influence on people’s sanity... ;-)))

[8] : 07. Jun 2003 20:34   
No I’m back. I had been exaggerating too much! It appears that Fade cannot help how he uses his language, which sort of offended me. But it appears that he did not mean what he had said. It’s just the way he uses his language. I shouldn’t have took fades messages as offence. I won’t now!

[9] : 08. Jun 2003 10:54   
Fade has a banana fetish.

[10] : 08. Jun 2003 12:01   
I hava a fetish fetish

[11] : 09. Jun 2003 14:26   
What’s wrong with having fetishes (back off my holidays! =-)

[12] : 09. Jun 2003 16:30   
I saw a woman masturbate with a toilet brush, an electric toothbrush and then urinate into a cup. I just wanted to say, British TV rules and Stryyker, Bah bah bah banana bah bah bah, make those bodies sing!
not fade

[13] : 09. Jun 2003 17:55   
Ha, ha ;-))))))))
Guess who?

[14] : 09. Jun 2003 20:15   
Erm... Mickey Mouse?

[15] : 09. Jun 2003 20:25   
No. Richard of TND :)

[16] : 09. Jun 2003 20:34   
Oh i’m so surprised, i mean it wasn’t as though i recognised you from the IP or anything Richard... [tries to tone the sarcasm down a bit...]

[17] : 09. Jun 2003 20:44   
I just looked at the Vision 2003 party photos. Are those people playing Team Patrol on kiddies karts outside?

[18] : 09. Jun 2003 21:53   
Don’t post vulgarisms here please! Not funny!

[19] : 10. Jun 2003 02:40   
yes it is, find her on google.. Madame Pi Pi, not to be confused with the 64 pi.. or? :)
fade :)

[20] : 10. Jun 2003 02:42   
just like to mention that i did send commander some gfx for the current rock n role to show there was no hard feelings, i even coded displayer..

[21] : 10. Jun 2003 02:43   
oh there i am, first page of the editorial, hello scene :) no more spamming from moi!
fade ala carte

[22] : 11. Jun 2003 13:18   
Cosine’s Vision entries are both at and the usual suspects if anyone wants ’em...

[23] : 11. Jun 2003 14:06   
Maccie.. we wanna stuff! pronto! ;-)

[24] : 11. Jun 2003 14:41   
CreaMD: don’t ask MacGyver for releases, he might attack you with something similar to this: < Mac_DMA> puterman seems to belong to the kind of ppl always complaing, but never either helping or getting stuff done himself, so... ...and then run as fast as he can.

[25] : 11. Jun 2003 15:28   
Puterman: You didn?t ask but tried to give me an order. When you, among others, asked for the partystuff, I answerered in a friendly way that the stuff would be released later today. After that you "exploded", as you wrote.
Neither I left right after I said what you quoted above, but stayed in for a while, but it seems you were elsewhere. So, calm down, please.
I was on IRC because I was looking for Amica Paint to put the logo for the partynote to where I needed it to be. So I wasn?t idling or something...
When the Vision 2003 invitation intro was released at Breakpoint in the demo compo, you complained "Why release a noter in a demo compo?" Well, ppl, read my answer yourself here, and THAN complain if you still want to. Anyway, where was Puterman?s Demo-entry for Breakpoint? Guys, please remember that asking for the partystuff all day long will only slow down releasing it.
Friendly regards.

[26] : 11. Jun 2003 15:40   
> You didn?t ask but tried to give me an order.

14:09 < puterman_> Mac_DMA: so are the vision releases uploaded yet?

I don’t know what kind of orders you’re used to, but that sounds more like a question to me...

The same goes for that Breakpoint stuff you found it appropriate to bring up: I asked a question, you replied. Did I reply by drawing conclusions about your personality and stating them in public? Don’t think so...

And about Puterman’s demo entry for Breakpoint: I guess being involved in 2 demos released so far this year isn’t activity enough for you...


[27] : 11. Jun 2003 17:26   
Ugh! Don’t fight, calm down...drink a nice drink and do something for our beloved machine... both of you! And no, the girl wasn’t me although it gives me some sweet ideas for spare time....

