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Coming soon
X-2001 report !

Get the releases at:


1) "Soiled Legacy 85%" by Resource
2) "Insomnia" by 64ever (unreleased)
3) "Drop The Basics" by Fairlight & Damage

1) "Olatunji" by Electric/Extend
2) "The Little Prince's Last Dream" by JailBird/Tempest/Padua/Onslaught
3) "Gloom Warrior 2" by Katon/Lepsi De

1) "Electronic Transfer" by GRG/Shape/Protovision
2) "National Park Grave Danger" by Agemixer/Scallop & CreaMD/Dmagic (coop-tune)
3) "Varsity" by VIP/Role/WOW/Padua/64ever/CZP

Intro Remakes:
1) "Trilight" by Padua
2) "Starion Intro" by Booze Design

Wild Compo:
1) "Dual Head" by Raiders

IK Plus Gold - Game Compo:
1) Ninja/The Dreams
2) SAV/Xentax
3) Groepaz/Hitmen, 8-bit Servant/Church 64 and MacGyver/DMAgic/Protovision

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CreamD & MacGyver

[1] : 15. Nov 2001 13:06   
Be prepared for the ultimate C64-only scene event this year. You are not going ? Bad Luck - We will have lots of spanking-pleasure ... :)

[2] : 16. Nov 2001 14:15   
Spanking it is!

[3] : 16. Nov 2001 15:24   
Umba Sid's gonna spank your bass reflex.
Umba Sid/Sid Brothers (alias CreaMD ;-)

[4] : 16. Nov 2001 19:40   
I've submitted my 'X-2001' music for the music compo, but I've had no reply.

[5] : 19. Nov 2001 15:21   
You should've gotten a reply? I send it myself!

[6] : 19. Nov 2001 22:58   
maybe big bad wvl wansts to compete in the msx compo now ? be aware or get spanked

[7] : 20. Nov 2001 14:41   
:) Look how good I became in just a couple of days! ;)

[8] : 21. Nov 2001 19:29   
I got my reply, my zaxx entered. Cheers!

[9] : 22. Nov 2001 11:19   
Be aware to see something you never have seen before on c64 8))

[10] : 22. Nov 2001 11:28   
Hope to see you all tomorrow!

If you have reserved for X2001 and something has changed concerning your reservation please notify the organization.

Also check out our website for the party program, news and everything else!

[11] : 23. Nov 2001 11:34   
I'm currently sitting in internet-cafe near Hannover-Bahnhof.. waiting for Svan to take trip to Bruckeburg and then together with Maccie to Holland. See ya as soonish as possibul ;-)

[12] : 23. Nov 2001 14:42   
Enjoy the party guys - wish I was there.

[13] : 23. Nov 2001 15:55   
hey, can we mess around with the website now, since you're away creamd? :-)

[14] : 23. Nov 2001 20:38   
Well, i'm sulkin' because i couldn't go to X. Trash the place and leg it!! =-)

[15] : 23. Nov 2001 21:04   
I hope you all have loads of great fun at the X-2001 party.

[16] : 23. Nov 2001 21:41   
Unlock: Let's hack the server ;-)
anonymous ;-)

[17] : 23. Nov 2001 21:49   
okay.. give me 2 hours and it will be offline. haha.. as if i had an idea on how to hack servers :-) and it's more funny anyways if you know that the admin is working on the machine too. hihi, anyone hacked a webserver running on a c64 already (just to come back to the topic again)?

[18] : 25. Nov 2001 17:12   
hihi.. thanx for nice wishes and also for not messing with this cute little fluffy (eh, whatever) news page, party was really great, report is comming very soon. I should be home around wednesday. Currently I am at MacGyvers & Thundrblades (Protovision-Dmagic) HQ in Germany.

[19] : 26. Nov 2001 14:22   
Can't wait to see the full results with all releases in them...

[20] : 26. Nov 2001 21:07   
What kind of cable does the DualHead demo expect? Normal drive cable...?

[21] : 27. Nov 2001 01:21   
Could anyone list the full results of the Compo, not only the top 3?

[22] : 27. Nov 2001 03:54   
x2k1 rocked the house again!.. I sure hope it wasn't the last X-party, so everyone who was there should send reactions to the Organizers to encourage them to carry on next year! 8)

[23] : 27. Nov 2001 08:52   
What does that "dual head" program actually do? Can't make it run on my CCS64.

[24] : 27. Nov 2001 09:34   
X2001 had some great releases in all categories (demo,gfx,music). Damn good to see that there still are people who produce top-notch C64 stuff!

[25] : 27. Nov 2001 14:57   
I will try to print the full results of the demo compo tonight on our website.

[26] : 27. Nov 2001 15:05   
To More.Gore: It?s a little demo running on 2(!!) c64s with 2(!!!) monitors... so no chance to see it in emu Anyway, X2k1 was a MegaParty!

[27] : 27. Nov 2001 20:54   
Ok, here's the final result list. Had no time to fix the right names and groups...


01. Resource
02. 64Ever
03. Fairlight
04. Centric
05. Focus
06. Church64
07. Abyss
08. Hitmen
09. Metalvotze
10. Lepsi
11. Samar


01. Electric
02. Jailbird
03. Katon
04. Clone
04. Levi
06. Nylon
07. Vip
08. Bisschop
09. Joe
10. Noko
11. Sebaloz
12. Stinger
13. Isidur Helmet
14. Temp
15. Cross
16. Pi
17. Frk


01. GRG
02. Agemixer+Creamd
02. VIP
04. Fanta
05. $1200
06. Alien
07. Thor
08. Daf
08. Richard
10. Booker
10. Soundemon
12. Waz
13. Captain
14. DaFunk
15. The Gee
16. AMB
17. Mr. Mouse
18. Arman
19. Sad
20. Ed
21. Chris Desing

Intro Remake

01. Padua
02. Booze


01. RDS


01. Ninja/The Dreams

[28] : 28. Nov 2001 01:48   
god bless fantasypics

[29] : 28. Nov 2001 02:12   
Where is DEEV/Onslaught in the Graphics results?

[30] : 28. Nov 2001 05:48   
Thanks for the full results. I guess "Cross" in the graphic compo = Alias Medron/Padua, since his picture was called "Crossed".

[31] : 28. Nov 2001 08:44   
Ehrm, something went wrong with Deev, i know for sure he made a good position.
Gonna look it up tonight. Sorry;+(

Anonym: Yes, I didn\'t have the time to print the exact certain names of entries+groups.
I published it anyway since a LOT of people where begging for them and I had to correct Carmen\'s english report;)

[32] : 28. Nov 2001 09:06   
too bad I couldnt attend the party, but what the heck ... hope to see alot of you guys at TP in denmark in a month :) ...

[33] : 28. Nov 2001 13:54   
Still waiting and waiting for the XeNTaX tunes to be added to the tunes.d64 ..... I did send you the right tunes.d64 on the way, SAV/XeNTaX did a good job at IK+ Gold compo : 2nd place....

[34] : 28. Nov 2001 14:00   
About the "Dual Head" demo. The slave will just sit there waiting for the master to start and send it a "message". Basically the slave wait for register $DD01 to become 1: 1F20: LDA $DD01 1F23: CMP #$01 1F25: BNE $1F20 $DD01 is "Data Port B (User Port, RS-232)" If you want to watch it with an emulator, it either has to support "User Port networking", or you need to start the slave, go to the monitor (like the one VICE has) and type "g $1F27" to make it run. Trying to make the master and slave start at exactly the same time using this method is close to impossible though.

[35] : 28. Nov 2001 14:02   
Now, why did that post get so messy? Who stole all blank lines it had BEFORE I pressed the OK button?

[36] : 28. Nov 2001 14:42   
Home sweeeet home! ;-) Thanx for great party people! It was a beatiful place and great people. Thumbs up everyone!

"Now, why did that post get so messy?" (AmiDog) :-)) Amidog (system is simple, you have to use BR tag to make Enters and npsp; (with and mark before it) to make hard-spaces )

[37] : 28. Nov 2001 15:29   
Oxbow: I know. I appreciate your work ;-)

[38] : 28. Nov 2001 16:25   
ups not ANDnpsp; but ANDnbsp;

[39] : 29. Nov 2001 18:08   
huh, I was 10th ;)

[40] : 29. Nov 2001 22:08   
Eighth Place out of 21??? That is not bad :)

[41] : 29. Nov 2001 23:41   
LOL I came 17th with my quick tune. That's really not that good now is it... Still, you should listen to the WHOLE tune instead of 1:30 min. Well, should have spend more time on it then...:) Anyway, Captain Corny and The Gee had a bet on who would rank higher (even though they didn't have time to come up with a proper entry) and they put two crates of beer on it. HAHA, now we can go drink those beers at The Gee's place it seems, cause he lost the bet!! LOL

[42] : 30. Nov 2001 00:48   
If you could add also the handle/group info to the results that be great, Oxbow! thanks in advance!

[43] : 30. Nov 2001 00:55   
Where did Orcan's entry come in the musiccompo? Btw folks, I'll be updating the SID file compo pack as I now have Xentax's entries (cheers Mr. Mouse :) so look out for it soon...