[28] : 11. Jun 2003 17:50   
watching this and some discussion in csdb i wonder if the warm weather isn’t that good for some sceners.. stay out of the sun guys! (:

[29] : 11. Jun 2003 18:14   
Nevertheless, Vision 2003 stuff would STILL be warmly welcome. It’s been already two days since party came to its end. MacGyver, you should rather be grateful that so many sceners are interested in those releases :)

[30] : 11. Jun 2003 18:40   
Vision 2002 party disk took a month before release.

[31] : 11. Jun 2003 19:12   
NP7 party disk(s) took a few hours to complete and upload. It was actually _before_ the party ended.
SBoy (a bit impatient)

[32] : 11. Jun 2003 19:44   
Don’t know where Richard got this information from, but the Vision 2002 partydisk took about one week (and not one month) to show up... :-/

[33] : 12. Jun 2003 07:44   
Richard ... as I said on lemon forum... it was 9 days check the news from last year....

[34] : 12. Jun 2003 09:57   
Moved "HONESTY joined NOSTALGIA" to the Beta-News.

[35] : 12. Jun 2003 13:07   
Has the ragging also become a main part of this reactions-corner : "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CreaMD: don’t ask MacGyver for releases, he might attack you with something similar to this: < Mac_DMA> puterman seems to belong to the kind of ppl always complaing, but never either helping or getting stuff done himself, so... ...and then run as fast as he can. 11. Jun 2003 14:41 puterman" Well, keepp on going like this, guys, it will sure help the scene going down. Another place (reactions-corner where I better stay away. So long guys, you won’t miss me (with my kind of attitude)... Fade: sorry that I couldn’t manage your gfx in time, but I will try to do my best for issue 30...

[36] : 12. Jun 2003 13:11   
Commander: No, we probably won’t since the only thing you’ve contributed is storming off in a huff. That’s *worse* than ragging in my book, it makes you look incredibly egotistical.

[37] : 12. Jun 2003 15:20   
how to define a scener anyways...

[38] : 12. Jun 2003 15:27   
You’d better not call me a scener, or I will punish you with my horrible scrolltexts!

[39] : 12. Jun 2003 16:23   
TDJ is a scener... TDJ is a scener... ooh, punish me!! =-)

[40] : 12. Jun 2003 16:35   
Sorry mate, but you like it too much ..

[41] : 12. Jun 2003 17:45   
I feel like these "monthly reactions" are getting far more kinky than some site’s oneliners ;-)

[42] : 12. Jun 2003 18:11   
now if we could only include some ragging in rock n role....

[43] : 13. Jun 2003 00:06   
Moved "Anubis homepage down" to the Beta-News.

[44] : 13. Jun 2003 23:46 as another place to get Vision stuff

[45] : 13. Jun 2003 23:48   
Fixed Anonym’s broked HTML in the reactions and added the URL as a mirror in the news item.

[46] : 14. Jun 2003 12:31   
"Don’t know where Richard got this information from, but the Vision 2002 partydisk took about one week (and not one month) to show up... :-/"

Probably because I was on holiday :)


[47] : 14. Jun 2003 19:21   
Well, that makes loads of sense... Not.

[48] : 15. Jun 2003 09:52   

[49] : 15. Jun 2003 12:33   
> Have fun and use the relocated music in your > upcoming releases Yep, and to hell with active C64 musicians. Who needs them anyway, when we have relocated Hubbard tunes. Hallelujah.

[50] : 15. Jun 2003 14:03   
BAH! Hubbard SUX. Richard ROX! 10 goto hell run

[51] : 15. Jun 2003 15:29   
Whoohoo ;-)

[52] : 15. Jun 2003 19:09   
gpz, you too brutus? ;-)))

[53] : 16. Jun 2003 09:33   
Moved Fairlight dead to beta news. We are waiting for official info from C64 section.

[54] : 16. Jun 2003 10:38   
Hey Smalltown Boy, isn’t that exactly what we’re (HVSC) doing, too? >;-)

[55] : 16. Jun 2003 13:20   
Sboy relocating tunes to $1000 is tradition, don’t worry that doesn’t mean todays musicians suck ;-). but there still are some ppl who are writing notes in notemakers which will find such stuff very useful ;-)

[56] : 16. Jun 2003 14:08   
and sorry for my really bad punctuation and syntax.. ;-)))

[57] : 16. Jun 2003 16:04   
bha. goto hell with relocated tunes that crash badly when played some time. tststststs. you bunch of oldschool retards :=D

[58] : 16. Jun 2003 16:05   
Show of hands: who is part of the oldschool retard scene?