[44] : 30. Nov 2001 02:15   
According to WVL/Xenon due to lack of votes it possibly ended on shared 22th place. Still quite weird. IMO having jury on a pure C64 party is not a good idea.

[45] : 30. Nov 2001 02:16   
SID file compopack would be of course very nice. I look forward...

[46] : 30. Nov 2001 09:38   
I will do some updates soon.
CreamD+Jazzcat: I'll check your questions asap.

X parties always had and always will have a jury.
If you're coming with 10 people (probably friends and in the same group) you already have easily 10% of the votes. That's more likely to happen than the jury, totally picked random, to fraud.
I think everybody can be satisfied on the top results.

[47] : 30. Nov 2001 10:09   
I agree with Oxbow, although music is by definition a matter of taste. The top results (say 1-5) will be a good representation of their quality. Below that and more after 10th I'd say it would be more like random results. The problem is you can't listen to the whole tune, due to lack of time, and for some tunes that simply is a must. Sometimes you can't hear tunes right, because people are talking too loudly, so you miss subtle effects and things that make the tune in question from a nice one to a bland one. But I don't think people would want the jury to sit behind closed doors listening quietely to every entry and then step out the room with the results. Though quality of listening is thus assured, part of the fun is to let everyone at the party listen to all the entries. I know Captain Corny was glowing when some people yelled "Woooohoooo" after his tune was finished (though some of the yellings came from Xentax members ofcoz ;). Cheers to you Waz ;) finally gonna get some Xentax scores in the offical musiccompo release pack eh!

[48] : 30. Nov 2001 10:40   
A note about the music results - $1200 and Daf are one and the same. I guess what must have happened is that people listened to Daf's entry, saw on the screen "Author: look at $1200" and placed $1200 on their vote sheets instead.

As for the SID pack, Padua FTP has them currently and I'll be updating that tonight with the missing Xentax tunes..

[49] : 30. Nov 2001 12:04   
Ok then, if it's a tradition, no need to touch it then. Keep it.

[50] : 30. Nov 2001 12:21   
Like Oxbow said, a jury on the X is a given. Hey, I was the president of the first jury, so you know I'll agree ;) Another given is the fact that subtility in tunes won't come to their full effect in compo's, but the same goes for graphics and demo's. Big screens need big effects, hence the glorious results of groups like Relax in the mid 90's, whose demo's looked amazing during the compo, and like shit when re-viewed on your monitor :)

[51] : 30. Nov 2001 12:23   
Yeah I know, it should be demos instead of demo's. Can't help to write it this way, it's stronger than me ..

[52] : 30. Nov 2001 13:28   
We already had some debates with Wotnau about the correct writing. IMAO if bug is constantly repeated, it becomes a feature (e.g. RRR's spelling of one of his favourite words - "definitely".) Of course if a bug is spotted it's squished - whether it's feature or not. I for example often write two dots instead of three at the end of an unfinished sentence. It seems I'm not being alone. Welcome in the club TDJ. ;-)

[53] : 30. Nov 2001 13:35   
Relax? You mean Smash?
It's absolutely true though, one Resource logo for example looked quite good on the bigscreen, when afterwards on my monitor looked quite shit with the big pixels.

Also a tune for a compo should be composed different, it's like making a 'radio edit'. Make sure it's short and starts off immediately.
Arman/Xenon had the same problem. His tune had a long and non-catchy intro, the cool part started after some time. Bad luck, that makes your chances to be rated high smaller.

[54] : 30. Nov 2001 17:49   
No, I mean Relax .. was completely stunned by their TP4 demo, then when I watched it at home I was stunned that I had been stunned .. or something like that :)

[55] : 30. Nov 2001 18:37   
TDJ: Or could it be Reflex? Relax doesn't really ring any bell other than being a mag.

[56] : 30. Nov 2001 21:01   
Reflex it is .. damn .. I am getting old .. can't even remember the right names anymore (although Relax was a c64 group in the 80's)

[57] : 01. Dec 2001 00:51   
Okay, I just updated the *final* (?) zip archive of all the releases at x2001. I included the tunes from Xentax and timewaster/focus.

[58] : 01. Dec 2001 00:54   
Thanks a bundle, WVL! :)

[59] : 01. Dec 2001 01:02   
Shit, mr Mouse is FAAAAST ;)

[60] : 01. Dec 2001 01:15   
I like that F12 tune a *lot*! Thumbs up Michael.

[61] : 01. Dec 2001 10:36   
Thanks man! :D

[62] : 03. Dec 2001 02:25   

[63] : 07. Dec 2001 12:09   
still no 100% results on X-2001, some people are pissed.. :<

[64] : 09. Dec 2001 20:47   
Is it me or are we still missing the report here as well...? =-)

[65] : 09. Dec 2001 22:19   

[66] : 14. Dec 2001 19:22   
My apologies for the long waiting,
but here is the correct top 5 of the gfx compo:

1. Electric
2. Jailbird
3. Katon
4. Deev/Onslaught
5. Clone
5. Levi

[67] : 17. Dec 2001 01:23   
Is the demo from Resource only ready for 85%, do I see this good? If yes, then a not completed demo can compete... Strange and not fair, if it is true...

[68] : 17. Dec 2001 03:56   
What is unfair? If the demo competes and was released as it competed and judge on its merit (ie, as a finished demo and not scale the result up to make up for 15%) then there is no problem. I'm sure there have been plenty of demos that have competed that were not finished to where they had planned. Them makers just moved on.

[69] : 17. Dec 2001 13:22   
Stryyker is absolutely right here... as long as they compete with it etc. there really is nothing unfair about it as this unfinished demo is judged in it?s unfinished state....

[70] : 17. Dec 2001 19:41   
As apposed to the 64ever demo, which was not released. If the unfinished demo is released, it's fine.

[71] : 17. Dec 2001 21:32   
If you have respect to the other competitors who also try to finish their demo in time for the compo, then you don't compete with a not-finished demo. You try to finish your demo and release it on another party. Otherwise why do you need deadlines in a competition. In the old days, this wasn't allowed and I agree with them. An unfinished demo can always compete later on another party. Why pushing something to be released? Okay, it's everybody's own opinion. I think it would be nicer to release a full demo then a half demo which maybe won't finished anymore later.

[72] : 17. Dec 2001 22:30   
Ook, competing twice with one demo for sure is no good thing and is a MUST to be forbidden. Why the 64ever demo wasn?t released short after party like all other demos and like it was announced by the party organisers if i am right i don?t know.. and that may be a little unfair for those who would have liked (?) to do some little bugfixes etc. in their own demos. btw. is this the news with the most reactions? Or did the dark court still had more reactions ? 8)

[73] : 17. Dec 2001 23:40   
I'm glad 64ever production will be released after it's finished. It's absolutely worth it you will see. As far as postponing the production, it's much better not to delay. Don't delay, plan better. And what is most important, don't do eternal projects. IMO, it's better to release 85% version than to work on one small improvement or fix for years.

[74] : 18. Dec 2001 05:26   
im totally amazed by the reports from the x. filled with eager for pixeling and doing anything im sure i could get something done for an upcoming floppy or some similar event in the near future. you rock guys!

[75] : 18. Dec 2001 12:02   
Bahaha.. Macx, do you mean it ironically? Yes yes.. report is comming soon. It seem that it would be a christmas present. I'm hesitating with it as it's quite naturalistic, this time ;-) (I explored another way of blaming myself publicly ya know.)

[76] : 19. Dec 2001 02:50   
totally no way. honest. there seemed to be some nice releases, and i'm sure they are, i couldn't get half of them working tho' cause i'm on an odd computer at an odd part of the world. lotsa things here.. that kixx

[77] : 19. Dec 2001 03:05   
Ahh, okay sorry I apologise for my picky behaviour. And thanx for your positive words. Anyway report is really comming up ;-).

[78] : 20. Dec 2001 05:25   
Like above, how do you know if past demos are finished as planned? They just move on. Oswald is just being honest in saying it wasn't up to what he wanted. What's to say the extra 15% is only minor and will not make much difference. As long as people judged it as a finished demo in the demo compo it is fine. It was released and I know I enjoyed it greatly. I don't think respect has much to do with this demo. Oswald in the note file says some details about it. I suggest you read it. Commander doesn't seem to have written greatly about other demos that are not spread at the party, like the Crest demo Risen from Oblivion or Booze Design demo Royal Arte. The competition versions were not finished (not 100%) as there was some changes, no matter how minor. Now are you saying Crest and Booze Design don't respect the scene or other demo competitiors?

[79] : 20. Dec 2001 12:59   
Stryyker is laying other words in my mouth, pitty... Like I said before, it's only my opinion! By the way, I never said that Crest and Booze Design don't respect the scene, only that it would give more respect if people compete with a finished demo. Stryyker, why trying to look my reaction so negative?

[80] : 20. Dec 2001 14:36   
Stryyker, Commander is right, I don't think your post is written very objectively. And hey boys, coder does it with routine. I once got this reply from someone when I criticised his work: do it on your own, make it better. So if you have anything again anyone always first look at yourself. M'key? ;)

[81] : 29. Dec 2001 13:23   
What exactly was wrong with what I said? Anyway, I enjoyed some demos greatly, just waiting for the unreleased one. I eagerly wait.


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