[59] : 16. Jun 2003 16:07   

[60] : 16. Jun 2003 16:24   
Recycling old classic tunes, on purpose to use them in new productions, just isn’t anything that could make the scene more productive. If you don’t agree with me, you are, of course, completely wrong, as usual :D

[61] : 16. Jun 2003 21:51   
Please put the news about my forum into Beta news

[62] : 16. Jun 2003 22:46   
Moved "Goto80 live-clips" and "TND64 Forum/Message Board is closed!" to the Beta-News.

[63] : 17. Jun 2003 02:43   
sboy, listen to rolean sid and rethink your last post. A good coder can design around an old tune and give it another touch of flavour. old tunes rock and you suck c$#!

[64] : 17. Jun 2003 03:12   
After taking a good listen to Rolean Sid, I have to admit it. I truly suck. Fade, won’t you please confirm it by relocating your penis into my mouth.

[65] : 17. Jun 2003 08:33   
Sboy sorry but you are newcomer... (what an argument). Well, I have heard this many times when I was arguing about something which was tradition. Simply: You don’t know the feeling behind that. Nor do I, but some people know. That’s why you are completely wrong and I’m completely right (as usual) :-)

And btw. Sboy, didn’t I say don’t be vulgar? Leave that for IRC if you need this kind of conversation so desperately.

[66] : 17. Jun 2003 10:25   
CreaMD, accept my apologies if you feel offended (same applies to everyone), but honestly, I fail to see anything vulgar in my post. "Penis" is a medical term. I even said "please" in order to avoid being unnecessarily rude. Or was it the word "relocate" that you consider so offensive?... :)
Nostalgia has my utmost respect for cracking old wares, however, didn’t it work the other way there? First, new games ceased to appear, and then, people started to crack and fix classics.

[67] : 17. Jun 2003 11:40   
Gneeeeemmm, I was wondering: does exist a relocator for Compute’s Gazette SIDplay tunes?

[68] : 17. Jun 2003 11:59   
Dudes, do you remember the mid 90s when every second group was releasing horrible tool-collections just to fill up their official swapper’s boogie-disks. What a joyful afternoon was while I was sorting the shit out, searching for their startadresses and renaming most of those fucking graphics-tool from the infamous double-sided gfx-tools collection by Tengu. Oh, those menu-features in various toolpacks were just so adoreable, especially when they disabled my Action’s fast-load and started a 150 blocks sufferwalk.
Hail to those who made fucking cool tool-collies, like Cupid’s Love Tools, and you, who made those fool-collections, shall go to the eternal C64 hell where you’ll have to wait for a 133 blocks save-feature in Gunpaint and enjoy the burning fire of menus that are good only for propagating a lame group. Amen!

I’m here to propagate my shit:

YOI! Do the skinhead-rap twist!

[69] : 17. Jun 2003 16:04   
SBoy: there are many words that start with C and have four letters, talk to me on irc for a lowdown :) And haven’t you ever dreamed up some crap like The Last ninja running onto the screen and kicking stupid Giana in her head then violating the huge sprites from Street Hassle? It’s best talked about with much alcohol and a scener or two.. Jailbird fertilises my world!

[70] : 17. Jun 2003 16:06   
"Penis is a medical term"
The Surgeon General

[71] : 17. Jun 2003 18:22   
Moved "Spacetanks trailer" to the Beta-News since it’s actually a PC-game.

[72] : 17. Jun 2003 22:12   
Moved "New website with C64 features" to the Beta-News aswell.
@ algorithm: If you’re searching for certain releases, you should better use Forums, such as CSDb. Good luck!

[73] : 19. Jun 2003 15:12   
fyi: Beergarden 10 should be hitting the spot soon, i got my copy today, but it had a few unfixable errors which screwed up loading some chapters

[74] : 21. Jun 2003 11:59   
Moved "C64 and Amiga Section up and running" and " updated" to the Beta-News.

[75] : 21. Jun 2003 13:04   
Christ... those picture conversions in Picture Collection 2 are bad - what do the originals look like?! =-)

[76] : 23. Jun 2003 11:24   
Updated the "Latest Downloads" again at last.

[77] : 24. Jun 2003 18:38   
Concerning Beergarden #10 NEWS chapter... "Spike/Amorphis has died"? Didn’t they mean Cleve/Amorphis? Or am I poorly informed?

[78] : 24. Jun 2003 23:45   
PRIMARY STAR 2003 reservation page :
organising team Primary Star

[79] : 25. Jun 2003 01:09   
Is there any logical reason why the above news post was posted into the reactions?

[80] : 25. Jun 2003 10:16   
Egotism? =-)

[81] : 25. Jun 2003 10:23   
Seems I was asleep when writing it in the news :(

[82] : 25. Jun 2003 10:30   
@ Stryyker: "to the reactions" you mean, I guess? ;-)
Edited "Primary Star reservations open" as the organizers wanted it to be.

[83] : 25. Jun 2003 10:50   
Thumbs up for the cool compo organising JB!

[84] : 25. Jun 2003 15:29   
yep, I only wish I’d have had time to finish something (when’s the next one? ;) )

[85] : 25. Jun 2003 16:09   
It’s an official compo.. that means next year. But maybe someone could organise thematical gfx compo. Many people were interested in such compo as far as I remember.

[86] : 25. Jun 2003 17:56   
Thank you, organising this thing was more than enough for a year :) And I’d like to compete on a compo finally, nevertheless :) By the way, I have an idea of C64 graphician-portal in my mind, have the structure already so it will be easy to arrange competitions more often when I put it online... Oh, and you can move my news-entry to the beta page if you find it too "gosippy" :)

[87] : 25. Jun 2003 18:04   
Eh, seems I forgot to include the link to the site It’s Someone please paste it under the last line.

[88] : 26. Jun 2003 00:11   
@ Jailbird: Done.

[89] : 26. Jun 2003 17:54 domain was automatically deactivated for approximately 24 hours. The top-level domain registrar is charging 600,-Sk (approx. EUR15) yearly for domains since beginning of the year. The process is semi-automatical (?) (and nobody exactly know how it works as usual ;-) Registrar is doing changes in policies on fly and moving dates of domain deactivating (of unmigrated domains) further and further (currently it’s 1st of october 2003), but naive ppl like me ;-) who move into the new system get their domain disabled without warning, when they (their provider) don’t pay for domain afhter they have moved to the news system. So that is the story. ;-). Sorry for the problemos.

[90] : 27. Jun 2003 02:26   
The Beergarden 10 chapter Stir Wars is not real as someone has thought. Just attempted fictional humour.

[91] : 28. Jun 2003 02:00   
Moved "C64-frenzy in Gothenburg, Sweden" to the Beta-News.

[92] : 28. Jun 2003 13:24   
Added the Rem intros to the download sidebar thingy.

[93] : 29. Jun 2003 16:28   
maybe somone should write a news about FLT being wiped from planet earth ? ... reading means understanding!

[94] : 29. Jun 2003 17:38   
Hehhe.. ;-) Now we can see how powerful internet mixed with ignorance and agility is...

[95] : 30. Jun 2003 14:51   
I think it’s a shame that Fairlight is dead, they did some good demos and also I liked their intro a lot. I already miss that intro. Where will Hollowman go to now?

[96] : 30. Jun 2003 15:39   

[97] : 30. Jun 2003 15:58   
He’s not dutch. Plus too active.

[98] : 30. Jun 2003 17:07   
Wasn’t that news about Fairlight only related to their PC cracking section? I can’t see a reason why they should stop doing some more fine demos. :->

[99] : 30. Jun 2003 18:38   
BTW. haven’t you heard that they’ve not just stopped making demos, but they also demand all their released demos to be considered nonexistent. In other words, delete them from Demodungeon or get your ass kicked hard.

[100] : 30. Jun 2003 18:52   
Oh shit, does that mean that ALL Fairlight W4R3Z are now considered illegal??? :-o *rushes off to delete everything*

[101] : 30. Jun 2003 21:19   
Even worse: I heard whistling the Druid 2 tune is now forbidden as well ..

[102] : 30. Jun 2003 21:35   
Seems that the pixelcompo’s server is crushed again, I’ll move it to asap!

[103] : 30. Jun 2003 22:25   
but who will save us from the commies?


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